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A life on the sea. The very thought evokes all sorts of romantic ideas. The salty air blowing your hair back and washing the troubles of land away. A man or woman and their Labrador, sailing around the world at their own leisure. Going from port to port. A lover in every town. And then, […]

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Weekends away with mates are one of the highlights of an addicted angler’s calendar, especially when the weather is warm, the sea is calm, the beer is cold and the food is tasty. It’s on weekends like these that lifelong memories are made. As I write this, it’s the Friday arvo before a weekend like […]

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The human being is a mighty strange creature. What other animal will not just flirt with death in the pursuit of pleasure, but dry hump its side like a Chihuahua that’s chewed through an entire packet of its owner’s Cialis? We jump out of aeroplanes, climb sheer cliff faces with no harnesses and, here in […]

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Grand Final Weekend

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? The random cheers emanating from your neighbour’s (and possibly even your own) lounge room? Those roars mean that one of the grand finals (AFL or NRL) is on and you’re missing it. Grand final weekend has etched out some of my favourite memories over the course of my lifetime. […]

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What Are You Running From?

Ah, spring, you magnificent beast. Vanquish those cold mornings and let us wallow in your warm and loving embrace. Is there any better time of year? No. If you think otherwise, you must either still be in school or you’re a sociopath. One of the most marvellous things you can experience in the east around […]

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Zika, Zika, Zika – Oi, Oi, Oi!

“Together we can change the world”, the Olympics website boldly proclaims. It is a noble message, especially when paired with the prerequisite hashtag: #OlympicPeace. If only hashtags could change the world. If only the bad guys were listening. They are wonderful sentiments and you won’t see them touted for any other major sporting event, but […]

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Community Race Day Returns to Royal Randwick

Horse racing returns to Royal Randwick this month, with the Randwick Community Race Day set to welcome locals of all ages to the track on Saturday, August 20. Randwick Mayor Noel D’Souza told The Beast that the race day was part of now well-established partnership between Randwick City Council and the Australian Turf Club. “I […]

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Last Minute City2Surf Tips from a True Blue Champion

Are you a runner, or just someone who likes to watch others suffer? Either way, this is the month for you. Come August 14, Sydney’s streets will once again be chock-a-block with sweaty-chested Lycra wearing runners battling it out in the annual City2Surf. These days it seems as though you can’t throw a jalapeno without […]

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Ironman Icon Barry Rodgers Remembered

Some people are institutions in and of themselves. They carry with them a sense of strength and fortitude. St Catherine’s School swimming coach and Ironman champion Barry Rodgers was one of these people. Barry passed away on June 7, 2016, after a long and private battle with cancer. He was 74 years old. Chances are […]

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Golf is a Four-Letter Word

This month the British Open will be in full swing. If you’re feeling inspired, it might be time to clean your balls, head down to the driving range and relieve some built up stress with a few violent swings, aiming at the guy driving around in the golf cart at the end of the range. […]

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