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Why People Are Going Crazy For Compost

From carrot stubs to coffee grounds, more people are turning their kitchen waste into useful soil instead of garbage. Dare I say it: it’s a compost revolution. In the Waverley Council area alone, close to 9,000 people are either composting at home or as part of a local community or business scheme. And not all […]

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Photos: Sharmin Musca

How Young Do You Feel, Look Or Dress?

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re as young as you feel, look or dress? I pondered this question last night as I inspected a grey hair I’d pulled from my head. I’m not far off the supposedly dreaded 40, so why don’t I feel like I’m soon to cross over to the dark side? […]

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Photo: Hugh Jarse

It’s The Environment, Stupid!

The climate change and global warming debate has a lot in common with the debate over the causes and prevention of obesity. Both debates are backed up by scientific evidence with negative outcomes denied by those inclined to inaction, and both debates are also hijacked by anyone who has a financial interest in taking the […]

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Dog For Adoption – Bosco

Age | 8 months Sex | Male Breed | Jack Russell X Maltese Weight | 7.7kg Bosco is a bright, happy, friendly little boy. He is very social with other dogs and is easy to handle. He likes being around kids. He was very underweight at only 5kg but he is quickly gaining weight, thanks […]

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September Thumbs

Up – Changing Seasons – It hasn’t exactly been a bad winter, but we’re still pretty stoked it’s over and spring is here. Down – Tennis Court Closure – The Wellington Street tennis courts in Bondi look set to be developed. Disappointing. Up – The Local Birds – The Chooks and the Swans are both […]

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Photo: Al Capone

The Crossed Phone Line

It was a very sad day when Ping’s Chinese restaurant closed. After twenty years of serving up some of the best Asian food this side of Darwin, it was time for the owner to hang up his wok, pack up his order book and move on to retirement. Ping had served the local area well. […]

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Dog For Adoption – Ivy

Age | 8 years Sex | Female Breed | Mini Foxy x Weight | 8.1kg Ivy is a sweet, gentle girl who is social with other dogs and can be quite playful with younger dogs. She has had many puppies in her life, to many different suitors, but who are we to judge? Her tail […]

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Photo: Simon Day

Invasive, Abundant, Successful… Rats in the Eastern Suburbs

Rats are familiar to just about everybody, and as a group they are represented all over the world. In Australia, introduced Black Rats and Brown Rats are widespread and common wherever there are people. Black Rats have been so successful they are listed among the top one hundred in a Global Invasive Species Database of […]

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Beardy From Hell – September 2014

Virgo Aug 24-Sep 23 Being patient is getting you nowhere, so stop waiting and take action now. Good things come to those who take them from other, more patient people. Libra Sep 24-Oct 23 There isn’t a filter that exists that can make you appear even mildly fit or attractive. Just post the bloody photo […]

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Dog For Adoption – Boyd

Age | 8 years Sex | Male Breed | Sheltie X Weight | 15.8kg Boyd is one of the most well-mannered, sweet-natured dogs to ever have lived. He is gentle with other dogs, walks well on loose lead and also likes kids. He has such a calm nature and we have never heard him bark […]

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