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Photo: John McGrath

Last Minute City2Surf Tips from a True Blue Champion

Are you a runner, or just someone who likes to watch others suffer? Either way, this is the month for you. Come August 14, Sydney’s streets will once again be chock-a-block with sweaty-chested Lycra wearing runners battling it out in the annual City2Surf. These days it seems as though you can’t throw a jalapeno without […]

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Photo: St Catherine's School

Ironman Icon Barry Rodgers Remembered

Some people are institutions in and of themselves. They carry with them a sense of strength and fortitude. St Catherine’s School swimming coach and Ironman champion Barry Rodgers was one of these people. Barry passed away on June 7, 2016, after a long and private battle with cancer. He was 74 years old. Chances are […]

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Photo: Shooter McGavin

Golf is a Four-Letter Word

This month the British Open will be in full swing. If you’re feeling inspired, it might be time to clean your balls, head down to the driving range and relieve some built up stress with a few violent swings, aiming at the guy driving around in the golf cart at the end of the range. […]

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Photo: Wayne Gretzky

Goons on Ice

If you have nothing to do this Queen’s Birthday long weekend, you should put on some winter woollies and head out to Penrith (okay, I know I’ve probably lost you already, but try to stay with me) for the 2016 Australian Ice Hockey League All-Star Weekend. I have absolutely no intention of doing so myself, […]

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Photo:  James Maloney

The Great Dance

April is a wonderful time of year. With a veritable orgy of football to watch I’m often left wondering, is this too much? Am I overwhelmed, like a dwarf in a crowded elevator, by the crowd looming above me? The answer is an emphatic no. I am positively engorged at the prospect of how much […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Sea Life Not Seafood

It was an interesting concept that was posed across the dinner table amongst a group of friends one boozy, delicious and fun filled evening. The concept, which has gained gravitas with me and is worth everyone’s consideration, is that seafood shouldn’t be called ‘food’ at all, but rather it should be called sea life, because […]

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Photo: Donald Fisher

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

A few sprays on social media have spurred me to once again wax lyrical on a topic close to my heart – commercial fishing. It’s with a pinch of sadness that I reflect on the state of the commercial fishing industry in NSW. The fleet is a shadow of what it once was, now the […]

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Video of the Week – People of Nowhere

People of Nowhere from Lior Sperandeo on Vimeo. Regardless of what you think of refugees, Muslim or otherwise, I compel you to watch today’s Video of the Week. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about the wave of Syrian refugees trying to make their way to safety, whether it be to Australia or somewhere […]

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Photo: Merv Hughes

Too Much of a Good Thing?

It is not an easy time to write about cricket. Given the recent tragedy involving young Phil Hughes (may he rest in peace), it feels a little wrong to be having a dig at it, but I’ve got a deadline and am bereft of any other good ideas, so here we go. Previous to that […]

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Video of the Week – From The Road

Eugene Tan (better known as ‘Uge’), creator of the ridiculously popular surf photography blog Aquabumps, is absolutely killing it. Not only are his photos pretty special to look at (whether on the blog site or your bedroom wall), big brands are jumping at the chance to be associated with him. One company that has behind […]

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