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OGKY X Sinceday release Party.

By ugc on April 17, 2014 in

The long awaited capsule collection launch for OGKY x Since Day (as seen in vogue) is near. launch party will include LIVE body art, DJ FranKWhitE spinning tunes, signings, FREE ALCOHOL and cyphers which will all be held at Notorious & Co. from 1PM -8PM.
At 8PM the festivities will continue at the Beach Road Bondi for the OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY with LIVE mini ramp skate session, cheap alcohol, bar dancers. Headlined by all of OGKY’S ARTISTS & FranKWhitE (AUS).. LIVE SETS from BigRedCap & Yella wiv a D (UK), eGasm (USA), DUTCH (AUS). .. FREE ENTRY FOR BOTH EVENTS!! After party is 18+ so bring I.D