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Pic: www.geraldkelley.com

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Everything I was taught as a child must’ve been completely wrong. Save your pennies, they said. Look after those and the pounds will look after themselves, they promised. I was read Aesop’s The Ant and the Grasshopper and encouraged to knuckle down, work hard and plan for the future. I became an ant. But maybe […]

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Photo: Duncan Horscroft

Butcher Chris Makes the Cut

There’s a new kid on the block in Bronte. The butcher’s block that is. Chris Martin, 27, has taken over the reins as manager of the long-standing Lucas Meats in Bronte and he is looking to take the 45 year-old Lucas family business into the 21st century. After growing up on a small farm in […]

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Photo: Paul McMillan

Dementia Fundraiser a Ride to Remember

You probably wouldn’t know it, but dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia. A predominant assumption is that dementia is simply a normal part of aging. News flash: it isn’t. Although it is more common in people over 65, dementia can happen to anyone. Dementia is a collection of symptoms that are […]

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Photo: Steffi Graffiti

Bondi Beach Sea Wall in Search of Creative Beasts

Attention all Beasts. Are you a visual artist, super handy with a biro, a conceptual artist, a graphic designer, a curator, or just keen to let your inner Frida Kahlo run free? Your time has come. Think of the most iconic beach in the world (it’s Bondi, by the way). Now think of your mad […]

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Photo: Paul Watson

Bondi Skies Set to Light Up for 38th Festival of the Winds

Some people might say that turning 38 isn’t a big deal. The organisers of this year’s Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach clearly missed that memo. This year, the festival is returning for the 38th time, bigger and better than ever before – and with an Eastern Suburbs Roosters 1950s themed bar in the […]

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Photo: Danny Green

Go Green at Randwick Eco-Living Fair

Regardless of what a certain ex-Prime Minister believes, climate change is a real thing. But what is the average citizen to do about it? Apart from voting for a political party that may or may not hold true on promises about carbon emissions trading schemes, it’s easy to feel impotent in the face of such […]

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Photo: Waverley Council

Top Three Solar Power Myths Debunked

When the Beatles sang “here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right”, they weren’t wrong. Neither are the 1.5 million sun-powered households across Australia that are sourcing carbon-free energy and enjoying reduced electricity bills. It’s not surprising that a whopping 30 per cent of homes in the sunshine state of Queensland with solar […]

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Community Race Day Returns to Royal Randwick

Horse racing returns to Royal Randwick this month, with the Randwick Community Race Day set to welcome locals of all ages to the track on Saturday, August 20. Randwick Mayor Noel D’Souza told The Beast that the race day was part of now well-established partnership between Randwick City Council and the Australian Turf Club. “I […]

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Photo: Celia Ruiz de Castilla

Behind the Lens with Celia Ruiz de Castilla

Ask anyone involved in the arts and they will tell you that the arts in Australia are seriously underfunded. As such, it is incredibly heartwarming to know that there are still legends out there dedicated to creating spaces for artists, no matter what. THE SPACE Gallery (www.thespacegallery.com.au) is a new Sydney pop-up gallery on Hunter […]

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Photo: Grant Brooks

A Bloke with a Pair of Scissors and Time to Help

How do you give back to the community when you don’t have much money? Stacy Batchelor from Clovelly knows the answer: time. Your time is the best thing that you can give to people in need. Batchelor works in digital sales management, and as much as he enjoys “finding the best celebrities to market products”, […]

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