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By Kieran Blake on December 21, 2017 in News

Courier delivery day, by Reece Ykle

Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch has launched the Plastic by the C art exhibition in direct opposition to the world famous Sculpture by the Sea.
The mobile installation features plastic wrappers from his two regional publications, The Wentworth Courier and The Southern Courier, which have been scattered throughout the streets of the East.
“Sculpture by the Sea is defunct!” declared Murdoch.
“I have decided it is defunct. Residents will agree it is defunct, because reporters at the Courier newspapers will tell them it is defunct.”
Murdoch attacked the long standing exhibition for being overcrowded, bizarre, mundane, and baffling.
“Being stimulated, inspired, provoked, or intellectually confronted by frivolous art on the coastal walk is akin to reading a broadsheet on a Sunday morning. It’s an incongruous cognitive challenge and a waste of a great sea view.
“Plastic by the C, in contrast, is familiar, uniform, ubiquitous, bland, and easily digested. Plus, people don’t need to travel all the way to Bondi or Tamarama – our exhibition comes to them.”
Representatives of Plastic by the C also boasted of their ability to produce a quantity of works well in excess of the 1,272 that have so far featured in Sculpture by the Sea, which is now in its 21st year. They also spoke with assurance of the long term success of Plastic by the C.
This confidence may stem from reports that News Ltd. staff have allegedly been offering enormous cash incentives to Sculpture by the Sea artists to switch sides, even while some were installing their creations beside the cliffs. One artist, who wished to remain anonymous, claims she was promised the world, provided she create all future works from sheets of oblong shaped transparent plastic.
Murdoch then acknowledged the role of locals themselves in Plastic by the C.
“Eastern Suburbs locals have a natural affinity with plastic – just visit any shopping precinct any day of the week – so we are supremely confident that they will embrace this new exhibition.
“Furthermore, residents themselves are central to this narrative because it is they who give life to the medium every time they tear off the plastic wrapper and throw it on the ground.
“And don’t forget, the Sculpture by the Sea works are removed in early November, but our creations will remain on the land and in the oceans for years and years.”
Various locals laughed off the concept, arguing that floating plastic bags do not deserve to be called art. One even suggested there was more merit in Marcel Duchamp’s audacious presentation of a toilet bowl in a 1917 exhibition.
In response, both The Wentworth Courier and The Southern Courier ran with the headline borrowed from Marshall McLuhan: “Art is anything you can get away with.”



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