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Photo: Ian from Lake Conjola

What About The Plan, Eric?

“What happened to the friggin’ plan, Eric?” Steve was as white as Casper Verwer, the local friendly ghost. “I nearly lost a bloody limb out there!” Luckily there was now a safe barrier between our hero, Steve, and the savage beast from the unruly ocean. Dry sand. It felt good. They had talked about their […]

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Photo: Terry Rist

Rupert’s Non-Exhaustive List Of Targets For Slightly Less Murderous Terrorists

It’s a word the strikes fear into the hearts of many commuters, football stadium attendees and nightclub patrons: terrorism. But does this three-syllable word, regularly trotted out by politicians and the media alike, really need to garner the hysterics that often follow it? Don’t get me wrong, terrorism is no laughing matter, but imagine if […]

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Photo: Millie Williams

Can Men Suffer From Menopause?

Do fewer erections and less interest in sex sound familiar? We know mood swings, hot flushes, low libido and depression can be some of the hormonal changes older women experience during menopause, but what is not well known is that a number of men will experience some of the same symptoms when they get older. […]

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What We Can’t Live Without, But Throw Away Everyday

We cut it, fold it, print it, post it, read it, craft it, pack it and even declare our love on it. Paper, what would we do without you? Even with smart phones and email offering us the real chance of a paperless life, there are still a billion ways in which we rely upon […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

Billabong Retreat – Relaxation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Stressed, overworked, always rushing, gridlocked traffic, noisy neighbours, rich foods, sugar, coffee, alcohol, late nights, iphones, ipads, ipods… aaarghh! Living in Sydney is manic, and if you’re like me – one of those people who aspires to stop the excess and extravagance – Monday morning is always the perfect day to change your lifestyle. Unfortunately […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Pre-Dawn Starts And After-Dark Finishes

November, November, November – with the passing of the years, the arrival of the month before December has come to bring with it a mix of excitement, panic, and feelings of reflection about what sometimes feels like the beginning of the end, but is more likely the beginning of a new beginning. It’s funny that […]

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Photo: John Lee Hooker

The Eastern Suburbs Scoop Of The Century

Oh my god, am I out of touch? How on Earth did Pearl miss the Eastern Suburbs scoop of the century – ‘EASTERN SUBURBS TUCKSHOP MUM’S DOUBLE LIFE AS AN ESCORT’? Priding myself as the ‘Queen of Middle Class Issues’, I’ve really dropped the ball, and only have myself to blame. Too frugal to pay […]

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Photo: Jim Henson

It Ain’t Easy Being Greenwashed

Whether it is believed to be anthropogenic or merely a natural cycle of the Earth, there is no doubt that climate change is in fact happening and the ability to stop or even reverse its effects is now being used as a marketable and highly saleable product for corporations worldwide. Moved by the feverish urgency […]

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Dog For Adoption – Helen

Age | 9 years Sex | Female Breed | Golden Retriever x Weight | 15.5kg Helen is a very active girl. She is very Beagle like, with her nose always leading her to food. She is a lovely, gentle girl and is social with other dogs and very affectionate with people. She would prefer a […]

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November Thumbs

Up – The Bunnies – After 43 years, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are NRL premiers. Credit where credit is due we reckon. Down – Ads On Instagram – As if there weren’t already enough ads on Instagram from its users, now they will be sneaking more ads in. Up – Cirque Du Soleil – Totem, […]

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