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Water for Me, Water for All

By Ale Torres on October 4, 2018 in Other

Decore, re, re…

Our country is in the midst of a terrible drought. Sydney’s dams and catchments, responsible for bringing water to our taps, are currently at 69 per cent capacity. Farmers’ hardships are giving rise to city fundraisers and stirring up a collective concern for our people on the land.

And rightly so; it would be foolish for us to take this precious resource for granted. From hydra- tion, cooking, washing, cooling, growing food, maintaining gardens and making products, water is the fuel of life that we cannot do without.

With National Water Week on our doorstep (October 21-28), it’s never been a more important time to take simple steps to make saving water second nature. So whether you’re driven by the current drought situation, the need to save cash or you simply want to make a difference, here are 10 easy tips to start saving water today…

1. Water for me, water for all – This October, take part in National Water Week. Take a few minutes to think about how you use water at home and pick two things to change to save water.

2. Only turn the tap on as hard as you need – A gentle stream for brushing your teeth or hands, rather than full blast.

3. Have a three-minute power shower – Grab a shower timer or time your shower to one of your favourite songs. Reducing your shower by one minute helps save up to nine litres of water if using a water efficient showerhead, or up to 20 litres if using a conventional one.

4. Play detective and find that leak – Some leaks are very difficult to spot and can waste over 3,500 litres of clean water each year. A spike on your water bill could mean there’s a leak in your home. Check your water meter at night to see if it’s turning. If so, contact a plumber.

5. Only wash when you have a full load – By adjusting the water level of your washing machine and us- ing the economy cycle you can also help save water.

6. Install a water efficient shower- head – Water efficient shower- heads are inexpensive, super easy to install and will definitely help you save a lot of water.

7. The right time for the right plants – Minimise evaporation and only water your garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler. Use plants that are adapted to the Australian climate and do not require too much water.

8. Mulch that garden – Put mulch around plants to help retain moisture and reduce the need to water frequently.

9. Make it dual, save water – Three-star rated dual flush toilets use a third as much water per person per day compared to older full-flush models.

10. Buying a new appliance – Water efficient appliances can help you save money and water. Check for more information on how to choose an efficient appliance.

For more information and to download Waverley Council’s 10 Top Water-Saving Hacks Checklist, visit au/water. Sydney Water also has great info at au/SW/your-home.