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Soft Board Ban Not Based on Hard Facts

It seems the innuendo surrounding the potential banning of soft surf craft in the patrolled area of North Bondi has been taken out of context, with Waverley Mayor John Wakefield saying there will be no such action taken. The ground swell grew following a complaint by a group of swimmers about the potential dangers of […]

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Onwards and Upwards

Hearing the word ‘remission’ is a great thing for any cancer sufferer, but for some reason rather than bringing me an overwhelming sense of relief, it increased my fear of the other r-word all too familiar to many cancer patients – ‘relapse’. To prevent the second r-word from occurring (it’s pretty common with my particular […]

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Eastern Suburbs Nutcase Legit Threw an Actual Doof in Bali

Kai Suteja embodies all of the bizarre yet wonderful things I love about ‘Straya’. He combines a loose, ‘sick c**t’ kind of vibe with a social and environmental awareness you wouldn’t expect to coincide in one person. And he pulls it off in a way that only a nutcase Aussie kid could. Born in Bali, […]

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Moving to Another Planet

Planet Earth is going through a difficult time – human population numbers are immense, the atmosphere is warming from man- made activities, ecological systems of forests, plains and oceans are groaning from exploitation. There is a push for greener pastures. Could the answer to these problems be another planet? To provide some context, when Australia […]

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Welcome to the Gun Show

Whenever a terrorist or mentally ill individual (depending, of course, on their ethnic origin) commits yet another mass shooting in America, a spotlight shines on Australia. Every time America mourns and the gun control debate rears its ugly head to absolutely no effect whatsoever, memes galore refer to the land down under as the perfect […]

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Council Throws the Book at Jane

Gertrude & Alice Café Book- store is a Bondi institution. Led by local owner Jane Turner, the cozy, welcoming spot is well- known for its delicious coffee, famous lentil soup, lovely staff and, last but not least, its curbside box of free books. So imagine Ms. Turner’s surprise when in May a representative from Council […]

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Parents Putting Children at Risk Just to Fit In

Earlier this year, a study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that some of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs had the worst levels of child vaccinations across the country. While the overall numbers are on the rise across Australia, some idiots – sorry, I mean parents – are still flat-out refusing to properly immunise […]

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Welcome to Hotel Chernobyl

When I first looked at my chemo protocol I thought there must’ve been an error in the printout. The chemotherapy I‘d heard about in the past lasted about six cycles, with a cycle consisting of a dose of chemo on the first day and then a few weeks of recovery in between each dose. What […]

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Trash Talk

Waste is an issue frequently canvassed in the media and we all appreciate the environmental consequences of our wasteful lifestyles. It is difficult to imagine that anyone today would not be aware of the amount of waste each one of us generates or the difficulties associated with its disposal – the fact that waste is […]

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Local Team Puts its Stamp on Randwick

Newmarket Randwick, a landmark property development by Cbus Property, is currently transforming a much-loved heritage site with iconic yet sensitive design by some of Australia’s most highly regarded designers and architects, many of whom are long-term locals. Established in the early 1860s, Newmarket has been a significant part of Randwick’s racing heritage since its inception. […]

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