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Panzanella – A Little Touch of Tuscany

It may be a Tuscan dish, but this salad is perfect for summer in Australia. With very few ingre- dients, it relies on freshness and good quality produce to elevate it to next level deliciousness. There are variations out there on how this dish should be constructed, but tomatoes are always the hero. They are […]

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Heart Café – A Café with Conscience

The opening of Bondi’s latest café means locals can now enjoy great coffee and a creative menu knowing they are helping transform the lives of at-risk youth. Owned and run by Eastern Suburbs not-for-profit the Way-side Chapel, Heart Café prepares disadvantaged youth for a career in hospitality. Through Wayside Chapel’s Wingspan Project, young people facing […]

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Chocolate Espresso Celebration Cake

As my young family grows, there is increasing pressure to perform extraordinary multi-tasks throughout the festive season. Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, Santa impersonating, the reporting of behaviour to said Santa and extra catering make it a very demanding time of year. It’s the time-saving recipes that help me to get ahead, or at least minimise […]

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Fantastic Fish Tacos

With ingredients this fresh and light, it’s hard to think anything other than ‘summer’. A fish taco takes you to Mexico. They are great for a gathering of friends or a family midweek meal idea. You can quite easily create your own version of this relaxed dish, but hopefully I’ll inspire you to stick with […]

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Drinks to Welcome in the New Year

Right, so you’ve blown all your money buying gifts at the end of 2018 and you also treated your- self to some fantastic wine (well done you). The booze budget is a bit tight, but the weather is warm and everyone seems to be on holiday, so there’s still some shopping to do! What should […]

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Rosie’s Coogee… The Embodiment of Balance

As we approached Rosie’s in Coogee on a recent Wednesday evening, I couldn’t help but sing that classic Guns ‘N’ Roses power ballad November Rain to myself, as the coastal hamlet was being drenched by a torrential downpour. I assumed the inclement weather would keep the crowd light at Rosie’s, but the night would prove […]

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A Few Festive Season Favourites

Well here we are, approaching the end of yet another year. 2018 has been pretty full-on for me thus far with my youngest starting daycare and bringing home every bug under the sun – it took quite a bit of wine to get through it! This festive season I’ll be celebrating making it through a […]

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Stanton & Co: Well Worth the Effort

I’m going to start this review with a little spoiler: Parlour Group has absolutely nailed it with its Stanton & Co restaurant in Rosebery. I’ll admit, it was a bit of a bitch to get to from Bondi (thank god for Uber), but trust me, the journey was well worth it. And before you get […]

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Rusden Wines – A Drop to Remember

Recently a neighbour of mine had a party. One lady brought wine from her dad’s vineyard, with no label. She found out that I was a wine guy, so she asked me to taste it and see what I thought. Now you can believe me or not, but I tasted the wine and immediately knew […]

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Old Haunt’s New Menu Making Waves

If you’ve spent more than three minutes in Bondi, you’ll need no introduction to Hotel Ravesis. A long-standing fixture amongst the popular and plentiful beachfront watering holes, its facade (situated on the corner of Hall Street and Campbell Parade) is as much a part of Bondi’s character as the beach itself. So you know where […]

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