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Frother Of The Month: Julia Mair

By Christine Bennett on May 10, 2013 in People

Photo: Brad Malyon -

Photo: Brad Malyon –

Julia Mair is a frother with a difference – she grew up 10-hours away from the nearest surf beach…

Name: Julia Mair??
Age: 30 something…??
Local break: Bondi & Tama??
Board shaper: DHD??
Board dimensions: 6’0” for fun beachies and 6’2” for bigger waves

Although you surf like you’ve grown up by the ocean, where did you spend your childhood?
I grew up in Munich, Germany and spent a lot of time snowboarding in the Alps. We also have a standing wave on a river in the middle of the city, and a lot of my friends back home surf, so it was not so far off for me to get into surfing. But with the nearest surf beach a 10-hour drive away, you only really get in the ocean when you’re on holidays.

What brought you to Bondi?
When moving to Australia it was logical to settle somewhere close to the surf. There is nothing better than getting into the water before work!

You like to mix it up between the short and long boards; do you favour either or is it purely a conditions-based decision?
I like the speed and maneuverability of a short board, but since getting a 9’0” mal for my birthday last year I have really come to enjoy the cruisey feeling of riding a long board – it’s so much fun on a small summer’s day.

If you had to choose between a surfboard or a snowboard, which would it be?
The surfboard, for sure, even though a perfect powder day in the mountains is hard to beat.

You recently had a stint in Bali; was it a sun-baking or surfing holiday?
Definitely a surfing holiday, although sun-baking kind of naturally comes with that. It was only a short trip. We based ourselves in Bingin and surfed around the west coast of the Bukit, which was perfect.

Can you tell us a bit about your day job?
I work as an events manager for a Sydney-based event company. We have a great team and what I love about the job is the variety, the different people you deal with and seeing everything come to life after months of hard work and planning.

Bondi sees its fair share of big events; if you could plan an event on Bondi’s shores, what would it be?
Any kind of sporting event. We haven’t had a large surfing event in Bondi for a while…

Any last words?
See you in the water!