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Get Ready for the Big Reveal

Although you would never catch Pearl watching a reality TV series, it seems that every time I flick through the commercial channels I am confronted by trailers announcing ‘The big reveal’, ‘The reveal that will shock Australia’, ‘Bimbo and Bimbette’s stunning bathroom reveal’, ‘Agro twins and loved-up couple go head-to-head in kitchen reveal’. And since […]

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Star Signs – August 2018

LEO JUL 23-AUG 22 Your privileged upbringing has made you totally oblivious to the average person and the issues they face, so stop pretending to care. VIRGO AUG 23-SEP 23 Identifying and attacking the faults in others is much easier than addressing the flaws you see in yourself, which is why you do it. LIBRA […]

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A Long Ride Around Rottnest Island

In 1696, Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh came across an island off the Western Australian coast and, after brief exploration, was astounded to see enormous rats running rampant. As such, the newly discovered island was aptly named ‘t Eylandt ‘t Rotten- est, which in English translates to Rats’ Nest Island. Little did de Vlamingh know […]

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Why Getting You Nature Fix Makes Good Sense

When was the last time you hung out in nature and felt bad? Like, um, never? It’s near impossible to feel crap in the wilderness (unless you happen to get stuck up a cliff-face without a rope). Nature’s a place where we can unwind, leave the hectic city behind, and get back to basics. It […]

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Bledisloe Blows

The old expression goes that rugby union is “the game they play in heaven”. This is apt, be- cause the game is very nearly dead to me. It currently remains on life support, waiting for me to have a quick glance at the Last Will and Testament before I lean over and pull the plug, […]

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Let’s Talk About the Vagina

Why is it that even as adults we struggle so hard with the names of our genitals? Too many parents don’t teach their children the correct names. The penis may be called a willie, weewee, doodle, little noodle, ding-a-ling, etc. Believe it or not there are over 100 adult names for the penis. For girls […]

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The Ocean’s Turning Point

With the winter westerlies now firmly entrenched in the daily cycle of life, the crisp dark nights are most definitely here to stay. August really marks the turning point when the ocean settles into it’s uniquely winter mood, calm and clear one day and violently rough the next. It’s these calm days immediately after the […]

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The Dog Ate My Homework

I have to admit, I found writing for this month’s edition quite challenging. I knew the deadline was looming but I just couldn’t seem to get into gear. Having the World Cup on in the background didn’t help, but the more I tried to motivate myself the more I started to ‘wig-out’. The closer the […]

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The Unreliable Guide to… Singing

The Unreliable Guide loves a good old sing-song. In the bath, in the shower, driving… I’m always up for a warble and singing makes me feel good. And that’s a fact – research shows that singing increases oxygen in your blood, increasing the flow of happy hormones such as endorphins and dopamine that have a […]

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Join the Club

Clubs have always been an important part of my family and social life. I’m referring here to the registered clubs with premises, food, drinks and – perhaps more contentiously – gambling. My grandparents’ lives, I am told, were greatly enriched with the advent of Souths and the offer of chicken- in-the-basket; something to get dressed […]

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