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By Madeleine Gray on August 1, 2017 in News

Picture: Dan Hutton

There are few races as notoriously beautiful, or as notoriously difficult, as Sydney’s City2Surf. It’s always a massive deal, with thousands of supporters lining the streets, and this year there will also be eighteen musical acts be stationed along the course, encouraging runners to go faster and to not give up.

We salute those of you who’ve stuck to a strict training regime for the past year (or even the past few months), but for those of you who have perhaps a more laissez faire approach, we’ve decided to cut you some slack and call in an expert for a bit of friendly advice.

Heather Turland is a Bondi local who runs Jo & Willy’s Depot in North Bondi. However, Heather is also a former long distance runner who not only won the City2Surf on three occasions, she also won Commonwealth gold in the marathon back in 1998.
Turland stressed that the key to doing well is managing your expectations.

“If you are only just thinking about training for City2Surf now then you need to be realistic about your goals,” she said.
“Don’t go trying to make up for lost time and end up injured, never race if you are sick or feeling unwell, and restrict alcohol when training and racing.”

“You will need to back your training off the week before the race so that you are fresh on the day.

“So now, with just a few weeks to train, commit to getting out three times a week and make one of those runs or walks a long session if you can.

“Wear the shoes and clothes you intend on wearing on the day to test for blisters and chafing, and try having the same breakfast you plan to have on race day. Come the race itself there will be no surprises.”

So what does a marathon champion eat before the race?

“I’ve seen at an elite level person have a full breakfast and another just tea and toast,” Turland said.

“Cut back on high fibre foods the day before and start hydrating well two days out.

“A high fibre diet the day before a fun run can take the fun out, then you’re only left with the runs.”

In terms of the City2Surf course’s particular challenges, Turland reminded runners not to peak too soon.

“It’s easy with all of the excitement and amazing party atmosphere to go out too fast, but take it easy until after Heartbreak Hill then see what you have left, remembering there are still three small hills to follow.

“No one talks about them, but they are the ones that will get you if you have gone out too hard.”

Turland’s final message was to just get out there and have fun.

“The C2S has always been my favourite race of all,” she said.

“I love the fact that as an elite athlete it is a prestigious race to win, but more importantly it is a race for everyone – it’s a big party for the whole community.

“Winning it brings so much pride and joy, but so does just finishing it, knowing that you did it, and that you raised money for people who need the help.”

The City2Surf takes place on Sunday, August 13. To find out more, please visit www.city2surf.com.au.



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