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Video of the Week – From Millionaire to Bankrupt: The Rise Of Tony Spanos

By Dan Hutton on July 15, 2012 in Video

If you don’t know Tony Spanos, you don’t know Bondi. Tony is somewhat of a legend in Scum Valley, and the bloke’s got more stories to share than you could possibly fathom.

He turned his attentions from the worldly concerns of a millionaire’s son to the concerns of those at the bottom of the economic rungs of Sydney’s society.

Through a direct engagement/hands on approach to trying to help bring a positive view of life to street kids, Tony’s unstinting commitment has taken him to the edge of bankruptcy and ostracism.

Originally produced as part of a CERTIFICATE IV In Screen, this documentary is about events that were current in 2008.

This edit hasn’t seen the light of day til now…


  1. Tony, is such a legend.. we know him from his days fixing up old discarded bikes in his garage in Gould St, to give to the kids of Redfern. Like I said LEGEND!

    Posted by: Resa | July 16, 2012, 11:22 AM |

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