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August Frother – Nathan Doust

By Em Allen on August 21, 2012 in

Photo: Brad Malyon

Name: Nathan Doust

Age: 34

Local Break: South Maroubra

Favourite Shaper: Andrew Harris (legend and loves giving me a free board, cheers mate)

Board Dimensions: At the moment it’s a 6’3”.

Goofy or Natural: Goofy

You have a south coast escape, have you been down there lately?
I try to get down there as much as I can. The ‘escape’ is actually a shed with a shell of a house built around it, so there is always something to do. I used to be a plumber so it’s been great to dust off the tools and get on site, especially when it’s your own site. I was down there in May to do some work but ended up surfing and relaxing more than I worked. There is something about the south coast; once you breathe the air your priorities seem to change.

How do you cope with the crowds in Sydney after returning from a stint down south?
I can’t complain. It’s a luxury to be able to surf before and after work. The Eastern Beaches is such a great place to live that if you have to share a few waves, so be it.

Where would be your all-time favourite surf break?
Mystics. Once you have had that place firing you always check it in hope – peaks all down the beach, relaxed and such a beautiful place. Locally, I like Maroubra. I learnt to surf there and I just like it down there.

As a hydraulic designer, even your day job involves water; do you have partake in dry, land-based recreations?
I actually grew up in the country (the Southern Highlands… when it was country). My family had land and we would ride motorbikes and go camping, so I still try to get out on the bike when I go back. I used to have a road bike as well but it had to go to pay for windows. You can’t have it all, I suppose.

What do you hope the latter half of 2012 will bring for you?
No more parking or speeding fines! Seriously, I have been beaten into submission. Oh, and a little surf trip somewhere warm. I need some light at the end of the winter tunnel.

Any last words?
Cheers to NDY for letting me slide into work a little late when it’s pumping. Big ups to everyone who has helped lift, bolt, shovel and hammer down the coast – you are always welcome. To Frothers, good on you guys for going for it. I’m going to cop heaps for this so please don’t use any photos that could make it worse!