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Photo: Dan Trotter


With our New Year’s resolutions either kicking in or long forgotten, it’s time to get down to focusing on what we want from today, this month, this year and, well, what we want from our lives. How were your holidays? Take a moment to stop, remember, smile, laugh and cry at the memories made, the […]

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A conspiracy of florists and restaurants.


Who was Saint Valentine anyway? Google him and no one is quite sure if he even existed, but, somehow, celebrating him has become a multi-billion dollar industry promoting guilt and misery. There’s even a film about the whole awful nonsense – the 2009 release, ‘I Hate Valentine’s Day’. Hate it we may, but surveys like […]

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Photo:  John Symond


After a boozy New Year’s Eve in Camden listening to 2WS’s Juke Box Saturday Night with my friend Tonnie, Pearl awoke to the sound of a howling greyhound and a squawking Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, and a disturbing front-page story on the Sydney Morning Herald iPad app. While it’s hard to imagine such natural ‘alarm clocks’ in […]

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Photo: Trent from Punchy

Has Bondi Reached ‘Peak Café’?

Have you noticed how many cafes and restaurants Bondi is home to? Noticed also that whenever a ‘For Lease’ sign goes up it is inevitably a food venture that moves in? And when a new development opens, what tends to fill the commercial space below? You guessed it: more cafes and restaurants. Well, Rupert here […]

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Photo: Cliff Lyons


Lion Island are a home-grown hard rock band from the southern end of the Central Coast, featuring Rob Staines (guitar and vocals), Bob Trigg (drums), Arran Pratt (bass) and a bit of Eastern Suburbs flavour in the form of Johannes Leak (rhythm guitar) thrown in for good measure. Bringing back the fuzzy guitars and crunching […]

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Photo: Doggie Recsue

Dog for Adoption – Hera

Hera Age 5 Years Sex Female Breed Shepherd x Cattle Dog Weight 17.5kg Hera, named after the Goddess of Motherhood, came from the pound pregnant and had three pups. She looks like a mini Shepherd. She is a very intelligent, obedient girl. She is a bit timid with strangers, but soon warms up when they […]

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Well dabbed.

February Thumbs

Up Romance – Valentine’s Day is on its way again. If you save all your romance for one (cliched) day of the year, you’re not romantic, you’re a cold-hearted c**t. Keep Cups – Last year, we here at The Beast would’ve used in excess of 1000 takeaway coffee cups. That’s a lot of waste. This […]

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Picture:  Dalton Wills

Letters – Feb 2017

LEAVE YOUR BUTTS IN THE BIN Hey smokers, Take your cigarette butts with you. Don’t stub them out under your foot and think they’re mashed into non-existence. Don’t thumb them into cracks in the concrete or the rocks at Clovelly, or anywhere else. Don’t leave them in the sand thinking they’ll biodegrade, or not thinking […]

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Photo: Doggie Rescue

Dog for Adoption – Duke

Duke Age 2 Years Sex Male Breed Shepherd x Staffy Weight 23.2kg Duke is a lovable, happy, active boy. Duke came in with a useless front leg that was ulcerated from being dragged around and had to be amputated. No one told him he has a leg missing now. He does everything as normal. He […]

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Photo: Doggie Day Care

Dog for Adoption – Charlotte

Charlotte Age 2 Years Sex Female Breed Labrador Weight 25.6kg Charlotte is a very bouncy, overweight Lab who loves being around people. While she is social with other dogs, she has not had much time around them. She is excited to go for walks, but does pull on lead, and bark and lunge at passing […]

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