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Council Foils Trend-Setting Surfers’ Plans

If you’ve been watching the surf along the Eastern Beaches lately, you may have noticed some people riding strange boards that appear to somehow fly above the surface of the water. For those not associated with the surfing subculture, these magic boards are called hydrofoils, and the practice of surfing them is called hydrofoiling, or […]

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Privatised Assets a Public Concern

Growing numbers of Australians are seriously concerned and even fiercely opposed to the continuing sale of government assets and the privatisation of so many services once provided by government. With the mass sell-offs of the family furniture across the board at all levels of government, many of us now hold serious concerns about losses of […]

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Wheels Stop Turning for Local Bus Services

Eastern Beaches residents are up in arms over the announcement that major bus services have been cancelled in their local areas and replaced with new routes. The changes may force many people to walk further to find new bus stops on some routes and will add to the confusion already in place after the 378 […]

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Community Supports Coogee Bay Road Upgrade

Local residents may already be aware of some construction work happening on Coogee Bay Road. As of September 17, a major upgrade project of Coogee town centre began. The work, to be carried out between Arden Street and Brook Street, will be completed in two stages. Stage 1 will continue through to December, whilst Stage […]

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BRIDJing the Transport Gap Between Bondi and Rose Bay

Thanks to a new trial currently being carried out by Transport for NSW (TfNSW ), it’s claimed residents throughout Bondi, North Bondi and Dover Heights travelling to major hubs like Circular Quay can now slice an estimated 15-30 minutes off their travel time. TfNSW has partnered with BRIDJ, an on-demand bus service, to offer a […]

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Fishing Ban ‘Just Government Angling for Votes’

The NSW Government has issued a proposal that intends to ban fishing across 25 sites between Newcastle and Wollongong. These areas include Bronte to Coogee, along with several other popular local fishing spots in Sydney. According to the NSW Marine Estate, the idea is “to reduce risks at a local scale from some site-based threats, […]

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Boundless Plains to Share

Although we live in Sydney, we are all impacted by what occurs in rural Australia. Right now, at least 90 per cent of country NSW is drought affected. Here in the Eastern Suburbs most of us are only just becoming aware of this unfolding tragedy as the national media, a little belatedly, brings our attention […]

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A Ride to Remember

The Bondi2Berry Ride to Remember is back for its third year.On September 8, 80 bike riders will depart from North Bondi at the crack of dawn and ride the gruelling 155 kilometres along the coast to Berry. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what on earth would possess anybody to put themselves through 155 kilometres […]

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My Home, My Rules?

Travellers venture across the globe to catch a glimpse of our beautiful beaches, have brunch at our trendy cafes and enjoy a relaxing day soaking up the warm sun. It comes as no surprise that our coastline is a hotspot for Airbnb, an online platform that enables people to rent out one room or their […]

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Walton’s Pickle to Solve Employment Problems

John Walton is as Eastern Suburbs as a latte. You may well have caught a wave with him at Bronte, had a beer with him at the Cloey, or been tossed around by him on the mats at his jiu-jitsu gym in Maroubra. But that’s not all Mr Walton does. He is also an experienced […]

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