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Frother Of The Month: Jack Clifford

By Brad Malyon on January 21, 2011 in Sport

This month’s frothin’ little frother is Bronte grom Jack Clifford. If he follows in his old man’s footsteps we will see him charging the big ones in the years to come.

Name: Jack Clifford

Age: 13

Local break: Bronte

Board shaper
: Local Motion, Gunther Rohn

Dimensions: 5’2” by 17 1/8” by 2 1/16’

What’s your favourite surf break?
My favourites are Boomerang Beach and Bronte Reef.

Were you lucky enough to get away over the school holidays?
Yes, I went up to Boomerang for a week then went up to Whale Beach.

What is the best thing about the sport of surfing?
The best thing about surfing is being in the water with your mates, having fun and keeping fit.

Your old man was a bit of a charger in his day; do you love getting out in the big ones too?
I have been out there a few times with my dad when it was big. Beardy gave me a 6’5” gun for the big days, I love it!

Your local hang is Bronte; do you get up to much mischief down there?
Yeah, just the normal kid stuff, making deodorant bombs and stuff like that – nothing too bad.

Do you look up to any older local surfers?
I look up to my old man, Tom Whitaker, Kobi Graham charging the big waves and Azza Graham with his doozy style.

Is surfing something you would like to do competitively?
I’d love travelling to the best surf spots in the world, surfing with one other guy in the water and getting paid for it – what a dream job!

Do you have any idea of what you’d like to do after school?
I would like to be a lifeguard. If I don’t get that I’ll probably take over my dad’s plumbing business.

Any last words?
I would like to thank Troy Stewart for training the groms at Bronte and keeping us fit, Kobi Graham and Moff for the surf training, my dad for buying my boards, Local Motion Surfboards for giving me a great deal and Bondi Surf Co. for looking after me with clothing and wetties.