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The Winter Blues

The end of autumn brings about mixed feelings for me. As a keen surfer, there is a definite upside; it means fewer people in the water and therefore less competition for waves, which are considered to be of superior quality at this time of year. The downside? It’s time to dust off the steamer and […]

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The Unreliable Guide To… TripAdvisor (and all other online review sites)

The Unreliable Guide has mixed feelings about review sites. We all tend to believe word-of- mouth recommendations and this is a weakness. These sites give the impression that they are providing unbiased, truthful reviews written by people just like you. But can we really believe that? Is ‘Terri from Malabar’ a real person, or is […]

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When to Read The Beast

The Beast is the premier publication in the English-speaking world. Its award-winning contributors lavish upon their readers a monthly gift of fantastic photos, carefully crafted features, thoroughly researched investigative articles, side-splitting humour, soul-inspiring astrology and flippant, irresponsible satire. But in today’s fast-paced, time-poor world, who has time to read? Despair no more, for this month […]

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The Beast’s Monthly Mailbag – June 2018

Local Councils 101 – An Introduction Local councils, love them or hate them, are here to stay. Over the years I have been reading the various letters in The Beast, many of which seem to be against the local councils, whether it be Randwick, Waverley or Woollahra, and what they are doing or have done. […]

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Star Signs – May 2018

Taurus Apr 21-May 21 Putting on a fancy outfit and going to the races does not make you a celebrity… until you have your first line of coke. Gemini May 22-Jun 21 The only way you’re going to be able to afford to live in the Eastern Suburbs is by gambling at least 50% of […]

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The Hilly Streets of San Francisco

“I left my heart in San Francisco…” I always wondered what these profound words from crooner Tony Bennett meant when he sung the famous song of the same name. I imagined it was a heart-wrenching, romantic song of love found and lost in this famous city. But now that I’ve been there for the first […]

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You Don’t Need a Cape to be a Hero

Heroes don’t always wear capes. They’re usually among us, doing their bit to make this world a better place – you’re probably one of them! This month we celebrate the unsung heroes in our local area who are making positive changes to help look after this awesome place we get to call home (or our […]

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When Sexual Desire Fades Away

Some months ago I saw a client who was quite distressed. He was 35 years old and in a relationship with his current girlfriend of around two years. Most of his previous relationships had only lasted between a few months and a year. His initial sexual attraction towards his girlfriends was usually very strong but […]

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What Is Love?

A friend of mine introduced me to his new girlfriend at a recent social engagement. He was nervous and, due to the short period of time this new relationship had been deemed a romantic one, I suspect he felt a little uncomfortable in actually referring to her as his ‘girlfriend’. In an effort to ease […]

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The Unreliable Guide to… Drunken Internet Shopping

The Unreliable Guide has been getting drunk and going shopping. I don’t mean wandering round Westfield after a boozy lunch, but at home in front of the computer after a few beers. I’ve bought so much stuff lately that I know our postman by name (Hi David!). But I’m not alone in this. In Australia […]

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