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Of Bikes and Men

A famous poet once said: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” a sentiment epitomised by Sydney bike sharing. Like a hot dog eating contest, a venture like this seems like a fun idea but without proper caution will cause discomfort and (worst case scenario) leave a somewhat unpleasant mess. Dockless […]

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Surf’s Up @ The Pav: Where the Old Meets the New

If you’ve ever wanted to time travel but haven’t been prepared to sacrifice life in the 21st century, Bondi Pavilion’s Surf’s Up @ The Pav may just be your cup of tea. Throughout the month of February, Bondi Pavilion will host a series of colourful events, each one celebrating what makes life in Bondi so […]

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Hawke Tells All on Wednesdays

Bob Hawke is the most electorally successful Labor Party leader in Australian political history. He rose from the ranks as a research officer in the ACTU to become its president in 1969, before being elected to the House of Representatives and then becoming Prime Minister in 1983. That was the same year he announced that, […]

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Blazing a Trail for Premature Babies

There will be something different about Sophie Smith when she runs into Little Bay on February 4. A few things different, actually. The Coogee founder of the Running for Premature Babies Foundation (RFPB) will not be wearing her signature bright purple singlet, imprinted with the names and tiny handprints of Henry, Jasper and Evan, the […]

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Light Rail on Track for 2019 Completion

If you’ve had the misfortune of driving anywhere near George Street, Alison Road or Anzac Parade over the last couple of years, you’ll be painfully aware of the CBD and South East Light Rail works. It has thrown many a sat nav into blind panic (which doesn’t take much) and really slowed things down on […]

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The Beginners Guide to Bike Share in Bondi

With the height of summer just around the corner, we at ofo, the world’s leader in bike share, are looking forward to more locals and tourists enjoying the glorious Eastern Beaches of Sydney on our bright yellow bikes. As the first to bring bike share to Australia with endorsement from local councils and a partnership […]

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What Do Pubs Mean For Our Community?

By now most local residents would have heard the news that well-known hotelier Justin Hemmes has purchased The Royal Hotel on Bondi Road. Does anyone really care? Does it matter who owns a pub? Probably not, until it starts to sink in just what it means for this grand old establishment. Some will be excited […]

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Bondi Has Plenty in Reserve

After almost two years in the pipeline, Bondi Beach was finally recognised as a National Surfing Reserve (NSR) in early December, at a launch at the northern end of the beach in front of a host of dignitaries. A Welcome to Country ceremony and dance from Bradley Page, a member of the Cadigal clan, was […]

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To Beer or Not To Beer? That is the Question

Whether we like it or not, Australians are synonymous with drinking. We’re a good-time, “She’ll be right” kind of nation, for whom enjoying a cold VB is a fundamental human right. Sadly, however, not all humans can handle their grog and some are downright disrespectful after a couple (or dozens) of cold ‘uns. It’s a […]

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Watch The World’s Best at Flickerfest

Watching the world’s best short films under the stars at Bondi Beach sounds like the perfect way to kick-off the new year. Eastern Suburbs residents will have access to the world’s most recognised short films this January, as the 27th official Flickerfest comes back home to Bondi Pavilion. “After 27 years, I’m proud that Flickerfest […]

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