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May 2017 Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on May 11, 2017 in Other

Merokok menyebabkan kanker mulut.


Smoking Bans – Cigarette smoking is just plain gross, and non-smokers shouldn’t have to cop second hand smoke. We’re all for smoking bans.

Jumper Weather – The novelty will no doubt wear off quickly, but it is nice to rug up in a jumper having not done so for the best part of six months.

Saving Tiny Babies – Sign up to run the SMH Half Marathon on May 21, join Sophie Smith’s team (read about it on page 44), and help save babies’ lives.

Leftover Chocolate – The best part of the recently passed Easter is the stockpile of chocolate that you’ll likely accrue and snack on throughout May.

Joe’s For Men – Joe’s $15 buzz cuts are quite possibly the best value thing in the whole of the Eastern Suburbs, and Joe is a bloody legend to boot!


Blanket Booze Bans – Randwick Council could at least conduct a community consultation on this, particularly given that its residents weren’t responsible.

Rain – Apparently it rained on 23 of March’s 31 days, and April didn’t get off to a great start either. Unless you’re a farmer or duck, precipitation is the pits.

Runny Noses – With temps plummeting and more hours spent indoors, colds and flu are inevitable. Add kids and you’ll be crook more often than not.

Daylight Saving Sleep Deprivation
– Anyone with kids knows full well that the end of daylight saving does not mean an “extra hour of sleep”.

Trapezii – The muscles that connect the neck and shoulders are the bane of our existence, particularly when they’re in spasm and deadline is looming.



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