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QTips – The Super Stars Of Bondi’s Frozen Dessert World

By Dan Hutton on April 28, 2016 in


Photo: Pompei's

Photo: Pompei’s

There are restaurants aplenty in Bondi. There are cafes galore too. And there are more places to sink a brew in this town than there are grains of sand on the beach. But what about somewhere for those of us who finish dinner but aren’t quite finished eating? Where do the sweet tooths (teeth?) in Bondi go?

It’s been scientifically and mathematically proven that everyone loves ice cream (or gelato, sorbet, etc.), so where to go is very important.

At one end of the spectrum you’ve got your Beyonce and Brad Pitt gelatos, and at the other you’ve got your Paris Hilton and Rob Schneider gelatos. Like everything in life, not all gelatos are made equal.

This month we’re going to concentrate on the sexiest, most talented and delicious super stars of Bondi’s frozen dessert world…


These guys have gone mad with power. Sweet, icy power. They pump out five new flavours each week on top of their 35 resident flavours. They’ll throw absolutely anything into the mix, from cake to bacon, chips to Jack Daniels.

They are loco, but just like Pharrell’s big brown hat they somehow pull it off. Expect a line and a nightclub vibe; this is the Studio 54 of the gelato world.

If you’re after a classic, we recommend getting the ‘Bounty’ (coconut milk gelato with desiccated coconut and choc chip). If you’re feeling adventurous, hit up one of the new weekly specials.


This joint is Italian old school. They’ve got a flavour magician by the name of Giorgio making their artisan gelato and sorbet daily, the traditional Italian way.

If you’re looking for an after dinner treat, then we recommend getting fruity with a shot of limoncello (lemon liqueur) followed by Sicilian blood orange sorbet. Molto bene.


These guys also make their goods in-store, and they make them well. They’ve been using their secret traditional Calabrian gelato family recipes since back in 2002 and word has spread – they are now spruiking the cold stuff in five different countries.

Their menu boasts gelato donuts, bambino cones and gelato cakes, all of which we strongly recommend.

Anita Gelato

Anita Gelato is la Mamma del Gelato (surely you can work out what that means). One glance at their Instagram and you’ll believe Mamma is bringing the fire when it comes to gelato.

These guys make a mean waffle and offer vegan gelatos, but for a recommendation we suggest getting stuck into the ‘Cookieman’ or the ‘Pistachio Bronte’. Don’t question, just do.

Ben & Jerry’s

Started by two American lads in a renovated gas station back in the 1970s, Ben & Jerry’s is now a super power in the ice cream world. Their new flavours are adventurous by nature, and very adventurous by name. ‘Karamel Sutra’, ‘Hazed and Confused’ and ‘Cheery Garcia’ are all extremely decadent and delicious recommendations, and obviously they have awesome names.

In the immortal words of Muscles, “Ice cream is gonna save the day, again.”