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Bondi Beards Unite To Fight Melanoma

By Dan Hutton on May 29, 2014 in News

While a bushy beard is undoubtedly the latest trendy hipster accessory, one hirsuit Bondi resident is once again doing good with his dense thatch of facial hair.

Jimmy Niggles has gained quite a bit of attention since putting his impressive beard up for sale with a one million dollar price tag and in doing so has accrued a cache of over 12,000 Instagram followers. But it is not fame and fortune that Mr Niggles seeks. Rather, he is intent on spreading a public health message to the masses with the aim of reducing the incidence of melanoma deaths, particularly among young Australians.

Mr Niggles’ major melanoma awareness campaign, Beard Season, takes place during the winter months, long after the summer sun safety adverts have ceased airing.

“The sun safety message is obviously very important,” Mr Niggles said. “But it is also important that Australians get regular skin checks, particularly those with fair skin or suspicious looking moles and spots.”

“Getting a check-up takes about 15 minutes, costs less than $50 after you get your Medicare rebate, and it could potentially save your life.”

Beard Season, which runs from June 1 to August 31, officially kicks off with the 2014 Beard Season Launch Party this Sunday, June 1, on board a 19th Century paddle steamer on Sydney Harbour. The launch will be a lavish affair. It starts at 3pm at Bungalow 8, then guests board the party paddle steamer at 4pm and drink themselves silly on provided plonk while a roster of jugglers, burlesque dancers and a seven-piece band showcase their substantial and varied skills. The boat will dock at 9pm and the guests will then be whisked away to an after party held at a secret location.

Jump on to to sign up for a skin check and become an ambassador in the fight against melanoma. To purchase tickets for the Beard Season launch party click here. Go on, grow on!