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Forever Johnno: Keeping John’s Memory Alive While Helping Sick Kids

The annual Forever Johnno fundraiser, kicking off at 7.00pm on May 25, will bring our whole community together for the 18th year in a row to remember a beautiful boy and raise much-needed funds for sick kids in hospital. Local legend Mal Ward started the monster raffle and auction six months after his son John […]

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Tamarama on Target for New Club

Tamarama Beach was once Sydney’s first coastal amusement park, originally called Bondi Aquarium before being renamed Wonderland Park. After the closure of the fun park a surf club was founded on the northern headland in 1906. Ever since the introduction of surf lifesaving the club has been able to boast “no lives lost” in more […]

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Dockless Bikes Remain a Local Nuisance

Despite new regulations put in place a few months ago, dockless bikes continue to be the bane of local authorities’ existence. Back on March 5, Waverley Council announced that they were impounding abandoned bikes. Council rangers (who already cop enough agro as it is) went out and collected 65 of the buggers, with each bike […]

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Bondi Locals Take Litter Problem Into Own Hands (Literally)

Whether you believe in evolution or think God made the world in six days (chucking a sickie on the seventh like a good Aussie), I think we can all agree that somehow humans were miraculously given an amazing planet to call home. And, in the years since we came to be, we have slowly but […]

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Why The Bondi Road Tram is the Wrong Way To Go

It’s easy to look back to the 1950s and 60s and think about the good ol’ days and the beautiful old wooden trams that shot through the Eastern Suburbs, and how amazing it would be to bring back this wonderful piece of history. My parents often talk about catching the tram in the days of […]

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One of Bondi’s Best Forever In Our Hearts

In March last year the Bondi community suffered a sudden and devastating loss of one of its beloved comrades – a young man named Cale Remnant. At 26 years of age and affectionately known as ‘Superfoods’, he made a lasting and positive impression on people who were lucky enough to meet him, and left a […]

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A Hippy Tale That’s Full of Aussies

The heady days of the ‘60s and ‘70s saw many hit the hippy trails of India, Kathmandu and other parts of Asia in search of their Nirvana. This was a time of free love, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, the turmoil of the Vietnam War, revolutionary ideas and the beginning of the Whitlam era. […]

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Local Dad to Run ‘Toughest Footrace on Earth’ Marathon des Sables

The thought of running a marathon is daunting enough for most of us, let alone completing six in as many days. That’s the challenge facing local dad Stefan Briggs, who will take on an ultra-marathon in April to raise $50,000 for Giant Steps, a school supporting children and young people diagnosed with autism. Marathon des […]

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Parking Up The Wrong Tree

It is no secret that parking in the Eastern Suburbs is an absolute cluster-fudge. Between beach visitors monopolising spaces and obnoxious house prices preventing most mere mortals from owning driveways, having a guaranteed parking spot is the stuff of dreams. Imagine then that you’ve somehow scored yourself a regular spot. You’ve miraculously dodged the sweaty […]

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Why You Should Support Your Local Subbies Team

With cricket season coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about footy. I guarantee that a number of people reading this article would have made the New Year’s resolution to get into shape this year, so with pre-season footy training underway, why not try your hand at rugby in 2018? Don’t take me […]

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