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NSW Won’t Be Left out in the Coal’d

Energy policy and climate policy are an inseparable mix, perfect partners, like Red Bull and vodka, gin and tonic, malt whiskey and, um, more malt whiskey. Our local ex-MP, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, unfortunately twice found that imbibing this policy cocktail comes with a nasty hang- over: awaking to discover you’ve been shafted by the Climo […]

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A Health Kick for Community Sport

Summertime is here and that means mid-week touch and tag footy is back. It’s a great time to get out there and enjoy the longer, warmer days, while also getting fit and making new friends, or just getting together with old ones. We are so fortunate in the Eastern Suburbs with our many beautiful local […]

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Letters – January 2019

MORE GUNS ON OUR BEACHES After a year of disappointments, it was heartening to read in the December edition of The Beast the decision to issue guns to Eastern Suburbs lifeguards (Eastern Suburbs Lifeguards to be Issued with Guns, The Beast, December 2018). It’s time that straying board riders and people swimming outside the flags […]

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Gracie Otto – Running the Show

To suggest Gracie Otto is a newcomer to the world of film would be downright contemptuous. Not only is she the daughter and sister of Australian theatrical royalty, she’s an esteemed director in her own right, with numerous television commercials, short films and a critically acclaimed feature-length documentary to her name. She’s also a long […]

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Beardy from Hell – December 2018

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23-DEC 21 You won’t find happiness while you’re working for someone else. In fact, you’ve got more chance of finding a fish up a tree. CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 20 Look in the mirror before you leave home, at least for a couple of seconds. You can’t go out looking like that and expect […]

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Dumping is Rubbish: It Takes a Village to Remove a Mattress

Many of us move to (or never leave) this ‘hood because it’s pretty awesome. Friendly people, great food, world famous beaches – what’s not to like? However, if there is one complaint we hear more often than others, it would have to be about the dumped rubbish that litters the kerbsides and streets. These piles […]

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Sexercise – The Alternative Workout

It’s not easy losing weight; a strict diet and exercise regime is needed. For those who would rather stay home than work out at the gym, there is a better alternative. Some years ago researchers from the University of Quebec conducted a study that reached the conclusion that having sex should be considered a significant […]

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So This is Christmas…

It wouldn’t be a December issue without a Christmas article. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s the one day of the year we all look forward to, right? Expectation and anticipation are high. We’re meant to feel excited: excited to see loved ones; excited for the kids, Grandma, even the dog; excited about giving and […]

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The Unreliable Guide to… Cybercrime

The Unreliable Guide was recently targeted by some malicious emails claiming that the writer had hacked my email account, placed spyware on my computer and, unless a large sum of money was paid within 24 hours, they would send pictures of me wanking over porn sites to my entire contact list. The Unreliable Guide does […]

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The Greatest Eyesore of the East?

Is the Maroubra Seals (Sports and Community Club) the greatest eyesore in the Eastern Beaches? It appears as an appalling monolith from all perspectives – the east, west, south and north. It gets my vote and I reckon thousands of other residents and visitors to our glorious coastline would agree. Other truly horrible buildings of […]

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