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Photo: Mark Maguire

The Justified Road Rage

Backhander: A blow made with the back of the hand, usually to the head. Following a hard week at work and an unavoidable flight delay, Pete was not in the best mood when his plane finally touched down. Luckily for Pete, his beautiful wife and energetic son welcomed him at the local airport following his […]

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Photo: Robert Bruns

The Ultimate Sporting Showdown

Anyone who knows me in the slightest would be well aware that I am a ‘rugby man’. From my days as the Cranbrook 1st XV ball point, to my dalliance with officialdom as an assistant referee and my one-year tenure on the board of the New York Rugby Club (up the Nomads!) when I was […]

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Photo: DJ Spinderella

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is something that’s difficult to ignore in our lives because it’s everywhere in our culture; it’s reflected in advertising, fashion, music, television and movies. You’d think we would all be open, relaxed and comfortable with it, but often the opposite is true. In fact, many people find it extremely difficult to talk about sex; […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

Boracay Island, Philippines

I’m one of those people that listens to a song for the first time and often doesn’t get it. If I listen to it a few more times it starts to grow on me, then I soon realise how great the song actually is. This trait falls into other categories of my life too, such […]

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Photo: Russell Crowe

Aldo’s 2015 NRL Predictions

With the NRL season kicking off this month, the usual air of optimism permeates from the very pores of rugby league fans everywhere. And who can blame them? Being one of the most even competitions in the world, everyone’s got a chance at making the finals this year and more than a handful are genuine […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

The Best Season In Decades Continues

As autumn days bring summer to a close, it’s time to get serious about enjoying the final months of one of the best Sydney fishing seasons in decades. There have been more large kingfish caught than I can remember in my lifetime, plus an epic show of the fastest growing fish in the sea, the […]

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Saving Big Bucks In Your Strata Block

There’s a lot to love about apartment living, but the downside for owners can be hefty strata levies, including rising power bills that shrink your budget each quarter. Up to half of a large unit block’s total energy use is in common property, with some owners’ corporations spending over $100,000 for shared power use each […]

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Photo: Richard Gere

Drink Or Be Drunk

Australians are renowned for loving a drink, particularly in summer when the sun is glaring down upon us, or after work when we feel we definitely deserve a schooner. After a rough day a pale ale cheers us up; after a stressful day a wine will calm us down. With dinner, a Hunter shiraz; with […]

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March Thumbs

Up – Magnifying Glasses – If you had one on hand last month you would’ve found reading our February edition much more enjoyable. Down – Personalised Number Plates – Nothing says westy FCKHED quite like a set of obnoxious, self-absorbed personalised number plates. Up – Bondi Rescue – Season 10 of Bondi Rescue hits screens […]

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Dog For Adoption – Milo

Age | 12 weeks Sex | Male Breed | Foxy x Weight | 4kg Milo is ready for a home. Freckles, Milo’s mum, came from the pound heavily pregnant after a dalliance with a toey young pooch from the wrong side of the tracks. She gave birth to 4 beautiful pups of which Milo is […]

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