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  1. I am a Yank who hung out in Double Bay 1976.. I had an old surfer friend from Hawaii, Skip Fishersher, who introduced me to these surfer/musicians from Bronti.. Fisher also introduced mre to a guy named Kevin Boriche.. I did a one side recording in some recording studio with Kevin.. He was a good slide guitar player..I was invited to jam with these guys from Bronti.. The head of the band was a guy named head guy with an B3 organ.. They played alot of Doors stuff.. anyway, we ended up playing at the Bondi Life Saver on the same bill as Renee Gaylor.. That is when I met Jim Kelly the great guitar play.. Wegot together and jammed alittle.. Jim shwed me some cool licks..momories..I got myself a taxie driver kicense and made a little dow doing that.. Lived in Double Bay with three ozzie chicks.. That was an experience..

    Posted by: Randy Godfrey | April 9, 2014, 1:58 AM |

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  2. I am a Aussie living in Louisiana, I spent many nights at the lifesaver seeing bands like Cold Chisel,Dragon , Skyhooks and UK squeeze.
    They were great times, Oh and I was living on manning rd. Double Bay

    Posted by: Paul Perlstone | October 11, 2016, 12:27 AM |

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