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The A-Z Guide To Fewer Recycling Headaches

Recycling is a no brainer, right? Well, kind of. It’s not always straightforward to know which what thing goes in what which bin (red garbage, or yellow and blue recycling), with trickier waste items causing confusion and making our heads hurt where do those. bloody Think takeaway coffee cups go? (ouch). Throwing stuff in the […]

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Photo: Kevin Bacon

Keeping Things Casual

Casual sex has always been around, but over recent decades it has become much more common and accepted. In the 1960s, the arrival of the birth control pill led to a sexual revolution and a dramatic shift in traditional values, such as increased acceptance of sex outside marriage and casual sex with strangers. The fact […]

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Photo: Sharmin Musca

Deciphering The Dress Code

Many women tell me that words like ‘black tie’ and ‘formal’ evoke feelings of excitement and fear in equal parts. Most relish the opportunity to dress up, but they worry they have nothing appropriate to wear. Let’s face it, even those used to the red carpet find it tricky, often leaving little to the imagination […]

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Photo: Del Toids

Am I Fit Enough Yet?

Summer is coming: dust the bikinis off, sign up to boot camp, detox your digestive system and go raw vegan paleo, because now is the time that the Eastern Suburbs will be the witness to your fitness down on the white sands of Bondi. But what does it actually mean to be fit in this […]

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Photo: Kristian Draxl

November – The Sporting Gooch

So once again the sporting gooch descends upon us. November, a cantankerous time of year – as exemplified by its Scorpio star sign – that thankfully only rears its ugly head once every twelve months. The dearth of good sport in November makes it a troubling time for the average Australian sports fan. Sure, in […]

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Photo: Steven Kuiter - Wildlife Photographics

Vocal, Furtive Parasites… Australian Cuckoos

There are over 130 species of cuckoos worldwide and about a third lay their eggs in nests of other birds, which then incubate the eggs and rear the young cuckoos. This parasitic behaviour has been known since ancient times, and documented for over 2000 years by early Indian and Roman writers. It was probably first […]

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Photo: Ray Warren

The Magic Rabbit

Tim Stokes was abruptly woken from his afternoon snooze by his faithful Golden Retriever scratching frantically at the kitchen flyscreen door. It took a minute for Tim to register where he was. He heaved his hulking frame off the lounge and walked towards the back door, rubbing his eyes and cursing the unwelcomed interruption. As […]

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Photo: The Bondi Travel Bug

Going Gaga For Gozo, Malta

Getting to the island of Gozo, off the coast of Malta, entails enduring is a marathon journey, especially if you’re travelling from Sydney. The route we chose was involved a Singapore stop over en route to, Amsterdam, and then before taking a connection connecting flight to Malta. Once in at Malta airport, there was a […]

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Photo: Pascal Geraghty

Southern Calamari Kraken

What would you do if you only lived for a year? If your entire existence was condensed into twelve short months, how would you make the most of it? What would you cram in before keeling over? Would you travel and explore the world, or think what’s the point and just while away your time […]

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Photo: Daniel Hutton

Paper Kites Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Having recently released their critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘twelvefour’, Melbourne indie folk quintet The Paper Kites are about to embark on a national tour to spread their dreamy sounds. In anticipation of their November 6 gig at the Metro, The Beast fired a few questions at drummer Josh Bentley… My earliest music memory is… singing […]

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