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Tiffany Plaza Tenants Terminated

By Marcus Braid on June 3, 2015 in News

Photo: Grant Brooks

Photo: Grant Brooks

Nine businesses inside Bondi Junction’s Tiffany Plaza have received their termination notices, despite the fact a pending development application (DA) has yet to be approved by Waverley Council.

Meriton, Tiffany Plaza’s owner, has submitted a DA for a new childcare centre inside the plaza, which will replace the nine affected businesses.

George Nunn, owner of Bondi Hair Crew, was shocked to receive his six months’ termination notice without approval from Council.

“My hands are tied and they’ve ruined my life,” he said.

“They’re making fools out of us. We were told they have other projects in Parramatta and we’ve got nothing to worry about, and then all of a sudden they give me the termination notice.”

Mr Nunn and other business owners are concerned about potential compensation.

“My lease is $50,018 and I can’t even sell this business. I’ve lost everything. It’s the same with the other owners. Some of them just want to pack up and give up on business.”

Mr Nunn believes Meriton needs to comply with Fair Trading laws.

“We’ve got a relocation clause,” he said. “They haven’t even offered to relocate us anywhere. As soon as I asked them to talk about it, they asked me to get my solicitors to talk to their solicitors.

“When they brought me into the centre, they wanted me to spend money to make the shop nice, and now they want to rip it all down.”

A spokesperson for Meriton said they had complied with the terms of the lease.

“The affected tenants have been notified in accordance with their lease and the Retail Leases Act,” the spokesperson said.
Waverley Council confirmed the DA was still under consideration.

“Our officers will make recommendations on the application when they have completed reviewing it,” a spokesperson said.

“The development application is inside Meriton’s property, so we have no control over its tenancy arrangements with shop owners.”