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Photo: Franck Gazzola - @frothersgallery

Counting the Cost of the Sydney Super Storm Clean-Up

If you were around Sydney in early June, chances are you were aware that there was some serious meteorological shit going down. Over 200mm of rain poured over Sydney across a three-day period as the freak storm raged, and while Collaroy’s ‘pool-gate’ monopolised a lot of media attention, the Eastern Beaches coastline was also battered. […]

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Photo: René Descartes

Kyly Boldly Backs St Cath’s Development in New Book

The $63million redevelopment of St Catherine’s School has bought out the very worst in the people of Charing Cross and Pearl is extremely disappointed by the bad attitude displayed toward the Anglican school. Eastern Suburbs people love to bang on about the ‘village’ atmosphere in their multi-million dollar coastal strips, even formalising the ‘community’ spirit […]

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Photo: Jay Rodney

Beach Breaks Carnival Returns to the ‘Bra

Maroubra’s surf culture is legendary, and for good reason. It’s a beach that’s produced some amazing shredders. Maroubra gets its name from an Indigenous word meaning ‘place of thunder’ – it’s long been recognised as a place that makes some noise. It’s for this reason, and for the fact that it’s a gorgeous piece of […]

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Photo: Bob Geldof

Beach Bolt Makes Its Way Back To Coogee

Children are among the most vulnerable people in any society. They must trust in the goodness and decency of others. They are reliant on the integrity of the structures that surround them. It goes without saying that child abuse is an insidious and powerful problem – especially in the home, where kids are presumed to […]

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Photo: Nick Moncrieff-Hill

Sacred Sydney Covenant Trashed

At a recent community rally in Moore Park to save Sydney’s historic fig trees I witnessed a wonderful thing. Away from the crowd, under a dense tree canopy, half a dozen young children were climbing and playing on the outstretched branches of a huge fig tree. In these times of iPads and computer games it’s […]

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Well, it could be worse.

Upcoming Election a Flaccid Affair

It’s almost election time again. Are you as jaded as I am? This is probably the least exciting election I have ever been around for, despite the closeness of the polls. On the one hand, you’ve got our once likeable local member Malcolm Turnbull, the so-called saviour of our great nation, whose popularity is falling […]

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One for the books: A very cute, innocent, little Malcolm

The Concise Eastern Beaches Election Round Up

It’s that time of the year again. Another federal election. More campaign slogans, money spent, promises made. In The Beast’s distribution area there are two federal seats up for grabs: Wentworth and Kingsford Smith. Wentworth is the home of current PM Malcolm Turnbull, and despite its literally unblemished record as a safe Liberal seat, Labor […]

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Photo: Nicola Saltman

Why the Word on the Street is ‘Electric’

Let’s face it, we are a plug-in society. Plug in your laptop to connect to the world. Plug in earphones to escape it. Plug in to communicate, entertain and cook. So why not plug in to drive too? While we may still be galaxies away from George Jetson’s flying car, plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are […]

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Photo: Mitch Winters

Is the End Nigh for this Bondi Icon?

I’m not young or hip, nor am I an international visitor to the area. I only spend four or five months of the year living in Bondi and I would certainly never dare call myself a local (with a straight face, anyway). One thing I do know, though, is that the Bucket List has been […]

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Sneaky bugger

Big Business Budget Blues

On handing down the recent federal budget, Scott Morrison has implored Australians “not to think of themselves” and “to stop being selfish”. Instead, we should be thinking of the “nation as a whole”, the ‘whole’ being the nation’s largest companies and those individuals earning more than $180K. According to the ‘philosophy’ of Scott Morrison (an […]

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