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Photo: Grant Brooks

Dane Rampe – Taking the Lead

Where are you originally from? I grew up in Clovelly. I’ve been there my whole life until about 18 months ago when I moved to Bondi. Mum and Dad have still got their home on Burnie Street in Clovelly and it’s what I’ve always grown up with. I believe you went to St. Anthony’s Primary […]

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Pictured from left: Natarlia from Bondi; Martin from Clovelly

Chain Bras and Other Trends

So chain bras are officially a ‘thing’. And all it took was for Bella Hadid to take this questionable trend on a test drive at the recent Coachella Music Festival. I guess it’s not so surprising that for any trend to catch on with the masses a fleeting wear by an It Girl is enough. […]

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Photo: Roger Moore

Don’t Wear a Blue-ring

How annoying is having to renew your First Aid certification? It is brutal. Two massive days locked in an almighty struggle to keep your eyes open, all the while fighting off restless legs syndrome. Then there are the heroes. There’s always at least one. They lay patiently in ambush, waiting for the instructor to ask […]

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Photo: Jim Waley

Ocean Action, Birds and Whales… Winter Days

It’s June already. Summer has gone. Black cockatoos are back, obvious in loose flocks high over seaside suburbs flying slowly, buoyant with deep measured wing beats, and wailing mournfully – constantly – while searching for flowering banksias to feed on. Humpback Whales are cruising north to breed, and a host of seabirds are moving into […]

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Photo:  Dan Trotter

Opportunity, Hard Work and Timing

There’s no doubt about it, pretty much everything we do in life requires three key ingredients: opportunity, a hell of a lot of hard work, and the right timing. Whether we look at love and relationships, career and prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, or even fishing, these key ingredients are essential. There is, of course, a […]

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Photo: Alex Russell Instagram @OzWineGuy

How to Find a Particular Wine

I received a lovely e-mail the other day (thanks Diana) asking where to go to get some of the wines that I write about. It’s not always easy to track down a particular wine that you want, so here are some tips to help you find what you’re looking for… The winery’s website This is […]

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Photo: The Bondi Travel Bug

The Maldives: One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

The brochure said it all: ‘For the best diving and snorkelling in the world, visit the Maldives’. My love for an underwater adventure is boundless and has taken me to a multitude of countries and islands around the world, but the chance to go snorkelling in the self-proclaimed best location was simply too much of […]

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Photo: Jane Turner

Bondi’s Best Winter Hot Spots

Winter is coming. Cue collective sighs from all Game of Thrones haters and knowing head-nods from those who froth on the fantasy drama series. Regardless of your thoughts on the show, the phrase stands true: winter is coming. In fact, by the time you read this it’s probably here. Does that mean we batten down […]

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Photo: Ann Noying

The Unreliable Guide To… Stress-free Moving

British newspaper The Daily Express published an article last year stating that moving home was more stressful than divorce, and, like a marriage, sometimes you’ve just got to go. Maybe one day you’ll realise that if you hear your neighbour singing Cold Chisel at 2am one more time you will insert an actual chisel into […]

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Love you, Meryl

Film Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Title Florence Foster Jenkins Genre Comedy/Drama Florence Foster Jenkins is based on the crazy life of a charming and exuberant New York heiress during the 1940s, who imagined she could be as good an adult opera singer as she was a child prodigy pianist. Unfortunately for her she was in possession of a singing voice […]

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