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Moroccan Pumpkin Salad

I’m fairly in love with pumpkin right now and this super robust dish really speaks for just how insanely good pumpkins are. The nature of the pumpkin carries spices such as sweet paprika, turmeric and cinnamon so well, not to mention that by adding these culinary spices we add small amounts of valuable nutrients to […]

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Unico Zelo and Applewood

The team at Adelaide Hills winery Unico Zelo (and Applewood Distillery) are led by Brendan and Laura Carter. The first thing you see on their websites is, “From the land we belong to”. They’re all about looking after each other, those around them, and the land they come from. Unico Zelo The wines start off […]

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Gluten-Free Triple Chocolate Brownies: A serious Chocolate Fix for the serious Chocaholic

This recipe is an adaptation of a very delicious, yet very unhealthy chocolate brownie recipe that I came across online recently. To make it healthier I reduced the volume of sugar, swapped the white cane sugar for coconut sugar, changed the wheat flour with gluten-free flour, and substituted the butter with coconut oil – these […]

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Asian Made: Randwick’s Hidden Gem

I don’t know about you, but when I head to an Asian restaurant, the last thing I expect to be asked is, “Are you here for lunch or to play the pokies?” Indeed, that’s what we were confronted with as we walked into the reception area of the Randwick Club. There was a faint sound […]

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Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars

Recipes that come about when you’re trying to be resourceful with ingredients on hand are just the best! Nothing too planned, just a bit of this, a touch of that, and then, “Hey, they’re peanut butter popcorn bars!” What I love about these is their simplicity. Anyone can access the ingredients at their local grocer, […]

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The Urban Winery Moves to The Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park

A little while ago I wrote about Alex Retief’s Urban Winery, which is a cellar door (and working winery) in St Peters. That’s right, you can actually go to a cellar door without having to drive to the Hunter Valley or to the Southern Highlands. But St Peters can be a bit of a trek […]

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Healthy Blueberry Muffins

This recipe uses the most amazing gluten free paleo flour that I have ever come across. It is the Australian made Paleo Flour Blend by Monica’s Mixes, available in health food stores throughout the Eastern Beaches. Monica’s blend contains organic and natural ingredients like nutritious flax and sesame meal, green banana flour from North Queensland […]

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Upper East Side… Start Spreading The News

Bondi’s restaurant scene continues to reach new heights as numerous acclaimed chefs set up shop and jostle for patronage in this highly competitive market. And it seems another top venue has joined the contenders, with the recent opening of Upper East Side on O’Brien Street. Wandering past the modern exterior over the past few months, […]

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Thinking Outside The Barrel: Alternative Red grapes

Continuing on from last month’s article about alternative white grape varieties, we now move on to the reds… Grenache Okay, so it’s not exactly that left-field, but many people know very little about Grenache. It can be made in some very different styles, from wines with really bright fruit flavours to more savoury wines, from […]

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Savoury Paleo Muffins

These savoury paleo muffins are packed with healthy ingredients, including sweet potato, which provides healthy carbohydrates and dietary fibre, together with eggs, which are rich in protein and essential fatty acids. They have a subtle saltiness from the nitrate-free ham, which can be interchanged with sautéed bacon or leftover cooked meat (i.e. roast chicken or […]

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