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Photos: Elsa Evers

The New Superfood, And It’s Free!

Stop the green juice press! There’s a new wonder elixir in town and it’s proven to make you happier and live longer, and it doesn’t cost a cent. This new superfood has just two key ingredients: volunteer in your local community; and get out into nature. Really? It’s that simple? I know. I nearly dropped […]

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Photo: Alex Stamell

Local Lass Lands Herself A Role Up Shit Creek

While many locals may know her as the receptionist at The Wright Physio, the bar chick at the old Bronte RSL or the waitress at Randwick Rugby Club, Clovelly actress Alex Stammell is about make a name for herself in a new role as Alisha, a strait-laced Eastern Suburbs school girl gone bad, in a […]

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Photo: Dan Hutton

Warm-Hearted Café Owner Calls For Blanket Donations

Winter is only one month away and the overnight temperatures are already on the wane in our little corner of the world. While most of us are fortunate enough to be able to pull the trackies and ugg boots out of storage, dust off the gas heater and switch over to the winter doona, achieving […]

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You can't stand under my umbrella, ella, ella...

No Closure on Umbrella Opening

How many council workers does it take to put up an umbrella? The answer is none if the two new parasols down at Bronte Beach are involved. These two mini-monoliths have stood tall in the ‘cubes’ for a few months now, but a grand opening has yet to eventuate. After waiting for a few weeks […]

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Photo: Dan Hutton

New Signs Set To Shock Local Fishermen

Rock fishing is a popular yet undeniably dangerous pastime, prevalent along the coastline of a number of suburbs in Sydney’s east. In the past decade alone, 17 people have been killed whilst fishing from these rocky outcrops, most notably at La Perouse and Malabar. In response to the increasing number of injuries and fatalities, Randwick […]

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Photo: Bill Morris

What Comes Around Goes Around

Ever wondered what happens to your old surfboards once you’ve done away with them? No? Neither have I really, and this article isn’t about recycling old surfboards or the damage that flagrantly disposed fibreglass can have on the environment. No, this is a feel good story – a message in a bottle tale, if you […]

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Photo: Dan Hutton

Locals Take Coogee Clean-up Into Their Own Hands

In the Eastern Suburbs, we are incredibly lucky to have easy access to many of the world’s most charming bays and glistening waters. The problem is that when you’ve got a hot natural commodity like we do, litter and pollution come with the territory. Caught up in the majesty of sunburn, sausage sizzles and cold […]

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Photo: Luke Spokes

Malabar Headland Mountain Bike Track Proposal Gains Traction

Malabar Headland is contested land. Technically, most of it currently belongs to the Commonwealth of Australia. In early 2015, a furore erupted as it was revealed that the Liberal government was considering selling the land to private developers for profit. After immense backlash, Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt was quick to refute the veracity of […]

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Photo: Waverley Library

What’s Up With Bondi Pavilion?

Bondi Pavilion is, and always has been, a site that has many stakeholders with many competing interests. It should come as no surprise, then, that Waverley Council’s $38 million Bondi Pavilion Upgrade and Conservation Project has caused consternation among the local community. It is rather difficult to conceive what exactly the project’s design entails, simply […]

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Nicola Saltman

Making Sustainability Second Nature – Are You In?

Do you ever pinch yourself that you can call this awesome place home? Whether you’re on your daily run at the beach, talking with a mate along the coastal walk or grabbing your morning fix at the local café, it’s hard not to be grateful for what’s on our doorstep. We have amazing beaches, walkways […]

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