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Video of the Week – A Short and Sweet Selection of Surf Clips

By Dan Hutton on October 25, 2016 in Video

THE SET MENU from Darcy Ward on Vimeo.

There have been some good surf clips dropping of late, from all over the world – the warm parts and the cold parts.

The surf has also been pumping in our own backyard over the past few days.

As such, we decided to put a few of the best ones together on one web page for you, so that you can enjoy that “from where you’d rather be” feeling from the confines of your office, or wherever you happen to be when flicking through The Beast online.

The last of the clips is the latest from Aquabumps affiliated drone pilot Paul Borrud. It’s a real doozy.

Don’t like surfing? Too bad. We do…

Trip the Light – Full length from C-Skins Wetsuits on Vimeo.

Society Unseen from Rick Rifici on Vimeo.

On Days Like These We Must Surf from Jake Kovnat on Vimeo.

The Best Mentawai Islands Surf video from my drone, Phyllis Part 2 – By Paul Borrud from Paul Borrud on Vimeo.