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It’s very nearly Christmas. I went up to Bondi Junction yesterday and it’s already a shit-fight up there. I’m glad to have done nearly all my Christmas shopping already though. You don’t want to have to head up to that joint next week, that’s for sure.

I do have to do one more trip up there, and that’s to buy a bunch of gifts for Mal Ward’s Christmas Present for Sick Kids event. He’s collecting gifts for the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and the Westmead Children’s Hospital. Thanks to my generous mates I’ve got over $1000 to spend at KMart. Can’t bloody wait. If you’d like to chip in, shoot me an email. You can read more about Christmas Presents for Sick Kids in the Story of the Week below.

One of the best things about Christmas is the carols by candlelight events that take place around the area. Carols by the Sea is on down in Bondi tonight, the South Maroubra Christmas Party is on Saturday night and Coogee Carols takes place on Sunday night. Pick one or get along to all three. You certainly won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for a place to get away to this Christmas but you’re disorganised and still haven’t locked anything in, this little ripper of a place in Hyams Beach just had a booking fall through and it available from December 19-27. Best value joint in Hyams ($2500 for 7 days) and the only place in the village still available for the Christmas week. If you’re interested in booking it shoot me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the right people

In other news, this will be the last email you’ll recieve from me for a while. We’re knocking off until the New Year and we’re actually working on a new digital strategy at the moment. We’ll be back some time in 2017 with a brand new offering, so watch this space. We’re still deciding whether to pepper your mailboxes weekly, fortnightly or monthly – what would you all prefer? Anyway, a new simpler website is on the way and with it there will also be a brand new enewsletter. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in there (or like us to get rid of) just let us know.

Also, if you have any books lying around that you want to see read again by someone else, drop them down to Dave at The Courtyard in Coogee. He maintains a community library at his amazing cafe and is always looking for new books to top it up. Pop down, have a coffee and see if there is anything there you haven’t read before.

Finally, the weather today is going to be stinking hot, then Thursday is going to be bloody cold, Friday is going to be sopping wet, and beyond that I doubt even Tim Bailey knows.

Have a great week (as well as Christmas and New Year).

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  Martin Bryant on a surfboard... by O'Neill  
Video of the Week – Bezerke by Dan Hutton
Bezerke from O'Neill on Vimeo. This is going to be our last Video of the Week for some time so I thought I’d leave you with something that I like, and that’s surfing. Gnarly slab surfing. I should note that I’m not a keen participant in this pursuit, but god I love being a spectator. […]

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Spotlight Prowl Fri, 16 Dec
Centennial Parklands is home to a variety of nocturnal creatures, from brushtail possums, microbats and tawny frogmouths to one of Sydney’s largest colonies of grey headed flying fox. Join our experienced Rangers for a fascinating and surprising spotlight walk to see how the Park transforms when the sun goes down.

CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus Sun, 18 Dec
Deploying sensational puppetry on a never-before-seen scale, CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus puts pachyderms back in the ring. The largest-ever performing African elephant (and her calf) lead a unique cast of the world’s most amazing and dangerous acts, including a cycle artist from Germany, jugglers from Fr...

Coogee Carols Sun, 18 Dec
Join Randwick City Council and the good people of Coogee at the 15th annual Coogee Carols, today from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Coogee Beach. Expect a line-up of amazing special guests and star singers, a big live band, and, of course, an appearance from Santa.

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  Johnno & Mal. Photo: James Hutton  
Christmas Present Drive Embodies the Spirit of Giving by Madeleine Gray
At Christmas time we all focus on those we love. Regardless of whether we believe in God or not, chances are that we believe in family, and Christmas time is when we really sit back, take stock, and appreciate who (and what) we have. For some families, Christmas is the hardest time of the year. […]

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