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All Hands on Deck for Ocean Swims

There is no better display of surf lifesaving skills, outside the competition arena, than those displayed at open water events. Coogee kicked off the ocean swimming season in late November with the Coogee Island Challenge, which featured more than 1400 swimmers taking part in the 2.4-kilometre swim around Wed- ding Cake Island, the 800-metre Junior […]

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A Last Minute Guide to New Year’s Eve in the East

So you’ve done it again; you’ve filled your December social calendar to the brim with barbies and boat parties but you haven’t a clue about what to do on New Year’s Eve. Well, don’t worry, you’re only human – and besides, we’ve got your back. If you always feel compelled to read The Beast as […]

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A Feast of Film for All This Summer

Christmas movies are undoubtedly awesome. But if you over-did it on elves, reindeer and gooey stories unfolding in snowy settings this festive season, you’re probably ready for a change. So for those of you looking for new and exciting films to watch, here’s a quick guide on how to get your culture fix over the […]

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Great Scott! Bronte Surfers Hail Their New King

The Bronte Boardriders 2018 season wrapped up on the first weekend of December in fun 2-3 foot conditions, with victory to Mitchell Scott in both the open championship (Carter Cup) and the man-on-man Matt Clements Cup, reaffirming somewhat of a changing of the guard down at the Eastern Suburbs’ most challenging surf beach. “It was […]

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Locals Mobilising Against Major Telco

Australian telecommunications company TPG is facing backlash from both local residents and Randwick Council regarding the company’s plan to roll out over 60 small cell mobile towers in the area. Residents throughout the Eastern Suburbs are concerned that the radiation the facilities emit will have long-term health effects on local families who will now likely […]

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Local Shark Sightings Fail to Overturn Drone Trial Snub

Towards the end of November, the Eastern Beaches area saw a disconcerting spike in the number of shark sightings. Bondi Beach was closed after an estimated four to five-metre shark surfaced behind a surfer – the second sighting that day – while Maroubra Beach was evacuated after a four-metre great white was spotted near the […]

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Local Surf Clubs Smash ‘Golf Club’ Stigma

A number of our Eastern Beaches surf life saving clubs have been making a conscious effort to become more welcoming in an attempt to lose their ‘golf club’ stigma, and Bronte SLSC is leading the charge. Surf clubs do a lot of good work on Australian beaches. However, when it comes to non-members hanging around […]

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Bondi’s Story as Told by One of its Own

Bondi Beach isn’t the biggest beach in the world, nor is she the most beautiful; the surfing conditions are generally pretty average (despite the occasional epic session) and the nor’east winds can be a real pest in summer. Bondi’s premier attraction has always been its people and the stories that surround them. There is a […]

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Beachgoers Lose Vital Car Spots

It’s well known that parking is at a premium in and around the Bronte Beach precinct. On any good weekend the cafes are packed to the rafters and beachgoers flock to the area on a fine summer’s day. But Waverley Council has added to the parking problem by undertaking a “three-month” pilot program that has […]

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Marks Park Memorial a Monument to Diversity

Marks Park has officially been endorsed by Waverley Council as the site for the Bondi Memorial Project. This allows for commissioning of a public artwork to serve as a memorial to the men who were viciously assaulted and murdered in homophobic attacks in Sydney over multiple decades. This is a tremendous result after years of […]

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