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Nicola Saltman

Making Sustainability Second Nature – Are You In?

Do you ever pinch yourself that you can call this awesome place home? Whether you’re on your daily run at the beach, talking with a mate along the coastal walk or grabbing your morning fix at the local café, it’s hard not to be grateful for what’s on our doorstep. We have amazing beaches, walkways […]

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Photo: Tobias and Partners

$20 Million Facelift For Tamarama Eyesore

Since the early 1960s, Glenview Court has been the unsightly bulging blemish that tarnished the pretty face of the otherwise stunning Tamara (or Tamarama. Popping out over the gully like a pimple on school photo day, the building has been well overdue for a makeover. The building hit dire straits five years ago after being […]

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Photo: Drew Barrymore

Recent Crackdown Grinds The Gears Of Locals

On March 1, new state-imposed cycling regulations came into effect, marketed as necessary to improve road safety, but also to police the various violations by cyclists that many believe have gone unnoticed by authorities. Referred to by many in the cycling community as “the anti-bike laws”, the legislation requires motorists to give cyclists a clearance […]

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Photo: Tobi Wilkinson

Gyuto Monks Come To Bondi

To the layperson, Buddhism can seem a daunting religion or philosophy to get one’s head around. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that it needs two very big words – namely ‘religion’ and ‘philosophy’ – to even begin to try and define it. It doesn’t involve a belief in God, but it deals […]

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Photo: Victoria Bitter

Do The Lock Out Laws Affect The Eastern Beaches?

In February 2014, Sydney’s ‘lock out laws’ were introduced. And they soberly remain. Bars and clubs in Kings Cross and in Sydney’s ‘entertainment precinct’ cannot allow entry to patrons after 1:30am. They cannot serve alcohol after 3am. After midnight, they cannot serve shots, doubles and pre-mixed drinks, and customers cannot buy more than four drinks […]

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Photo: Felicity McCullum

Swell Building For Bondi To Go Plastic Bag Free

Efforts are underway to rid Bondi of one of the most common sources of litter; the not-so-humble plastic bag. Last year community leaders, local businesses and Waverley Council joined forces on a campaign called Blue Bondi Green to make Bondi plastic-bag free by December 2016. Bondi being Bondi, there were already a number of businesses […]

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Photo: Esteban la Tessa

Parklands Honours Fearnley’s Impressive Feats

As far as Aussie legends go, wheelchair racer Kurt Fearnley is right up near the top of the list. The three-time Paralympic gold medallist has represented Australia at four consecutive games, and has also completed the Kokoda Track, a testament to his determination and ‘never give up’ attitude. It therefore came as no surprise when […]

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Photo: Randwick City Council

Fig Trees Continue To Fall In The Name Of Progress

Progress generally comes at a cost. While there is no disputing the benefits that light rail will bring to the Eastern Suburbs, seeing century old fig trees reduced to mulch is enough to bring tears to any aesthete’s eyes. Thus far around 80 trees have been removed from Alison Road, Anzac Parade and Wansey Avenue, […]

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Photo: Duncan Horscroft

From Struggle Street To The Sea

For lucky locals, it’s hard to imagine life away from the beautiful beaches of the east, but there are many people a lot less fortunate than us, some of whom have never seen the beach at all. In an effort to ease the burden of living in poor housing estates in the western suburbs, the […]

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Photo: Fortescue Metals Group

Pearls of Wisdom: What Is The ‘Australian Spirit’?

Australia Day is not Pearl’s gig. The flag waving, the hands-on-heart US-style nationalism, the rousing versions of Waltzing Matilda – OMG, it makes Pearl cringe! I’m not one for Anzac Day either, though I’m risking my life admitting it publicly. It’s just another day of congratulatory back patting and political posturing disguised under a banner […]

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