Final Cut Pro Advanced Course

Metroscreen’s Final Cut Pro Advanced course will allow participants, with an intermediate knowledge of Final Cut Pro, to explore the potential of the Final Cut Suite. The course will cover ’roundtripping’ from Final Cut Pro into Motion for titling and effects, Color for grading and finalising the ‘look’, Soundtrack Pro for cleaning and finalising audio and then into Compressor and DVD Studio Pro for the final export.? Participants will gain the knowledge to produce engaging industry standard work, through the use of the entire Final Cut Suite.
Prerequisites: Final Cut Pro Intermediate, or equivalent.

Tutor: Cathy Vogan

Dates: 04 Jun – 18 Jun

Duration: 3 x Sat [day] 18 hrs

Times: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Contact: 02 9356 1818


Metro Screen, 249 Oxford St, Paddington, 2021
How Much:
$530/$580 (non-members)
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