The My Tys at The Basment

Some say ska music is dead but The My Tys have arrived sirens blazing with their 10-piece defibrillator ready to go!

The self-titled debut album of this 2-tone ska outfit packs 1000 volts delivered straight to your chest, mixing out and out ska numbers with electrified reggae tracks to get your pulse racing and your feet onto the dance floor!

With a nod towards classic 2-tone bands such as Madness, the Specials and of course Bad Manners, The My Tys have managed to carve out their own sound that forges a fun new direction for ska and reggae music.

They plan to resurrect the ska scene single-handedly if need be, and they need your help!

The Basement, 29 Reiby Place, Sydney, 2000
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