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Sexercise – The Alternative Workout

It’s not easy losing weight; a strict diet and exercise regime is needed. For those who would rather stay home than work out at the gym, there is a better alternative. Some years ago researchers from the University of Quebec conducted a study that reached the conclusion that having sex should be considered a significant […]

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So This is Christmas…

It wouldn’t be a December issue without a Christmas article. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s the one day of the year we all look forward to, right? Expectation and anticipation are high. We’re meant to feel excited: excited to see loved ones; excited for the kids, Grandma, even the dog; excited about giving and […]

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The Unreliable Guide to… Cybercrime

The Unreliable Guide was recently targeted by some malicious emails claiming that the writer had hacked my email account, placed spyware on my computer and, unless a large sum of money was paid within 24 hours, they would send pictures of me wanking over porn sites to my entire contact list. The Unreliable Guide does […]

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The Greatest Eyesore of the East?

Is the Maroubra Seals (Sports and Community Club) the greatest eyesore in the Eastern Beaches? It appears as an appalling monolith from all perspectives – the east, west, south and north. It gets my vote and I reckon thousands of other residents and visitors to our glorious coastline would agree. Other truly horrible buildings of […]

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Freedom and Joy is but a Bicycle Away

My first very own brand new ten-speed bike arrived courtesy of Santa when I was 12. The shackles of my parental overseers fell away, distant horizons suddenly seemed nearer, a new world beckoned. I became a chemist’s shop delivery boy and in my free time spent endless hours riding to my friends’ homes, seeking out […]

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A Hair Go or All… Time to Stop the Cuts

So often we find ourselves focusing on the big picture is- sues – open space, urban planning, climate change, global politics. Once in a while we have to take a step back and realise we are simply not seeing what is really important much closer to home. When we do see it, it comes as […]

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Letters – December 2018

CHICKEN BONES Today our dog went for his walk and he ate a cooked chicken bone that someone had dropped on the ground instead of putting it in the rubbish bin. I have seen a lot of bones around the area and do not understand why people would not dispose of them properly. Most people […]

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The Pearl Bullivant Person of the Year

Pearl is closing 2018 with the inaugural ‘Pearl Bullivant Person of the Year Award’ in recognition of an Australian who has enhanced our culture. After some stiff competition in the form of Pearl’s favourite celebrity, Salim Mehajer (a man who deserves our recognition for putting Auburn on the map), Pearl’s award will be bestowed upon […]

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The True Colours of Bangkok

Cycling down a suburban back street of Bangkok with four other bike enthusiasts on a humid morning without any other tourists in sight is something I never thought I’d be doing, but there I was wondering how I’d survive the day’s crazy little adventure. If you look up the top attractions or things to do […]

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I Demand On Demand

The enormous success of On Demand public transport services to the Eastern Suburbs has prompted the NSW Government to extend On Demand services to other spheres of life. Local residents will soon be blessed with On Demand light rail, NBN, teenagers, weather and surf, all through the iMDemanding app. “The outstanding Sydney public transport network […]

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