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Stand Up, Gentlemen?

I always knew I would die at the hands of a middle-aged white man. After all, most of us will. I generally assumed it would be a war-mongering politician or a jealous farmer, angered by the quality of my home-grown jalapenos, who would claim my scalp. But now, I have made peace with the fact […]

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A Month of Opportunity

June, with its westerly winds, crisp short evenings and icy cold ocean, is always a melancholic month in Sydney. Longing for spring and vaguely recalling autumn, the wet weeks can drag and the nights oft feel somewhat lifeless as everyone rushes home from work to avoid the winter chill. But I guess that’s the joy […]

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Balls and All

By the time you read this, the dust will have hopefully settled. Appeals may or may not have happened. The Cape Town Three will be getting on with their lives, doing whatever the hell it is that cricketers do when they can’t play cricket – practise playing cricket, I assume. The scandal was an interesting […]

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Challenged by our ‘Two Selves’

This past month I’ve been challenged by my own thoughts. I guess we all are from time to time. I used to feel like there were two personalities in my head, and now I know there are. “Crazy?” I hear you ask. Nope, just honest with myself, and unashamedly honest with all of you. Recently […]

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Happy Colonial-Commonwealth Games!

Ah, the Commonwealth Games. This may come as a surprise, but I absolutely love them. More so than the Olympics. Sure, they’re the result of a dark and murderous history, but we win lots of stuff, so I dig them – even if the other half of that ‘we’ doesn’t know I exist and would […]

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Preparation, Anticipation and Daydreams

What an absolute cracker of a month we’ve just experienced. The start of autumn, fish everywhere, warm water and the final days of daylight saving gave us all the chance to jam more into every day. April, although darker after work, is shaping up to be a stunner too. The Sea Surface Temperature charts are […]

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“Marco!” “Polo!”

First things first, this is primarily an article about water polo, not Marco Polo, but I couldn’t resist the memories of that wonderful childhood game that must drive parents around the world completely mad. Water polo is coming to the iconic Bondi Icebergs pool this March, in the form of the Aussie Sharks v International […]

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Doing Things Differently

After writing for The Beast for ten years now, I never tire of the monthly call to words. It’s such a great opportunity to write for a publication I personally love reading, that’s local to my home and my heart, and is published by two of the nicest, hardworking and dedicated brothers you could hope […]

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Why You Should Support Your Local Subbies Team

With cricket season coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about footy. I guarantee that a number of people reading this article would have made the New Year’s resolution to get into shape this year, so with pre-season footy training underway, why not try your hand at rugby in 2018? Don’t take me […]

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Winter is Coming

Nothing brings the world together like a big sporting event, and the 2018 Winter Olympics, being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, from February 9-25 may just be the solvent the world needs right now. In fact, it may be the only thing that saves us all from nuclear annihilation. With Supreme Commander Kim Jong-Un, otherwise […]

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