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All Roads Could Lead to Off-ramp Chaos

Getting around the Eastern Suburbs these days can be an absolute nightmare, but things could get much worse if a proposal by Roads and Maritime Services to build a WestConnex off-ramp at the intersection of Anzac Parade, Alison Road and Dacey Avenue gets the go-ahead. The proposal aims to filter traffic through multiple lanes on […]

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Sydney: The Cokehead Capital of Australia

I’m not going to lie to you, of all the things I thought I would be writing about in 2018, the government sifting through our shit to see what drugs we’ve been bingeing on was not high on the list. In fact, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t even on the list. But that’s what the world has […]

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It’s Not a Tumour! Oh, Wait… Yes It Is

I’ve been planning on writing this article for a while now but I’ve been having trouble putting the words together. I still don’t really know where to start or how to conclude this piece. Fitting the best part of a year of relative hell into The Beast’s word count is also a dilemma, so this […]

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Hey, Where’d You Go To School?

Beyond our own immediate families, the first social grouping that shapes our view of the world and how we see ourselves is likely to be within our schools. Many of us grow into adulthood, and even into late age, lucky enough to have friends we met in our youth when we were less guarded, less […]

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Go Forth and Shop Local

Unless you’ve unexpectedly developed a chronic case of agoraphobia whilst also embarking on a fully fledged media detox in recent months, you’ve probably seen the abundance of purple signs and adverts dominating every bus stop and billboard in the Eastern Suburbs. Hell, you’ve probably even spotted them in prime positions in The Beast. But what […]

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A Sewer for Buses

The Bondi Junction Bus Interchange is a failed piece of public transport infrastructure. This is shocking on its own, but catastrophic in the context of it being the busiest district centre bus interchange in Australia and a welcoming point for many tourists to our glorious Eastern Beaches. It has failed on a number of counts. […]

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Randwick’s 2018-19 Draft Budget Open For Public Exhibition

Randwick City Council’s 2018-19 draft budget was released on May 1 and is currently open for public exhibition. Set to deliver $70 million in new community initiatives, programs and activities, the budget will be available for public comment until 9.00am on June 1. So, if you’re a devoted fan of The Beast who reads it […]

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It’s OK to Help with Mental Health

Depression and anxiety can be defined in many ways and overcome by different methods including a positive mindset, relaxation techniques, small reminders that everything’s going to be fine, or even just the thought of knowing you are supported and not alone. Bronte resident Kietah Martens-Shaw has experienced the tough times first-hand after being diagnosed with […]

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Is it Really Possible to Find Love in the Eastern Suburbs?

I’ve never been that bothered about finding ‘the one’, nor do I believe he really exists. I’ve never wanted children and haven’t been that fussed on the idea of marriage either. For me, dating (or, let’s be honest, a string of poorly chosen flings and one night stands) has never had an end goal. If […]

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Maintain The Hate, Australia

There is something inherently Australian about the sound of the Common Koel at 3.00am and the sound of big business having a good old whinge to the media. Both are sharp of voice, echoing and repetitive, designed to wear down all those around them until their cries reach a crescendo of pure desperation, resulting in […]

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