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Photo: Nicola Saltman

Why the Word on the Street is ‘Electric’

Let’s face it, we are a plug-in society. Plug in your laptop to connect to the world. Plug in earphones to escape it. Plug in to communicate, entertain and cook. So why not plug in to drive too? While we may still be galaxies away from George Jetson’s flying car, plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are […]

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Photo: Mitch Winters

Is the End Nigh for this Bondi Icon?

I’m not young or hip, nor am I an international visitor to the area. I only spend four or five months of the year living in Bondi and I would certainly never dare call myself a local (with a straight face, anyway). One thing I do know, though, is that the Bucket List has been […]

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Sneaky bugger

Big Business Budget Blues

On handing down the recent federal budget, Scott Morrison has implored Australians “not to think of themselves” and “to stop being selfish”. Instead, we should be thinking of the “nation as a whole”, the ‘whole’ being the nation’s largest companies and those individuals earning more than $180K. According to the ‘philosophy’ of Scott Morrison (an […]

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Photo: Jayne Torvill

Winter Magic As Ships of the Desert Sail into Bondi

When you think of Bondi Beach, chances are ‘winter’ is not the first thing that pops in to your mind. More likely it’s lifeguards, bikinis, and sunburn, or something similar. However, for some years now Waverley Council and the Bondi Chamber of Commerce have been teaming up with local Bondi businesses, artists and venues to […]

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Blue legends

Boys In Blue Go Bronze

When you think of the fuzz, your thoughts most likely diverge to speeding fines and the fast pace at which drop your mobile phone from your ear when you’re driving and see one of their cars. But for a bunch boys (and girls) in blue from the local area, their job is not all about […]

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Photo: Hi-Pac Constructions

Bronte Unit Block is ‘Bourne’ Again

Properties in the Eastern Beaches area have been going through a major sea change as demand for quality coastal living has resulted in massive amounts of development in most areas. Unfortunately many of the makeovers have resulted in a loss of original streetscapes and, where beautiful old weatherboard cottages once stood, architecturally designed structures now […]

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Photo: Mark Speakman

Container Scheme Set to Keep the Eastern Beaches Beautiful

A date has now been set for the commencement of the NSW Government’s long-awaited container deposit scheme (CDS). The scheme, which is set to is set to drive down litter across the Eastern Beaches and the state, will commence from July 2017 and apply to eligible drink containers between 150ml and three litres, which will […]

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Photo:  Grant Brooks

Salvio’s Dancing Shoes Taps Out

Salvio’s Dancing Shoes is a Sydney institution. Italian immigrant Enrico Salvio founded Salvio’s Shoes in 1881 in Melbourne. He wanted to make a business that valued quality craftsmanship, the best materials, and loyal customer service above all else. He succeeded. In the mid 1920s, Salvio’s moved to Taylor Square in Sydney, and in 1943 to […]

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Photo: Grant Brooks

Political Wars: The Arts Party Strikes Back

The Australian political situation at present is rather dire. Amidst the reams of broken promises, leadership spills and raw onions, it can be very difficult for voters to know whom, if anyone, to trust. As such, when a party comes along with a principled platform that seems unlikely to shift, voters take note. Enter the […]

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Photos: Elsa Evers

The New Superfood, And It’s Free!

Stop the green juice press! There’s a new wonder elixir in town and it’s proven to make you happier and live longer, and it doesn’t cost a cent. This new superfood has just two key ingredients: volunteer in your local community; and get out into nature. Really? It’s that simple? I know. I nearly dropped […]

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