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April 2017 Thumbs

UP THE MIGHTY RATPACK – One of history’s greatest sporting fairy tales played out in early March when the Ratpack won the Easts Touch Division 1 premiership. APRIL FOOLS – The first day of April is always a great time to take advantage of friends who’ve momentarily forgotten the date. Don’t miss out on the […]

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Local Chick – Kylene Lovat from Coogee

Coogee resident Kylene Lovat is the brains and brawn behind Smashcakes, those deliciously festive desserts that one must take a hammer to before consuming. She shares her local favourites with The Beast… How long have you lived here? I’ve been in the Eastern Suburbs for 15 years, the past 13 in Coogee and the two […]

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Dog for Adoption – Beau

Beau Age 8 years Sex Male Breed Staffy x Daly Weight 20kg Beau has great social skills and is comfortable around small and large dogs. He has a very affectionate and friendly nature towards people, and is great with children and toddlers. He is calm when no one is around, yet he can also cope […]

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A Look Into Fashion’s Crystal Ball

We’ll soon see what has inspired designers for 2017 as fashion weeks around the globe begin this month, shaping the way we dress in the seasons to come. Before the onslaught of autumn/winter fashion, here are a few trends happening right now, taking inspiration from three decades — the 70s, 80s and 90s… Exaggerated shoulders […]

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In this, the second part of our Solomon Islands travel extravaganza, I take a look at the Islands’ incredible war history as well why Fatboys is the place to stay in Gizo. As you all would’ve discovered when you read my much-loved column last month, the Solomon Islands is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, […]

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One of my clients, a young woman aged nineteen, had been questioning her sexual orientation since she was a teenager. She had been attracted to girls since she was at high school, but had had sex with both girls and boys. She now believed she preferred girls. Her question to me was how could she […]

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The Unreliable Guide To… Restaurants

Getting a good table in a busy restaurant is a really important life skill. Believe me. Nothing is worse on a hot date than being refused entry to the fancy eatery of your choice. Actually, the only thing that might be worse is being allowed inside the hallowed portals, but being given the worst table […]

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Do for adoption – Pearl

Age 10 Years Sex Male Breed Silky x Weight 4kg Pearl is a shy girl who needs gentle slow hand movements. She is sweet, and affectionate, but she needs to know you are not going to hurt her. She is social with other dogs, but people are most important to her. She does not want […]

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Can you believe it is ten years since the world stopped and switched off their lights and other electrical appliances for one whole hour for the first time as part of the inaugural Earth Hour event? And did you know that Earth Hour is still happening on an annual basis? Probably not – the hype […]

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Letters March 2017

URBAN TASKFORCE A BIT TOO 1984 Who are the Urban Taskforce and what exactly do they stand for? They sound like some Cold War covert organisation and they seem to get more exposure than is warranted for their opinions, when clearly they are nothing more than a dictatorial lobby group for big developers with one […]

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