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The Future of Food is Here

By Nicola Smith on February 9, 2022 in Food

Incredibly innovative. Photo: Benito Martin

Flavour forward, plant-based food has finally landed in Bondi. Opening just a few weeks before Christmas, Flave Bondi has a menu of diverse offerings for everyone from the plant-based warrior to the meat-loving sceptic.
Located on the corner of Hall and O’Brien Streets in the heart of Bondi, the diner-style eatery is centred around bowls and burgers with taste options from across the world.
Since opening, a crowd favourite has already emerged in the Classic Flave, a quintessential cheeseburger with a plant-based burger, properly melted cheese and the essential pickles, lettuce, onion and ketchup.
Those looking for more international cuisine can indulge in Indonesian flavours with the Hot Dang Bowl, a creamy rendang curry with jackfruit and baby potatoes served with green beans, rice, and topped with tangy pickled pineapple and sambal jam.
The menu travels further across the globe, with Texas smokehouse flavours in the Epic Flave Burger and poké bowl vibes in the plant-based tuna tartare in the So Su Me Bowl.
There’s an option for any mood or day of the week, whether you’re feeling motivated to eat clean or thoroughly resigned to another cheat day.
Flave founders Stuart and Samantha Cook invested in a diverse and creative menu to meet their goal of making plant-based food that satisfies cravings and is big on flavour.
The menu is the brainchild of chef Scotty Findlay, who trained under Gordon Ramsay and worked as a plant-based chef for Paul McCartney and Beyoncé.
The founders were intentionally searching for a chef who was a meat eater with experience in plant-based foods who could create something just as satisfying as a meat-based meal.
Having created plant-based meals for some of the most discerning plant-based and foodie personalities out there, Scotty was well suited to the task.
Flave’s Ballsy meatballs (found in the Ballsy Burger and Bowl) are an evolution of one of Scotty’s creations for Paul McCartney that was so popular with the singer that his wife asked for the recipe.
Scotty designed his menu with plant-based ingredients, flavour and nutrition as the top three priorities of every item on the menu.
The founders’ own plant-based journey began on a holiday to Costa Rica when Sam was airlifted to hospital with a severe bacterial infection.
After time in intensive care and a heavy dose of antibiotics, the couple decided to temporarily go plant-based to help aid her recovery.
They quickly realised the impact the switch had on their wellbeing, despite previously being die-hard meat-eaters.
They are now utilising Sam’s experience working with not-for-profits and Stu’s experience as head of Zambrero Mexican to bring their delicious plant-based fare to the world, starting in Bondi.
Flave is not just guilty pleasure food for vegans, it offers satiating, delicious food for people of all tastes. Even the most hardcore of carnivores will find something to enjoy.
Travel the world with a variety of mains and sides, then finish off your meal with a guilt-free, plant-based dessert like the epic Banoffee Pie. You’ll leave Flave feeling like you’ve spoiled yourself, without the food coma.

Flave Bondi
Address 89 Hall Street Bondi
Instagram @flaveworld
Open Mon-Thu: 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 11am-10pm
Prices Classic Flave $13.50, So Su Me Bowl $17.00, Grassy Knoll Session Ale $10.00
Cards Master, Visa, Amex
Licensed Yes, fully