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Letters to the Editor – February 2018

A Jolly Good Read Dear Sir or Madam – That Beast’s a good read isn’t it? No, really. The arc of British history drawn from the life and times of Mr Noel Gallagher – you gotta larff. Who needs that Churchill geezer? As far as ‘multitasking’ goes (Multitasking – Fact, Fiction or Foe?, The Beast, […]

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Twenty-Four Marvellous Hours in Mudgee

A large number of regional NSW towns are renowned for their iconic symbols and achievements. Coffs Harbour is famous for its oversized banana, Ballina has a massive prawn, Broken Hill has a large ant, Tamworth is home to a gigantic guitar, Spike Milligan put Woy Woy – “the world’s only above-ground cemetery” – on the […]

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What Happens in a Sex Therapy Session?

As a sex therapist I am often asked what actually happens in a sex therapy session. Sex therapy is a counselling experience where the client has identified their problem as a sexual one. Unlike other types of counselling, sex therapy focuses on human sexuality and intimacy; facets of our lives that are often difficult to […]

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Have We Won the War on Waste?

Have we won the war on waste? Not yet, but there’s been a flurry of positive action since the ABC’s recent TV series War on Waste hit our screens six months ago. With over 3.7 million viewers, the three-part series (plus number four recently) has shone a light on the stuff we consume and throw […]

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There’s nothing like a hot, sunny Sunday to draw a crowd to the beach. Bondi, at its best, has been known to host thousands of beachgoers at any one time, especially over Christmas and New Year’s. To the unsuspecting visitor who’s decided to pack the car and head in for a bit of cool relief, […]

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The Unreliable Guide To… Summer festivals

Regardless of your age or musical tastes, there will be a festival this summer that tempts you. Whether it’s jazz in the Botanical Gardens, or hardcore trance in a secret forest location west of Byron, there will be some demented soul in your acquaintance who will persuade you to forget all your usual comforts and […]

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The Beast’s Monthly Mailbag – January 2018

Kate’s Great Congratulations on your excellent cover story on Kate McClymont in the December 2017 edition of The Beast. Kate is a truly inspirational investigative journalist who has done so much to expose serious political and corporate corruption in New South Wales, often at great risk to her career and personal safety. Great to see […]

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Thumbs – January 2018

Thumbs Up Lachy Lam Watching a kid who you’ve known since he was ten years old play so well and have so much fun in his international debut is hard to beat. North Randwick The best suburb for slightly overweight middle-aged white males that work for banks and hate their lives. Marriage Equality It’s good […]

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“Even If I Die, Don’t Cut the Shot…”

A death-defying motorbike leap off an 80 foot cliff near Lurline Bay, as told by Stone Director Sandy Harbutt. 1974. It’s a sunny November morning and hundreds gather on the cliffs surrounding Lurline Bay. A timber ramp points precariously over a rocky precipice. Waves slap against the rocks 80 feet below. Peter Armstrong, career stuntman, […]

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The Beast’s Monthly Mailbag – December 2017

BONDI PAVILION: PRAGMATISM AND COMMUNITY A great opportunity now exists for a practical physical upgrade of Bondi Pavilion, incorporating top-shelf digital technology. It is with a great sense of relief that the totally impractical vision of the $42million+ upgrade, which ignored its beach location and weather dependency – not to mention its potential unavailability to […]

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