Honey Money Goddess Workshop

Money – we all have it, we all want more of it, we all work and play with it, but how can we ensure it sticks to us? Honey Money Goddess Workshop reveals all on Tuesday, July 5.

Inspired by tales of missed opportunities, life changing events going un-taken and the same story from passing up enriching experience’s because ‘they can’t afford it’, Woollahra life coach Alina Berdichevsky and SASS Financial Planner Canna Campbell decided to join forces and host an inspirational Financial Master Class for women.

‘ln a world where there is a lot of information about different forms of wealth creation, there are surprisingly few tools to highlight why some of us are struggling with money in the first place and this needs to change’ says Berdichevsky.

Designed to help you uncover and break through some common mental and emotional factors to success, the covetable 2 hour workshop is for any woman who wants to feel empowered about having, creating and keeping money through developing a practical mindset for success.

The tools you will learn can be applied to shifting the way you value and respect the energy of money, getting out of debt for good or simply help you make more conscious and empowering decisions with your money. Through Campbell’s honest and heartfelt style, participants will develop confidence, new found motivation and positive habits that can be transferred to a variety of situations.

‘Money stresses have little to do with your income and everything with your head space’ explains Campbell. ‘I have worked with big earners who flitter away their cash with nothing left to show, as well as lower income earners who I have helped set themselves up to be financially independent for life. Building financial wealth is an empowering, liberating and exciting journey. So our intention is to share the successful attitudes and habits of those who can attract money and flourish’.

Alina and Canna feel that too many women are following self destructive patterns such as toxic credit card debt when they have power and ability to shift towards and more positive and freeing outcome by showing women how to tune into your higher financial self.

A once only workshop that is an essential assistant to any Sydney woman wanting to feel powerful in their money growth.

Aurora Bar, Cnr Bent and Phillip St, Sydney, 2000
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