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Costa Georgiadis – The Greek God Of Gardening

By Dan Hutton on April 25, 2012 in People

Photo: Andrew Goldie

During the month The Beast caught up with gardening guru, compost king and hirsute host of Gardening Australia, Costa Georgiadis…

Where are you originally from?

I was born in St Margaret’s Hospital on Crown Street here in Sydney. I grew up in North Bondi and I pretty much lived there all my life. I went and studied landscape architecture at UNSW after school and then I worked for about 12 months and saved up my money, because my goal was to travel the world. So I hit the road to Europe and I ended up living there for three years and then for the next few years I came back here in December, just before Christmas, I stayed here till the end of Feb and then went back to Europe and worked from late Feb, once winter was lifting, through till December. I had about three or four years without a winter, which was kind of cool. And I was probably away for six or seven years.

Being a second-generation Australian of Greek heritage, had you been over to Greece before as a kid?

Yeah, as a 15 year old my parents put me into this Greece trip for Greek Australian kids to go over and see Greece. I went over there for about eight weeks and I realised when I was over there that I could speak Greek. I was with other friends from here in Sydney – same sort of thing, second-generation kids – who couldn’t speak Greek. I was ringing up their relatives and saying, “Theo’s here, he wants to come and meet you” and I’d go there and I was the interpreter. I’ll never forget it. I came home and I said to my parents, “Thank you for making me learn Greek” because it was hard back then. When I was a kid in primary school having to go to wog school, I was getting paid out heavily. After school you’re supposed to be going out playing with your friends but I had to walk the gauntlet down the street with kids yelling, “Oh, you’re going to wog school, you’re going to wog school.”

Did your folks speak any Greek at home?

We spoke it with my grandparents and we spoke it with certain aunts and relatives, but day to day for me and my sister we spoke English and then Greek where required.

Where are you living these days?

At the moment I’m back at home with my dad, living in my family home where I grew up in North Bondi.

What do you love about living in the Eastern Suburbs?

I think what I love most about the Eastern Suburbs is just the sheer diversity of people. Everywhere you go it’s just a mix. And above that I reckon the biggest privilege of living around here is that you’ve got world class beaches that you can just roll up to on a work day. People in the rest of the world save up their holidays to go to the beach for a week and I can work all day and fumble down to Bondi or Bronte for a swim on dusk. I get out and I feel like I’ve been on a holiday and I’m right in the heart of the city.

Is there anything you don’t like?

What gets my goat is the way that the whole real estate reality has just blown into such a bubble that people are running around and they miss what’s actually here. The real estate’s on the surface, the landscape is what we need to appreciate. People are so busy running around to support a paper stack that they forget what they’ve actually got, and on a world scale it doesn’t get much better. I reckon we’re bloody lucky here.

How did you become a gardener, because I thought a Greek garden involved backing up a cement truck and letting rip?

Yeah, with a bit of green paint and lots of pots on top. I tell you, my childhood has seen many hours spent observing such gardens and also seeing the other extreme with the full blown, crazy Greek jungles. It’s funny because the more I get asked questions like this the more I remember these gardens of my childhood. Everywhere I’d go as a kid, people recognised plants, and they were constantly snapping things off and saying, “Take some of this,” or “Here, take a pot of that.” They really valued living things. I can’t tell you how many gardens I trundled through as a kid. I’d be standing there seeing my grandfather giving people this, giving them that, showing them what to do with the manure and how to paint some lime on to the trunk of a lemon tree. So yeah, that’s where it all started.

Tell us about the project you’ve got going on in your street?

The project is pretty much based on the fact that I go around the country telling people they’ve got to do things locally and that can deal with the big problems. So I thought if I’m banging on around the country trying to inspire people and telling them that this is what they’ve got to do, I thought, hold the phone buddy, why don’t you walk the walk in your own community? So I said okay, I’m going to turn my verge into a community garden and then it can be a model and inspire the street and slowly little satellite verges will hopefully pop up until we fill the whole street and turn it into a living, breathing, edible flower, veggie and fruit garden.

Were council happy to get on board?

Council have been really supportive and they love it because council want community and the best vehicles of community are the people within it. And the best part about the garden is that as people watch it grow they are freaking out. They cannot believe that in six weeks I could literally harvest a whole laundry tub full of mixed salad greens that could feed half the street. If we can roll this out and inspire people to use that space, council doesn’t have to have a gang of people mowing grass wastelands and spraying them with chemicals.

How would you recommend other people in the Eastern Suburbs go about making their own verge garden?

The simplest thing you can do regarding your own verge is to simply get on the council website and fill out a verge application. Just tell them what you want to do, start small and then talk to some other people and get them to help you. Just get going and then watch what it does. People will stop and you will suddenly realise how many people are walking up and down your street. They will stop and they’ll go: “What are you doing? Oh, that’s fantastic. Oh, I think I might do it myself.” So you will actually become a role model.

Do you have any other equally consuming passions as gardening?

Yeah, there are probably two that you mightn’t know about. Firstly, I referee rugby – a lot of young people’s rugby, schools and under 19s, under 20s. I just love it. I love the running around; it keeps me fit. I know an incredible number of people around the area just because I’ve been reffing them since they were kids and it’s a really nice thing. For me my rugby refereeing is meditation. I turn up and for that 70 or 80 minutes the world is turned off and all I’m focused on is what’s happening on the field. I find it incredibly relaxing. The other passion is the band that I’ve had with some friends from school, since school, and we do an annual gig called Beardstock. We do it down at the North Bondi RSL and we’ve done about 12 of them. It’s a crazy funk, disco, rock, cabaret catharsis that does everything from Prince, Chili Peppers, Hot Chocolate, James Brown, Cameo – all sorts of mad covers. What I love about it is we’re not doing it to pay the rent. We do it as a once a year gig and just turn the place upside down. It’s just crazy.

What’s the band called?

The More Please Orchestra.

What do you play?

My role is the quiet, unassuming, reserved person that stands at the front, and some may say sing, yodel, yell, squeal, jump up and down and play a little bit of sax on the side. When I pan the river of my life the gold chunks will be some of the More Please gigs.

How did your show, ‘Costa’s Garden Odyssey’, come about?

My good mate from school Sean Kennedy and I, when I went off and did landscape architecture he was studying film and doco making. For years we’d been talking about doing something but he was busy doing his docos and I was off here, there and everywhere. Strangely enough, a phone call came from a friend of ours who had been in TV, another Bondi girl, Dianne Smith, and she rang up and said, “I know that there’s a production company looking for someone to be on a lifestyle garden show, will I give them your number?” And I said, “Oh, yeah, why not, we’ll have a crack.” They rang me up, sent a camera crew around to film me working on this job where I was harvesting water and they shot some stuff and said, “Yep, that’s good, we’ll call you.” About 14 months later the production company rang me up and said SBS were interested, so we went in, had a chat with the production company, then we made a sizzle reel and pitched the show and the rest was history.

And so how many episodes of Odyssey did you do?

We did 25.

Is that on hold now that you’ve started with Gardening Australia on ABC?

Yeah, but odysseys never end and I left SBS as comfortably and as amicably as the day I began. I loved it there. They just weren’t in a position at this time to continue but I’m forever indebted to SBS because they backed me. I mean who would have backed a talking scarecrow, garden gnome, half man, half hedge? None of the other stations would have ever gone near me.

Do you realise that you’re only the third host of ‘Gardening Australia’ in 23 years?

Yeah, that’s pretty freaky, isn’t it.

How did you score that gig?

It was a knock on the door. The ABC came and tapped on the door and said, “We’re looking for change,” and I said, “Well if you’re up for change I’ll bring it.”

What can we expect from the show?

I really want to drive the importance that for everything we do we’ve got to ask one simple question: is my action building and supporting life or is my action supporting death? Am I eating food that’s going to make me more alive or am I eating processed dead food that’s been transported across the world using a lot of energy and then been infused with all sorts of chemicals to preserve it so that it supports an industry that’s very destructive? I really want health to be a big part of the show. Health of environment, health of ecosystems, support of nature’s systems, use of nature’s systems to regenerate her. That immediately alienates some people because they’re saying, “This is meant to be a gardening show.” My answer to that is that the whole world’s a garden and if we don’t look after that garden you’re not going to have your little garden to play with your plants because we’re messing with the joint.

When’s it on?

It’s on Saturdays at 6:30pm and repeated on Sundays at 1:00pm.

Did you ever dream you’d be hosting a television show?

I remember dreaming when I was in about second class that I wanted to be a scientist that took the venom out of snakes, which is very strange. And there was probably a time when I thought I’d love to be able to deliver a project that put all of these truthful ideas out there. So yes, that would have been a dream.

International Compost Awareness Week is coming up in May (May 7-12); can you tell us a bit about your involvement?

I’m an ambassador for International Compost Awareness Week and I’m hosting the Compost Ball. I’m also involved with a series of demonstrations down at the Bondi Farmers Market on the Saturday of that week. During the week the whole three council initiative (Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra Councils) are inspiring and encouraging people to do compost initiatives in their neighbourhoods. They’ll be holding workshops, getting specialists in, giving away worm farms and compost bins, creating some compost, and just generally acting on it locally. You can find out more about International Compost Awareness Week at www.compostweek.com.au or for more local events you can go to www.reduceyourfootprint.com.au.

How self sustaining are you in terms of your food consumption and waste output?

I’m really conscious of my waste output and I’m constantly doing as many little things as possible – always saying no to plastic bags, buying bulk supplies of simple things like nuts and muesli to minimise packaging, going to co ops and taking my own jars, buying from the local growers market where I can meet the grower. I cherish trying to not put the garbage bin out. I work in reverse. If I can go three weeks without putting the garage bin out that’s a victory.

And you have four chickens, don’t you?

Yep, and I just got offered a fifth. I think six or seven will eventually do because I’m now getting a lot of people bringing their scraps around to me. I’m not only composting it but giving it to the chooks too. What I love about my chooks is that they are fertility makers. The eggs are a bonus but their key mission statement is turning waste or scraps into fertility and the fertility fuels the produce and the produce fuels me.

Are they producing many eggs?

Yeah, out of the four girls I average two to three eggs a day. So that’s pretty much two dozen eggs a week, which is heaps.

What do you do with your excess?

Well, between Dad and I, we don’t eat two-dozen eggs a week. I could if I made more omelettes. But what I do is I put a little six-pack out once a week and people who put their scraps in to feed the chooks get to take them. So then the kids get to realise that their scraps have been turned into eggs and that’s cool.

And do, the chooks have names?

The two eldest are Henrietta and Thelma. My younger charge, who comes out with me everywhere on courses and so on, is Kinky, and then the fourth one was a recent arrival, a sick one, who I nursed back into health and it’s yet to be named.

Can you give The Beast readers a couple of quick tips to help them become more sustainable through gardening?

First point, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got six small pots, six square meters or 60 square metres, you can provide health changing nourishment for your body and soul by growing your own simple salad greens that are pretty much bullet proof. Don’t go for tomatoes straight away, just go with the salad greens. Secondly, look inside your bin then have a look in the mirror. You might get a bit of a shock at just what you throw out and the only person that can change that is you. Carry a plastic bag around with you all day and put everything that you’re going to put into a bin into that plastic bag and see what you’ve got at the end of the day. Remove the food scraps out of your waste stream and either start a composting system or find a neighbour who is into composting and take the scraps to them or your local community garden. Finally, take responsibility for everything that you put in your mouth. Eliminate preservatives and chemically produced food from your mouth. Think of yourself as your own personal border control and stop chemicals from going into your body by growing your own, buying from a growers market or reading labels.

Tell me about your beard; how long have you had it for?

The beard celebrated its 20th year in November. So it’s been 20 years since I’ve owned a razor and I love it.

Will it ever go?

What do they say in that Bond film? Never say never!

For the right cause it might?

A few people have asked me and I was at one school fundraising thing and they said, “Will you chop it for $500?” I said, “Mate, I wouldn’t even soap the brush for $500.”

Why did the beard first come about? Is your old man bearded?

No, he’s never had a beard. He never even has stubble. The first time I grew it was when my girlfriend at the time went overseas. I had these big lamb chops when I was at uni and I decided to go for the big link up. I closed it up and the beard grew and then she came back from overseas and foolishly I shaved it off. Then a couple of years later I grew it again. I was in Egypt at the time, we were cruising up the Nile and at about 2am on the final night on this cruise I got crook as. I was crook for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t be bothered shaving. I love not having to shave. I love that I can wake up in the morning and that’s it. I don’t have to fuss and manicure and pamper around. I just get up and go.

Do you have a career highlight thus far?

Probably the opportunity to go into Yirrkala in Arnhem Land and to be welcomed by the local rangers and to feel a true welcome to country that rattles your very cage. That’s two years ago now and it’s still settling. It was amazing. The welcome itself bought me to tears. I would rate that as one of my biggest privileges.

Do you have any advice for youngsters looking to convince their parents to let them build a veggie garden?

Yeah. That’s a good question. Just tell them that I said we have to start yesterday.

In an ideal world what does the future hold for Costa Georgiadis?

I want to continue to inspire people to put food and nutrition as the priority in their life, to let go of the consumption and the accumulation and just go for the simple here and now importance of taking note of everything they put in their body, building up an internal composting system that takes every bit of mineral out of their food and fuels a state of health and state of mind that gives them the opportunity to have visions, dreams and the capacity to achieve them.


  1. I enjoy watching ABC’s Gardening TV show and I agree that Costa is a good host. The only thing that prevents me from totally enjoying it is Costa’s too hairy & i feel itchy watching him because of it.. I think just like a garden hedge, he at least needs a “trim”!

    This is a comment and it’s not for anything else.

    Posted by: Tess Santos | April 23, 2013, 3:13 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
    • Hey Tess,
      Beard or not I reckon Costa is a great bloke with the absolute right intention. I would happily spend time learning from him and would wager you would too as his beard would become less relevant with communication. Which is the important bit.
      Cheers Pete

      Posted by: Pete Shanks | August 6, 2016, 7:47 PM |

      Reply to this comment >
  2. Just wanted to know why you grow your beard – it doesnt look clean or well tended? Just my curiosity…!

    Posted by: Janice Besterwitch | May 19, 2013, 1:30 AM |

    Reply to this comment >
  3. How do i get rid of fish bone fern please

    Posted by: Sharon Turner | July 21, 2013, 6:41 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  4. Hi there, i heard your comments re water saving and sustainability on ABC radio 702 recently. There were mistakes in the information given about water use in urban areas and it would be good if this was rectified again on the afternoon show. I am now retired but I was the Director of the NSW Salinity Strategy and I am a geologist so have some knowledge of this subject. It is OK to get water into the ground in some rural settings but not generally in urban areas. In rural areas the idea is to increase the organic content of the soil so it HOLDS more water and does not leak past the root zone thereby raising the water table. In urban areas there is already too much water leaking to the water table because of watering gardens, leaking pipes – rain is enough. Hence the water table tends to mound under urban development. Rubble drains, which were mentioned on the ABC as a good way of getting rid of tank overflows etc are VERY unwise in an urban setting and could result in damage to nearby buildings and homes. It was this very thing that caused the water table under Wagga Wagge to rise within a few inches of the surface of the town. In regional towns where there is generally a lack of good storm water management there has been a lot of building damage because of rising saline water tables. So although it might seem to be the right thing to add more water to the soil, near a house it can cause a lot of damage. Hope you can pass on this info to people who may have been listening to the ABC radio on Saturday. Many thanks

    Posted by: Charmaine Beckett | July 21, 2014, 7:29 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  5. Hi my name is damien Auksorius , I love costas ideas on sustainable living , not using plastic bags , growing your own vegetables , and not using chemicals , Costa is a man of many talents , keep up the great work costa

    Posted by: Damien peter Auksorius | October 19, 2014, 1:23 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  6. Last year I met Costa when he was in Dubbo, NSW. He came across as generous and passionate. Following on I have emailed Costa so that I can invite him to a very important event taking place in May 2015…so if you have a phone number for him could you please email me with that information.

    Posted by: Suzie Gratton | November 3, 2014, 5:15 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  7. Love all Costa’s gardening session and would simply love to have him give a couple of pensioners some tips on how to manage and get our garden and yard healthy in growth. Must say i am not fond of the beard or long hair but as a host and garden guru he is amazing.

    Posted by: Debra Coates | February 5, 2015, 5:12 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  8. A little truth about Costa Georgiadis
    and how this identity litrally emerged overnight projected as a God;
    the efforts he, his father Stan and I have made to date to correct things that have
    been put out there as untrue and how our lives have
    been constantly under threat in the effort.
    “Tell them we love one another” he says. I don’t think that will do I added.
    It’s all gotten out of hand and it is directly related to and fueling the fight
    between good and evil that appears to have gotten so far out of hand now
    that there have been attempts on both my life and his fathers in order to uphold
    a public untruth.

    Posted by: Martha Papamichael | June 3, 2015, 6:11 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  9. I have known Costa Georgiadis for 35 years now. He his father and I have had over half dozen meetings together at their home to try to find solution to the escalated problem refered to as fight between good and evil that portion of which started from his insecurity years ago and is directly related and associated to all the grafitti. beards, stalking, cyberbullying and motorbikes”.
    “Your complete” he said with a little dissapointment or maybe a little envy on the first day we met- meaning something like what my couzin Andrea always said “youve got all the gifts” Mm but Ive got the money she would then add cheerfully.
    “Tell them we love one another “Costa says thinking that that should do it at a meeting recently. I dont think that will do I said you just have to stop your giving them the wrong idea and one claise of the work condition was they werent to do any charities for 2 weeks after the works till I got muself into the right place and settled for the balance. Contrary to this agreement I found that he had secretly commenced them immediately and I found others involvement pushing him to do it in over a hundred cases. When I showed this to his father we were both horrified and explained why I had seen over Its gone too far its like an attepted take over. But Ive told them he says Im not party to it any more. I told him I had sent the letter that was written by him and his father appologizing for what they had started half way through the works at their Bondi home where I had been employed to decorate and balance their home. Their were serious conditions in place to ensure he didnt do it again but these were not followed they were taken advantage of. “were in trouble he says ” we need your help. And at the same time do what you need to retrieve the rest of your energies . I agreed and then we started but within a week or so some 20 or so adds went out in all areas of media even fashion and bridal magazines areasspecific to me using my light. which encouraged others to join in. I sent it to the commissioners office of police nsw after repeated life threats continued. He wasnt surprised, I want them to stop it as much ss you do he said but it was clear he had little control over it.
    He had done something really bad years ago stripping me of my energies a massive assault that left me almost unconscious just weeks my move back to my life in Point Piper. Within a day it snowballed. a neighbour single mother approached me to say I work in numbers and your gifts are for all of us. Alarms went off within me and I took off to report it to Maroubrs police.The seniour officer said it was very serious and sensitive and had to be handled correctly. A convoy of three vehicles escorted me back to the property to address the woman and the seniour officer gave me absolutely strict instructions not to go to anyone else but him st the first sign of any repeat. The very next day another assault on the property by the same woman and a friend in Costas presence hardly dissapproving. Three Police officers attended they spent 20 minutes laughing down stairs as friends. When I asked for him at the station a week or so later I was told he had passed away in a slightly angry manner. I feel I have been fighting this alone with no help since then and Costa had been just as vulnerable. The names of those behind it have been forwarded to the authorities but nothing has been done but to continuously threaten and obstruct my position so that it looks to the whole that he is the active one with some over 1000 forced associations to date in departments including tagging me toin attempt to debilitate while they work his immage as mine. There cant be anything more redicoulous . Get the Fuc- ing house he says after 4 years in hotels persued continuously and pushed around like a hokey game. There are hundreds of incidents now only bits given to the authorities who appear to have the numbers but insufficient light perhaps to cover my position. Ive never worked so hard in my life dodging threats and assaults told I cant goto my family because theyre on their side which followed aserious incident where I was pretty much held at gun point while my family homes were targetted. Ive spent every moment Xmas easter day and night alone while they have been manipulating my darling just as much. He wouldnt have done it without the backing. Finally I told the commissioners office a new or renovated house specifically in that condition would end the fight but nothing was offered . My sister said they were in trouble after the phone calls they got and in a Greek Cypriot loving family where I know of nothing but food and kisses I found myself outside on the street “where not allowed to help you said my brother in law” what are you doing says Steve his mate “itwrre just not allowed he says my sister adding that they were being heavily overridden and I knew but I reported it all thats been done is police have intercepted me on every move just prior to getting the shop on 2 occassioncs , various houses and Ive been followed in to each shop by someone in an attempt to manipulate the circumstances in more times than not the shop has been targetted there after. Early in the peace I sort advice from keading solicitors in Melb and Sydney , both immediately said we cant do anything here you have to go straight to the commissioner of police . I approached their office twice to get an appointment and was told He diesnt see just anyone. what else have I done to stop it? I left a letter ther saying in no short terms I Want It To Stop. He wasnt fully aware but afew in that office are . It feels as though I have been put into some sort of rediculous challenge were there is none with him since as his name is called out several times a day when Im out and about as if he is party to it but I know he is not. I have to get it out somehow Im sorry its abit raw and rushesed but I wont let this go any further. A After sexual assault followed a rape then this level of persuit allowing no man no family or anyone to give or exchange love with in effort to attempt the drain of our world and make unchallenged an immage of Christ as him costa which he is not. Thats my pisition in the union and Ive told hin some 3-4 times he cant have it. Whats it going to take here? leave us alone and get on with your own lives.
    II have deen pushed into one option of place as nothing has been made availabe to me for years and have soent up to 10 hours a day restoring concrete, flooring plasters someting etc Lets see what youve got now says the cult leader who I have had 2 run ins with while he has asserted its his terf . No mate its not yours. Back off !
    Some 5 years ago I went into the station at waverly court and reported what they were doing and offered thanks to the commissioners office for being wise enough to remove my details making it innaccessible while some were trying to build up a false file image and identity whilst each opportunity gave them a chance at me “we got her” Ive heard so many times it makes me sick. The last thing that occured after the assaults in Coogee within days a new tennant came in whom I had never met and overnight destroyed and threw out some 6-8 pieces of my hand made furniture paintings and prints then some from across the road in housing joint with the agent to push both myself and the other tenants out and double the rent.Ten books wouldnt cover it . Thats enough
    If there is any need for proof of

    Look mate his father says not long ago at their home,you better fix this or she’ll dob you in.
    Both his father and I were being affected terribly by the numbers that jumped in to join him in what can only be refered to as theft of identity. I asked him why he did it at a meeting at the Hyatt about a year ago. ‘”Im a young soul , and I was hungry for spirituality”.
    he said. He is not a God, its quite the opposite but I love him just the same.
    Its gone way out of hand ,lives have been lost taken as a sign oft truth needs to be spoken.

    Posted by: Martha Papamichael | June 16, 2015, 8:57 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  10. It is significant to note the last communication with Costa Georgiadis some 5 weeks ago over the phone relating to the previous notes posted.
    I think Ive managed to separate myself I said to him. His immediate response was “Not yet! Not untill were all through” Upon that I ended the call. I will not carry every one through. . it is not my roll nor am I conscious of any such arrangement.
    Prior to my mothers passing I had been approached and told in no short terms that if I wasnt happy with the cult leader who admitted and told me directly that I was dealing with him in all these situations that they would begin a process of elimination of women.
    This has nothing to do with truth its all about an egotistical body who in my opinion has been building his power of corruption
    by breaking in and overiding peples identity in an unseen process most cant see. For a redicoulous Im number one outcome that requires emotional addressing. I approached them after the very first incident and ssked them to back off but they did not.
    The person directly responsible for influence on Costa and all incidents including loss of life was approached by me at his home and asked to stop . His response was “Im allowed, they are available” The methods used here are not spiritually permitted at all.
    I visited their establishment on various occassions to let them know I was aware and awake to their methods to stop it. The only reasonable remark offered by a facilitator there was ” we need you” , ” We need some help here”. And while that is clearly evident they are to respect general laws as everyone else. No lives are to be taken and if they require spiritual guidance or help then have the decency to employ me and pay me for my services. They are not available for the taking or theft. Ive had enough of it.
    Of all our women australian who have been manipulated out of jobs while the cult has deliberately imposed influences in certain departments to allow too many foreigners in as effort to unbalance the state well I can tell you it would take afew weeks to put the balance back with some order. A small fully renovated terrace in around albert park/ south melb is required to sort this situation out must be held privately.
    I also need a purchaser for a 2006 porsch boxter and have handed in my licence to lessen the damages to the whole.
    Your not doing anything with your gifts he said to me justifying the actions made to date by them in taking my path over to do what is my purpose here to do. The gifts I came in with are earned fair and square through hard work. If that inspires you then do the work and you will reap the rewards. No evil will stand in my way from this day foth and no women will be hurt in effort that man project himself as strong. Your perception of strong is distorted . Yes I respect your part and position please respect mine. its over!

    Posted by: martha papamichael | June 16, 2015, 10:25 PM |

    Reply to this comment >
  11. marthapapamichael1.simplesite.com. It reads as papamichael then 1. This is now necessary after:

    -5 new computers and iphones destroyed within 2 years containing all the evidence and my business documentation.
    -The word “unskilled” was found typed beside my name in the gov system.
    -“Don’t you get it, this is where we want you” said an employee there after my findings. We had it cleared but then they kept putting it back in.
    -My darling Costa was picked up and taken out of my hands like a peanut while we were in relationship and I stood there in the biggest challenge of my life presented with “what are you going to do now” says another entity.
    We were both targeted at the same time.

    – I was told “You have to play the game”
    I told the person “There is no game when one knows what your up to”, “You still have to play” he added.

    -A detective brought the problem to my address when she came to give me a warning of what they might do.

    – When my mother asked me to come back home to Melbnourne and look after them I said “I would be happy to”. She said the carer that came in from council weekly would have to stop coming and you will have to take over and do it. I agreed.
    I left within a a few dayswas concerned of the enormous following of my person and any possible detrimental side effect by the deliberate and harmful association of my innocent name in amongst the wrong groupings.
    – Within a week or so my mother’s life was taken and $400 was held tightly in one fist when she was found as a message to me so that I would know how it was done.

    – I managed to survive up to recently and purchased an apartment around the corner from my previous couture connections in South Yarra. The day I was about to sign the lease on the shop next to my supplyer a letter came from police to say they were going to suspend my licence. No car no business.
    The reason given that they thought I may have been negligent in my driving prior to the accident months back.
    * On the day of the accident I left for Sydney in one last effort to make the report to the commissioner regarding myself.
    I intended to tell him that over 40 of my energies (power)were stripped from me in my previous visit to his office,. The person who did it was seated at the front desk weighing some 4-500 pounds. Within days I was burdened with his energies and could barely move.When I managed to get back there to tell him what happened “Tso take us to court” he said. “There won’t be any court” I added and left..
    Within the first lunch stop outside of Melbourne on this planned trip 2 female police officers approached me and gave me the battering of my life. When I asked their reason for approaching me “It was you who rang today and said…” My response was “I have not made any calls today. They left then returned a second time. I recovered had lunch and continued.
    Within an hour the accident was waiting for me with a tractor on the side of a narrow tree lined strip off the highway and a council vehicle parked negligently in the CENTRE of the left lane just inside the line as stationary. The men were nowhere to be seen. I survived but was prevented from getting all my belongings particularly the ipad that had the evidence of countless incidents as proof of other incidents.
    My phone was destroyed but was not offered a phone to call my family.
    A couple directly behind me thanked me for saving their lives “If you didn’t collect it we sure would have” said the lady ” “She was driving safely” says the partner to the officer present.” “Can I please use your phone to call my family” he agreed. I rang 000 and spoke in Greek as though to my parents and asked the fellow to repeat my innocence Yes that’s right he says. Receipt # was given.
    The worst situation was that for weeks my insurer couldn’t recover my vehicle to inspect it nor to allow me to get my things- namely the ipad.

    My vehicle was not being released and the holding station chosen by the officer was dictating to the insurer. I was paid out full market value with the insurer without seeing the vehicle.By my persistence when it arrived at the inspection station it was unrecognisable. It had been smashed around on the other undamaged side and a great many of the parts had been removed and jam packed inside what was left of a vehicle.
    The holding station also a panel beater. I offered to cover every expense to transport the vehicle myself to the insurer with no success.
    I was deterred from taking the shop soon after in effort to prove my correct professional position.
    My fabric couture supplyer was next door and closed down within a week after 20 years.

    The same occurred with my supplier of herbs on Toorak road. “Don’t give it to her” a young man yells out.
    Some months before in a health food store the same thing occurred. adding “don’t give it to he the gifts are ours”

    I managed to survive until the recently threat to suspend my license after a 35 year perfect record.

    Within days another letter from police and within a week or so prior to another shop another letter this time from a sheriff’s office reminding me of a fine almost $800 each with no grounds.
    I handed in the licence to protect my perfect record after I was approached and told not long before “Thankyou for driving safely, you have a perfect record.”

    This has been going on for years.I have managed to survive it until the recent letters and fines from police fining me for the incident which I was paid out in full and suspected that they were using the one incidence to place me amongst heavy innapropriate groupings.

    In Doncaster when I came from Sydney I booked into a hotel up the road as it was really late.
    “We only have the bridal suite ” says the receptionist. I took it and went straight up for a shower.
    When I got out the air con was broken and I went down and asked for a small heater if they had one. The lady appeared angry that I asked for such a thing but I was cold. She said they didn’t have any and I leaned forward to look behind the counter not believing her and there was one going within inches from her feet. She was clearly embarrassed. I walked off and went back to my room to go to bed. Within minutes there was heavy knocking on my door, really loud so I opened up. There stood 2 officers in blue. How can I help you I said. We want to talk to you says one. “What’s the reason” I asked . He didn’t answer. “Get dressed”
    he added. I had only just come out of the shower still wet with only a small towel wrapped around me. Ok I said and as I let go of the heavy door to dress myself he wedges his foot in the doorway in the most aggressive action knowing full well that the windows in this hotelare all locked and do not open. I was on the 2nd floor. Their station was directly opposite.
    His partner immediately reacted with”She’s high intelligence, I’m not going to be part of that” and he took off out of sight to the other end of the hallway.
    I was forced to strip and dress in front of him in the most humiliating situation of my entire life.
    and then behave politely as he plays the power position. The other officer added “But she hasn’t done anything wrong.” My energy was being compromised and he delaying the process with question after question writing a file on me while I was fully aware his ethics were in question; my right to freedom, privacy and security were being clearly invaded and the manner used unfriendly,intrusive and short of responsible.
    in approach. When he was done with all the questions he demanded I come into the station the next morning. I suddered thinking what else is he going to do. ”
    “I have my licence here I said let me show it to you”
    “No, come in to the office tomorrow morning.” he added. It was clear the other officer had less ranking that this person but his judgement that was correct was not considered. The next morning I went in and offered the paperwork. He came around and stood beside me then waved his hand in the air toward the papaerwork “Don’t worry about that” I stood there concerned for my spiritual safety as he looked up above his haed and began a stripping of my energies/personal power. It’s all on camera . Lets all see it so we can see how some of them have been improving their positions and then advertising their upgrade publicly.
    That’s enough. They started doing this to me years ago then made their services time and support unavailable to me.
    This is not correct.You are not permitted by law to use the position of power to further improve your unnadressed issues or health by undermining the safety and privacy of an individual and their family to whom you are sworn in and paid regardless if Gov have not done right by he, you are not to use force or invade privacy of a person let alone an innocent woman.

    This is the first time I am giving one example as I have written to them knowing full well what they were doing but they have continued assuming I do not know. That’s enough.
    It is not that I am high intelligence, It is the fact that I am the highest in the union with Costa Georgiadis. It is a huge responsibility as many people read or are guided by those in higher spiritual position.
    Now that’s enough. Even after my mother’s life was taken you did not make your service or time available to me after I wrote to inform you that 2 guys waited outside our family home that afternoon as we were all shattered by our loss and as I came out of the house one man made cleargesture to me by face and gesticulation that he had scored a point.
    What they had done to my darling Costa they also did to my remaining three family members in the house to prevent me from staying lest they be hurt.
    I have been in hotels for years not by my own choice but their influence, obstructing my every move from getting publicly seen doing what I do whilst they have been promoting Costa ‘the beard’ by overpowering my person continuously by way of spiritual stalking. On 2 occasions they sliced clean through from the crown to my feet severing the rubber soles on my shoes to obstruct me from any work.

    Costa said “NO!” I may have wanted it initially he said but we are not part of it any more we want it to stop. I told a person at Bunnings as I was purchasing all the building materials what they were doing to me and Costa as he watched the program, and he came straight out and said ” Look you… I’m atheist” meaning you can’t have him because. Well he loves me and I love him.
    Over some years now with all this bullying a number complete straingers have approached me to say “We want love” When I planned 2 trips to far away secluded places to clear myself and ensure they get love, I was met almost immediately by police and aggressively moved along to ensure it was not carried out. It became clear that they didn’t mean they wanted affection but ME as LOVE itself for themselves. That you can’t have. If you want love all would receive more love by Costa and I coming together.
    After they picked him up like that they were the influence not him now let go of him!
    In the conditions work for his holiday house (which I was preparing as our possible future home) and he paid me for it, including the work for his fathers place the job steared more by him than his father they agreed not to bring anyone through the house throughout the sensitive works and agreed. We have always been so close with high mutual respect yet after the override immediately within days he brought ABC into the house then again and again to shoot then a dozen or so off the street for lunch. The photos of the work agreed by them not to be photographed was then placed on the internet and no effort made to remove it whilst they toured him round to spread these aggressive energies as unseen through all the schools to attempt a take over by them and attempt to secure a future of evil in power. I won’t allow it. It’s over.

    I am still able to produce one garment a day almost entirely by hand. These garments retailed for $5,000 per piece in the department store. Its not the fact of the price but the fact that I can produce an entire wardrobe for any individual and within a week or so, for either gender.

    ” We’re not the ones doing it,” says my sister before leaving for o/s, “we don’t have that kind of power.”

    I created the simplesite recently to set the record straight.

    Posted by: martha Papamichael | September 24, 2015, 6:30 PM |

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  12. OMG! a fantastic article man. Thanks for sharing it.

    Posted by: Danae | September 25, 2015, 4:59 AM |

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  13. […] thanks to the Greek God of Gardening, Costa Georgiadis, of ABC radio’s Gardening Australia for genuinely letting his gozleme go […]

    Posted by: Week 2 Wrap-Up! River City Labs Startup Accelerator | September 28, 2015, 1:08 AM |

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  14. Dear Sir
    Actually you are an excellent person in the world. You do marvelous job. You have great knowledge on community gardening. I am always search your article and web pages and improve community garden knowledge. I am from Sri Lanka, our country also have great demand on community garden. Sri Lanken government has been paid more attention to develop healthy food , organic food between community of Sri Lanka through community gardening program. So I also have been engage with that community garden program during last 11 years. So I would really like to join with your organization and do community garden activities and share my knowledge, skill and attitude with your organization. I am working Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka .

    Posted by: Theja | March 17, 2017, 7:09 PM |

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  15. I love Costa ….but ….he is not me.
    I am who l am.
    He is who he is.
    Only one of us can hold the light.
    There can’t be two twin souls with that role.

    As the whole country has been affected by this lie its time the true facts are brought into the open so that we can sort out the current issues.

    I hold one end of a world and he holds the opposite polar end.
    My spiritual contract is in light and his is Not!

    These things can not be interfered with but they have been – resulting in an escalation of violence and deaths to women due to the 5 year violent 24/7 persuit of my person and position by a Russian in a church cult who targeted me to get behind Costa to influence a false presentation and promotion of my skills gifts wisdom and abilities as Costas for sake of displaying them on their side.

    This direct obstruction of my position to be with family or partner or to work cook play design or guide has been used as a method to try and transfer my position/ my very soul plate to him.
    It’s one of the most dangerous crimes ever committed in the history of this nation.

    The immediate side effects have been very serious : with weather changes the most obvious , relationship disruptions to the whole, escalation of crime around the world and a very serious recession threat all because it has gone TOO FAR now and because of this one little lie.
    My responsibility goes further than this country.
    One side does the value of things up while the other is responsible for no value all free

    Our paths were to come together in our early 20s for world peace.
    His father had connections with airforce and police and the relationship was obstructed.

    It would not have affected the entire nation or the rest of the world as our associations were few but due to what was done by some in Government and some in Church after they came across my rare spiritual position they made it everyone’s business.

    A great deal of What’s been advertised on the media is not true of the current national circumstances.
    Things are serious and it has to stop now. The Russian responsible who interfered with the Olympics, our relationship with Russia to say the least of it has been reported but not addressed correctly.

    The church had been monitoring my position aspiring to it for quite some years.
    The moment they got an opportunity they tried to take it.

    The light dictates to the upper system with light contracts and the darkest dictates to those whose contracts are not with light.
    They came to me. I did not go to them.
    “We want the gifts” l told him he couldn’t have them.
    This is not an attempt to take the position of one high spiritual woman but an entire side.
    I Will Not let this go any further. It’s over.

    Posted by: Martha Papamichael | April 12, 2017, 5:00 PM |

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  16. Please return the two posts that were removed from this site.
    One was mine and the other was up towards the top where a female had written that she felt Costa was a fake.

    If you offer the post without prejudice or limit then offer it.

    This is a highly serious matter that l am documenting and since l have not been permitted (deterred) from making police reports it is appropriate right here to let people know what’s gone on regarding the illegal targeting and persuit of the ‘power of our twin soul union’.

    It was Hillsong that targeted us and were the only ones in a position to see, know and take advantage of our positions including the INNOCENT positions of some of the darker positions within our police force to carry in order to carry out the attempted theft of my identity which is likened was then likened to the spiritual identity of the country.
    The competitive Russian responsible told me after they manipulated my position into their establishment that they “work in numbers- as a team” but l observed continuously after that that the police were overpowered by him/them through the spiritual levels.

    The same Russian responsible for doing all that set me up and confronted me in Doncaster just to tell me “she’s the best they’ve got” referring to police psychics and continued ” what are you going to do now” before he demanded l give him every phone number of all my family homes.

    This same person was behind it when l was told “we work as a team” meaning police and Government within the lower system which was not the case.
    He then proceeded with the dangerous use of a false light speed position gained within that church from overpowering innocent powerful women for their spiritual gifts which l confirm he could see clearly and wanted.
    As soon as he realised he couldn’t quite get a hold of mine over to his side( the boys side and the dark side) a series of killing began as he desperately took out anyone and overpowered any channel for his purpose.
    Police have not been in any position to deal with it. Many sadly have been hurt.
    This is also how the manipulation of Mr Kaldas’s position came about that threatened their control of things.

    This is also how all the building projects and creative Victoria has come about using my extremely high and rare position, gifts and talents.
    Through an outrageous spiritual non stop bullying process of my person same style as the Lundy cafe incident with non stop expensive advertising and distortion and interference of facts through all media -only to mention only a fraction of it.

    Again these artistic gifts on the highest level including fashion, decorating and construction including building of interior and exterior with high spiritual evaluations for the safety of the whole belong to ME specifically!
    Costa has no such skills or talent to his side.
    “She raises entire areas!” Was voiced as soon as he discovered me.
    Shortly after he threatened to use his position to force a fight between myself and the Chinese who have been deliberately used to take many of our men and our land as part of their plan also all voiced to me prior.

    Costa may be my twin but we have lived as seperate souls for thousands of years.
    None of these artistic gifts and talents are his nor theirs.

    There are no such skills or talents on Costas side / on their side that includes all the youngest souls , the unskilled evil and the criminal. Thats the lower system.

    My family friends and files were all interfered with while l was forced around ” now we want you here, now you him now your poor” etc
    Hundreds have been killed and a recession threat to the country directly related after they threatened to take the money from the upper system. He advertised himself in full on a billboard “l run the money now and l don’t even know anything about it”

    The dangerous competitive Russian male whose has caused havock to our good police force made claim before me up front that he had power and influence over some of their positions which wasn’t true without the backing from the cult.
    He then proceeded to give me example after example of it using a dangerous position of light speed he aquired through targeting and overpowering women’s positions on the unseen levels available to me.

    ” your not going home” he started , then “now your old” “now your crippled” ” now your a police officer” ” we’ve got what we want now” “now you retire” ” now you commit suicide” are some of his approaches to me prior to putting them into action.

    I refused to document things for a long time till my recent correspondence to commissioner of nsw on how that church or cult can use their members and his early resignation may have taken place with concern for the country.

    I lived the organic lifestyle and started the organic craze not Costa.
    I was brought up with all home grown herbs fruit trees and vegetables of so many kinds not Costa.
    A lemon tree and a stem of turmeric was all that you could ever find amongst their palm and plant garden- his Mothers pride and joy.

    When she oassed for almost 2 years family and friends including me on occasion took over the cooking for his father and Costa as only his mother manned the kitchen as he had no idea and barely any interest. All of that is on my side also.
    It is l that cooks and embodies extreme passion for food worked with food and the industry occasionally.
    I asked Costa not long ago while l was fixing his home what had he ever cooked and he said he had cooked spaghetti a few times at the holiday house that’s it.

    The Russian has been placing and organising consecutive ads for Costa in all sorts of publications and media within chef groups etc etc as having my identity while the 24/7 persuit continued to strip my position and identity.

    This must now come to an end.

    Posted by: martha papamichael | April 21, 2017, 1:17 PM |

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  17. Some facts that everyone must know.

    Human beings come here for no other reason but to learn.
    We are all teachers to someone within the master plan.
    If everyone follows their path without stray we have complete peace.

    Some the majority, have spiritual ‘Light’ contracts.
    This means they are guided by light – by God.

    The remaining are not run by God.
    Their paths skills and gifts are just as important to the whole.
    Their spiritual contracts are not in light. They are run by
    the darkest amongst them within that lower system of learning
    within the country.

    That person has introduced themselves to me as
    within that role from Hillsong church and they know l have
    an understanding and healthy respect for their role.

    The work from both sides automatically balances out to produce
    the perfect balance for our world.

    Each person has free will and development options to gradually
    educate harmonise and develope their soul to whatever level
    they choose. It’s pre arranged within their contract.
    Everything you need is already available.

    Some positions can be earned over years but those that
    make significant changes to soul are earned over many
    many lifetimes.

    There is no such thing as one life only.

    In Australia the person with the highest spiritual calibre/ soul
    naturally guides those whose contracts are in light.
    and is done automatically through the oldest soul who guides
    the upper system.
    That person is me.
    My position is independent and has nothing to do with the churches.

    This person holds the highest wisdom and skills across the board
    specific to their souls achievements.
    In my unique case it is in the area of wisdom, fashion ( highest end bridal,
    grooms tailoring, day evening wear etc all to your personal essence)
    decorating, styling of everything, Personal and business presentations,
    natural healing and advisory.

    Since a young age l was acknowledged with the highest respect
    from my church- the Greek Orthodox Church. No issue at all.
    From what l could see their contracts overall were in light.

    When l moved to NSW l lived independently working full time
    as a sole trader using all my skills in all the above areas up till 1995.

    At that point clear that my path with Costa had been obstructed
    by the country, l decided to produce the highest couture
    collection on international level and relocate to France where they
    recognise, appreciate and support such talent and l would be allowed
    to continue my life without hindrance.
    The country had no such levels of fashion or talent l seemed to be on my
    own here.

    From the moment l finished even before that hysteria broke out.
    Those with contracts from the lower system from all over the place
    began approaching me without reason. It was as though they had
    been called in to obstruct my process to leave.

    I became concerned.

    Within weeks l had all these offers to remain in the country.
    I said no. David Jones the previous owners, went way out of their
    way to ensure that l remained in the country and proceeded with
    negotiations to make me an offer l could not refuse.

    At this point that is all l will say.
    It has been going on since then to date.

    Costa’s skills are within the areas of gardening and
    and landscape gardening.
    If your looking for profile identity it was
    always easy there was football and the music.
    Film was not his it was his closest friends but they
    are his area.

    Posted by: Martha Papamichael | May 2, 2017, 4:19 PM |

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    Police or not it will go no further than today.

    I will no longer shy off from revealing the full truth in case I hurt anyone’s feeling- AS THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR!

    There will be no more secrets.

    Everyone has a twin soul, who (together) are responsible for and look after AN ENTIRE WORLD.
    There is only one ever on the earth at any given time such as ours every 600 or so years or for very special reason.

    The pure love between this union looks after their entire world of associations and is very very important to the entire world.

    We have had the best of associations and excellent relations through a great deal of work that has taken place
    that has developed over time to ensure safety for our world.
    This is very very important and it is this very thing that has been tampered with by some of the authorities in NOT just
    any other country but Australia specifically that has been threatening ‘The Money’ AND our
    entire (not just ours) ‘World Relations’ since they began interfering with our roles.

    Part of the media has been overpowered to use and distort the real facts to advertise how well they or we are doing as a
    county economically while the real facts have been hidden while a subtle siege of the country occurs by the Chinese –
    95% of people are not aware.
    The lower system guidance has been overpowered/tampered with and has been unreliable to its members.

    Before this county is seen as a global nuisance:

    * The Light twin (THE LEADER of their upper system) is the one referred to as the ‘Sustainer’ of their world
    including looking after Her partner (in this case Costa).
    This top end, my end (the upper half) can be seen almost as ‘The Money/ The highest soul intelligence that operates solely
    on the unseen spiritual levels to look after and run their peace, love and wealth sectors.
    THIS SIDE is in this case my side has the role to TAKE EVERYTHING UP as Growth, Expansion, Wealth and Health
    assisting those high soul’s to fulfil the spiritual contracts they chose and prepared for learning prior to coming in.

    They are never any threat to anyone else as (with other positions) they are concealed to all for purpose of uninterrupted learning.
    Its just our time. At another time it will be your time for another set of twins and so on it goes- as we evolve.

    This is one of those extremely RARE 600 year occurrences and it relates to Costra and myself specifically.
    We happen to have the highest union in this world and this IS important to the world peace situation in fact.

    This situation, specific to our associations are innocent and of pure foundation hurting or interfering with no one.
    Our spiritual contracts also are just like anyone else’s already pre prepared prior to coming in with a long list of connections/
    people in que or line waiting to be serviced by each individual through unique gifts and talents.
    These are by contract and are in harmony with the whole. Others wait for the right time then they come together
    with the specific soul who has those gifts for assistance, presentation or learning. Its very precise.

    Everyone has gifts but these are higher and extremely rare.

    Costa’s person or position is to me likened to the innocence and naivety of a little boy in some ways (The youngest soul)
    which is why I’ve been so careful and delayed for so long in coming forward- lest they the church and government
    that are involved her hurt him in any way and or potentially interfere with thousands and thousands of people and
    their spiritual contracts for sake of money gain.

    The LEADER of

    only, posing as a church but is really a cult
    got involved full focused some time back on me in an attempt to take advantage of this special time for themselves- FOR MONEY_

    *****This is one of those times (600 years) regarding costa and myself.

    If you imagine a circle with a line across the centre horizontally, the upper half is the upper system 9can be seen
    as the money/wealth high end).
    The lower half is the lower system.
    There is one twin sitting up the top centre who is responsible for and whose position, wisdom and gifts/talents
    guide the upper systems light contracts on the spiritual planes.
    The other twin (equally responsible ) sits at the opposite polar end at centre, at the base.
    This person

    Posted by: martha papamichael | June 22, 2017, 7:59 PM |

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  19. The other twin (equally responsible) sits at the opposite polar end at centre, at the base.
    this position belongs to and is run by Costa in our world.
    He leads the lower system.
    I am the Leader of the upper system in our world.

    What some of our Government who have had associations with this cult have done is they targeted me
    and began pushing me around and interfering with all my files and identity.
    I represented myself and won a case against a priest who had sexually assaulted me and shortly after this
    outrageous pursuit of my person began and has been going on for years police church and Government.

    It wasn’t that it was a simple sexual assault it involved our entire world as the incident specifically targeted me
    for my position of power used their entire power to attempt to take my position resulting at a 85% loss of my
    spiritual field!
    This is what has been going on in this country causing all the problems!

    THEY ATTEMPTED TO REMOVE(Me)(my position) from the mind of the whole so that they could begin advertising
    Costa in all medias as me while they had temporarily had a hold of my energies.

    What this would mean is they would attempt to run the country on evil catastrophically to shut it down.
    You see his side does shut down of the balance as mine opens and expands it.

    What they’ve been doing is REMOVED the leader of the God end leaving the leader of the other you could call the demonic end.
    Hillsong is unlike any normal church.
    They are a cult.
    They lead the lower system in this country but have gone too far.

    Concerned and knowing exactly what they were about to do- I went straight to Costa.
    He gave me his word he would not be part of or party to it.
    I even had him sign a letter/document to clarify our different leading roles just in case.

    Around 2014 another substantial stripping occurred in Costa’s home while I was working.
    It was likened to the one previously attempted by the church and was around 45% REMOVAL of my field.
    They tried to take my identity in one massive hit. and leave the upper system spiritually without its leader
    to make appear unchallenged Costa’s leadership.
    I left immediately from their home and was persuade and pushed around by Gov, church and police(the vulnerable ones)
    to date!
    Hillsong had forced an association with me just prior.
    Im Greek Orthodox I have no reason to go their and I had some 6 designer collections ready to go for production
    towards the setting up of my store.
    The couture was only one of them.

    The power of this cults members in total was used against me to overpower my position and they were then in my
    Until I got into my home or my family home and set up I was vulnerable as they sent their people out to target me.
    The result was my entire wardrobe(personal and business identity) was destroyed.
    Chasing of me likened to some ridiculous hunt took place their after with attempts against my life the moment
    I tried to get to a machine to reproduce it.

    Sewing machines began appearing in Coswtas side in their stores and he was overpowered as I was and he began
    advertising himself with all my abilities none of which are his.

    The most dangerous thing ever attempted.
    Because my (light) side is somewhere around 90% and his is only 10% naturally to qualify the running of his side and here it is:
    in an attempt to force it down into his hands and out of mine!
    The tattoo have been used and the graffiti and posters BY GOVERNMENT using some 40% of the money people have
    been asked to donate to poverty.
    What you don’t know is his side does the free/the poverty.
    my side does not!
    They’ve gone too far, lied to people to get their involvement at the cost in some cases of their soul.
    Meanwhile my family and relatives have been targeted and hurt.

    When they took my mother hundreds of women died around the world instantly.

    Costa said he would not do it but he has and its destroying our world.

    Their was an incident in Gov where I went in for 5 minutes to pick something up and they kept me in
    there for some 5 hours.
    I w3as still in there after closing arguing with these two Government officials while they told me that
    they had passed my name in all their departments because they all wanted to serve me.
    I was outraged.
    This was not long after they had sent me a letter saying “WE now run your business”
    A security guard awake to the crime and concerned for me made 3-4 gentle approaches to ask them
    if they would kindly address me like everyone else so that I could live their premise whilst a clear stripping
    of my power was evident.
    This is what is really going on here.

    The festivals have been used the same way for power to their side.
    The moment this began I wrote to the commissioner of police NSW knowing if it wasn’t sorted quickly
    it could be devastating to not just our money and economy but overseas also and people from
    my side may begin to be forced out of their homes and businesses (with some help from the crooked side)
    in effort to put things in Costa’s hands. They would have to push out my high fashion roles and replace them with his.
    Effectively destroying the countries identity.
    The political change overseas is DIRECTLY IN LINE AND AS A RESULT FROM ALL THIS believe it or not.

    Some 10 days ago in the most hostile environment determined no end I began putting together a wardrobe,
    for the first time in effort to correct my identity.
    Some 6 efforts were made very serious life threatening ones to stop me.
    Yes I was hurt but Ive managed to make one garment on average a day.

    The donations have to stop!!!!!!
    They are shutting down everything.
    These guys work poverty. Its Gone too far now.
    Its all a game to them.

    The grafitti and posters are not as you think either.
    They’re been programmed and dangerous- proposing an actual threat to humanity.

    if normal human beings had done it there wouldn’t be any much cause for alarm but because Hillsong is
    involved its a different story.
    through my position I believe they have some 23-25 superhuman persons in either of their two Sydney establishments.
    This means they have ‘light speed’. Absolutely dangerous!
    Some 3-4 in the new Melbourne centre after the city had to be trashed with dangerous symbols gravity and filth
    before it was dropped low enough to qualify their entry.

    While they had me on the street blocking any residence or shop or home option having used Costa to voice the
    influence on our real estate agents they have been able to do as they wish to a large extent with my extremely
    rare and talented energies.

    Fools has been printed on some of the latest posters suggesting people have been “sucked in”.
    This now must stop. Today!
    I have only seen my family briefly last few days and was clear the same methods were imposed on them too.

    “You better vote for us” was what I was told prior to voting before Turnbull went in.

    Posted by: martha papamichael | June 26, 2017, 5:44 PM |

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  20. They have worked hard to seperate us/ our very heart Costa and mine using a 24/7 spiritual pursuit of me and by
    picking him up and plugging him over me night after night whilst every effort to leave or sell has been blocked for 2 years.
    Some 8 efforts were made to advertise the renovated property within days my photos were removed and someone elses
    were put in place of mine under my address keeping only the very first one.
    They did it to both my properties then approached me to say you can’t do anything till we do it first.
    ***This is why it involves all of us.
    They have targeted a main source of love that was meant for all of us in effort to get it to their hands- their hands-
    some where where there is seldom truth sincerity or love in consistency.

    Almost all my vehicles were targeted and destroyed forcing me to use public transport and cabs for some years now.
    It was the way they planned it to make me as vulnerable and accessible to damages.

    I said I was leaving for o/seas but they managed to keep me in the country with all this Bullsh..t for almost 20 years!
    in effort to attempt to degrade ‘The women” so that Costa’s side the boys side/ the Russians side can attempt to take power
    ,power and position that does not belong to them.
    Residences offered either next door to a police station or skills centre when I have a dozen relatives homes who love me
    where I can stay.
    But this does not allow close proximity that makes the stripping of ones personal energies possible -something that is nothing
    to one who has light speed.
    My access to a licence was blocked suddenly and a clause put in unless I cooperate with their game.
    The manager at Vic roads said it was strange/not right but they had to follow whats been written.
    * Easy to see how the upper system of money has reached such a state when they have taken the real spiritual leader
    of it, obstructed my every expression of life and then not only made suggestions for me to take it but repeatedly
    tried to help with it.

    One of their magazines in Beat does a full page promotion “The God that comes” referring to the dark side the sculls.
    What people need to know is that we don’t normally refer to that side as God, and they have had 110% in non stop productivity
    to ensure that all those with light contracts had no access to the real God of the union.

    An Aboriginal gallery in Prahran has diligently reflecting non stop through art every single stage of
    ‘the dangerous game’ they started.
    The upper system works with truth and honesty.
    For learning and challenge purposes that I appreciate, the lower system particularly the very lower levels DO NOT.
    They work with lies deception and curses right down the bottom.(Exactly what we have been forced to deal with
    for some 6-8 years) The first one offered by the desperate competitive Russian who was hoping as he told me to
    ‘get my position’ was an elastic band.
    He wears glasses. Ive heard many make reference to both problems without the topic being brought up.
    They work with energy.
    The person had asked me to make some alterations for him. When he placed one on as completed he stood before me
    in my couture salon “do you know what this means? I have YOUR energy now”
    That and the unnatural glass look of his eyes that spelt trouble had me concerned instantly and he has been interfering with me and Costa non stop since to date.
    One in the dark sector that has earned by theft of many woman identities a position of light speed can travel unseen and
    swap peoples spirits around as they can see and read them.
    This is whats going on here.
    Some 20-30 reports went to police but nothing /zero was done as they won’t go near them,
    . They know.
    Its been allowed to escalate till now with police only upgrading continuously their positions and power but no aid has been
    offered to me and as far as I know the Russian hasn’t been addressed.

    Posted by: martha papamichael | June 26, 2017, 7:57 PM |

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