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Golden Smoothie Bowl

Mango season is almost over for another year, so we need to make the most of these nutritious tropical treats however we can. I generally increase the mango quota in the latter part of the season by buying in bulk, peeling them and freezing the cheeks, and then whipping them out to savour when we […]

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Blanca Makes Its Mark

Established in January 2017 by legendary chefs Tomi Bjorck and Samuel Cole, Blanca, meaning ‘blank canvas’, has allowed these creative culinary craftsmen to cleverly combine Mediterranean flavours and fresh Australian ingredients with a traditional Japanese cooking style. My guest and I arrived at Blanca early on a balmy Wednesday evening, the space already humming with […]

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Half Bottles of Wine – A Great Way to Explore New Drops

Australians love to drink, but most of us aren’t very adventurous when it comes to our choice of beverage. Most of us will generally drink whatever is put in front of us, but when we’re buying we tend to stick to the same thing. Many of us won’t buy bubbles or dessert wine, for example, […]

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Easy Beef Brisket – Perfect for the Family or a Long Summer Lunch

One of the easiest ways to feed your family a nourishing meal is to use a slow-cooking cut of meat. Along with lamb shoulder, pork shoulder and beef short ribs, beef brisket has become a favourite – this Easy Beef Brisket recipe is no exception. Apart from being more affordable than your standard muscle-meat cuts, […]

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Peach, Asparagus and Mint Salad

Salads are such a lovely way to enjoy stone fruits and really up the impressive factor in a meal with zero fuss whatsoever. A personal fave of mine is to include asparagus in a salad because of the contrasting sweetness and crunch – it’s just so delicious! This gluten, dairy and sugar free peach, asparagus […]

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Bringing the Streets of Veracruz to Bondi

The last time I reviewed a Mexican joint for The Beast was way back in 2014. It was a fantastic restaurant called Mr Moustache, which unfortunately was only around for a year or so. When I discovered that my beloved Nando’s on Hall Street had shut down and was being renovated, I prayed for something […]

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Rocky Road With Edge

I’m all for indulging in moderation, but I’m even more for finding simple swaps to create delicious treats that are nourishing and also help to make the more indulgent cravings melt away, like a rocky road pumped full of whole food ingredients that looks and tastes like the real deal, without the guilt that often […]

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Super Food Caramel Tart

This Super Food Caramel Tart is guaranteed to win the hearts of health nuts and not-so-health nuts alike. The baked crunchy base of desiccated coconut and almond meal is sweetened with maple syrup, while the filling boasts a smooth caramel-like mixture of dates, coconut cream, coconut oil, and macadamia nuts. The top comprises deliciously dark […]

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What Do You Serve a Quest Who Hasn’t Tasted Much Australian Wine?

Last week, I was talking to a British academic at a conference dinner. He’s very used to French and Italian wines and hadn’t had much exposure to Australian wine until that trip. At conference dinners the wines are generally okay, without being outstanding. I wanted to show him some decent drops, so we headed out […]

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A Little More Café Delivers So Much More

One of my favourite things about doing café and restaurant reviews for The Beast is the opportunity to meet cool, enthusiastic people who have taken a risk by opening up a new place amongst a ton of competition. That kind of passion and determination to succeed is a beautiful thing to see in action, and […]

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