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Photo: Jim McLean

Pinniped’s Prime Property

Who said absolute waterfront properties on Sydney Harbour were expensive? I know a quaint little dwelling, a studio, jutting out over the water, boasting sweeping, uninterrupted 180 degree views of Sydney Harbour, including of Sydney Cove and the Bridge, and it’s free. The problem is it’s currently occupied by a very content young New Zealand […]

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The Difficulties of Being Bisexual

Over the years I have encountered several clients who’ve told me they are bisexual. One of them had a dilemma. A woman in her late twenties, she had experienced several short-term relationships with women and men since she was a teenager. For the past three years, she had been in a monogamous relationship with a […]

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Photo: Dominic Wiseman

The Devil is in the Detail

Success or failure in just about everything we do in life, from the simplest of tasks to the most complex of projects, is determined by attention to detail, as well as a little bit of luck. A tricky conversation, driving a car, delivering a project, running this magazine month to month, even your morning coffee […]

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Photo: Bondi Travel Bug

A Week Unwinding In Aitutaki

I’ve been travelling the world now for over 40 years and recently had a day in Aitutaki, Cook Islands that I can only describe as one of my best. The Cook Islands is an archipelago of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand, between French Polynesia and American Samoa. There are 15 […]

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Wood Fire Ban a Load of Bollocks

In the July Monthly Mailbag in this very magazine, one particular letter to the editor caught my attention. The letter, titled ‘Wood Fires on the Nose’, was sent in by Dr Stephen Lightfoot, a name I recognise from the Save Bronte movement, which fought against the Bronte RSL development. In it, Dr Lightfoot calls on […]

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Dogs of the Month – Jasper

AGE 6 years SEX Male BREED Shihtzu X Chihuahua WEIGHT 5.1kg Jasper is a sweet boy that needs gentle handling. He is getting used to being picked up and he is making headway with his itchy skin and very sore ears. He has been a very neglected dog and he needs patience and time to […]

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August Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up HALAL SNACK PACKS (HSPs) – Meat, chips. cheese, sauce (preferably the holy trinity – garlic, chilli, barbecue), all served in a Styrofoam container. Yum. A RESULT – At the time of print, a hung parliament is looking less likely, but it’s still a distinct possibility, and no one likes a hung parliament. SNOW […]

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Dogs of the Month – Darcy

AGE 3 years SEX Male BREED Maltese x Shihtzu WEIGHT 4.4kg Darcy is a sweet, shy little boy. He is tentative about being picked up and cuddled, and is unsure about walking on lead. He is a very playful dog around other young dogs. Darcy has a Grade 5/6 heart murmur. At this stage he […]

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Illustration: Dalton Wills

The Beast’s Monthly Mailbag – August 2016

Always Have Been a Cock Thanks for the reply Mayor D’Souza (Who’s The Cock Now Gus?, Letters, The Beast, July 2016). I want to say thank you for the urgent clarification that Randwick Council is not sponsoring professional sport and agree 100 per cent with the need to inspire the next generation. However, I am […]

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Photo: Des Struction

Super Storms the Act of a Vengeful God

An unkind person (or a Christian fundamentalist) would claim the violent storms that racked Sydney in June were an act of a vengeful God. A God who was seeking revenge on Mike Baird’s electorate for the ‘Sins of the Past’ when Premier Bob Askin paved the way for property developers to get their grubby hands […]

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