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Clovelly Lidder Joins Waverley Lifeguards

By Marcus Braid on October 3, 2014 in News

Photo: Daniel Hutton

Photo: Daniel Hutton

Local amateur photographer, bodyboarder and long-time Clovelly resident Jethro James has joined the Waverley Lifeguard Service as a trainee, just in time for the start of busy summer season.

Mr James said it had always been at the back of his mind to get involved in the lifeguard service.

“I’m frothing to be there,” he said. “I never really thought it could be the reality until I saw an opportunity arise. I just took a run at it. I’ve been on for three weeks already.”

As a surfer at Tamarama and K Bay since he was a child, Mr James was well-placed to make the move into patrolling the local waters.

“It’s been going really well so far,” Mr James said. “It has been dud weather lately, so it’s quiet down at Bondi, but there’s still stuff going on. I’ve been getting a good insight into preparing for the vintage summer days.”

Mr James had to go through some rigorous fitness testing before being selected to fill the trainee role.

“I saw a notification on Facebook from one of the lifeguards, Corey Oliver, advertising a lifeguard academy down at Bondi, which was for anyone who wanted to have a go at doing everything lifeguards do,” Mr James said.

“I did some fitness testing, got through all of that and after that they selected one of us to be a trainee lifeguard. I saw that as a great opportunity.

“It was pretty tough, but if you train and prepare it’s not really an issue.”

As an experienced surf photographer, Mr James said joining the lifeguard service was “perfect” for him.

“I’ve grown up in Clovelly my whole life,” he said. “I surf as much as I can. I’ve been surfing since I was about ten. I chase waves as a surf photographer so the ocean’s pretty much my life.”

Waverley lifeguards are now back on deck at Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte, and while Randwick Council patrols Coogee and Maroubra Beach all-year round, lifeguards will return Clovelly Beach on September 20.