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QTips – A Bondi Food Safari

By QT Concierge on March 24, 2016 in Food

Photo: QT Concierge

Photo: QT Concierge

Grub. Tucker. Chow. In today’s you-are-what-you-eat age, the foodie culture is stronger than ever. And Bondi hasn’t escaped that; in fact, it’s leading the culinary charge. Every corner, nook and cranny around our trendy, coastal ‘burb has some sort of eatery spruiking courageous flavours, from freshly shucked oysters to black stone eggs, fermented teas to açaí.
In this month’s QTips, we’re sending you on a flavour hunt – an epic day of taste-questing. Complete this gastronomic mission and you’ll be happier than Pharrell (and possibly about four kilograms heavier).

Brekkie @ Brown Sugar
Rise and shine. You’re going to wake up in either of two states: dusty or fresh. Either way, you should be starting the day in the same fashion – with a dip. Refreshed from the ocean blue, drip dry as you waltz up Curlewis Street and straight into Brown Sugar, a local favourite. If you’re feeling healthy/guilty, grab the chia, quinoa and coconut bircher, but if you’re feeling adventurous and digging more of a brunch vibe, go for the breakfast platter. It’s got eggs and avo and is loaded with daring morsels like herbed goat curd, labne and za’atar toast. Needless to say, this joint does an awesome brew too. A great man once said, “Fortune favours the bold”, and no one likes a menu coward, so try new things.

Lunch @ Drake Eatery
We must digest, so take a break, a lie-down, a sun bake or a stroll. I repeat: we must digest. Once the ol’ metabolism has grinded through the morning’s feeding, it’s time to think about the second meal of the day. Today, you’ll be lunchin’ at Drake Eatery on the corner of Curlewis and Gould Street. This is a restaurant from Sydney big-wig chef Ian Oakes and it boasts a menu chockas full of seasonal, fresh, locally sourced produce. Take a seat, quench your thirst with the first beverage of the day and order a few entrees to share. The Thirlmere duck and chicken terrine, and the cured ocean trout, pickled cucumber crème fraîche should start you off nicely.

Dinner @ Bondi Icebergs
More digestion. More sun. More lying down. They’re all necessary, because you need space and a hearty lust for dinner. Whilst getting ready, mentally prepare yourself for a feed with a breath-taking view; it may be the best view in Bondi. You’re headed to Bondi Icebergs. To follow on from the share plate options, we reckon you should grab the seafood platter For two. It’s a salty smorgasbord full of king prawns, oysters, salt and pepper squid, scallops, mussels and more, and not only will it leave you well satisfied, you’ll be as toey as a Roman sandal.

Dessert @ Gelato Messina
Now to finish it all off: something sweet, cutting edge and cool, maaaan. You’re going to Messina. This place is popular so be willing to wait in a nightclub-esque line for a few antsy minutes. Once you see the menu sporting a surplus of combinations like milk chocolate and coconut gelato smashed with house-made lamingtons, you’ll be glad that you’ve got some time to decide. Once you’ve made your choice, cap your day off with a beachfront stroll. Your rig will appreciate it.