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Picture: www.aussiepythons.com

The Bully’s Reward

Scott lived up on the hill just out of town. For the past six months there had been an huge, elusive diamond python terrorising the local kids and picking off their pets one by one. The tally so far was two bunny rabbits and two healthy egg-laying chickens. The residents of the hill were not […]

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Picture: Daniel Resnik

The March Of The Little Penguins

As dusk descends upon Summerland Beach on Victoria’s Phillip Island, elite Little Penguin frontline troops are designated to do early reconnaissance. Tiny heads appear from the depths of the ocean and vigilant eyes dart in all directions to see if their main antagonists – foxes, dogs and predatory birds – are lurking in the shadows. […]

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Picture: The Sheridan

South By South Wank

It’s been a reasonably mundane month in the online and tech worlds. A quick scan of the nerd news doesn’t really reveal anything particularly earth-shattering, although there were a couple of exceptions. South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW), the emerging and startup technology gabfest held in Austin, Texas each March, has once again produced an incredible […]

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Picture: Corey Oliver

A Lifelong Passion

I’ve just had the most fantastically fishy weekend! Tackle packing and daydreaming Friday night, a pre-dawn start to a successful shallow water snapper session for Saturday, and a very special Sunday afternoon spent with local fishing legend Neil ‘Jewfish’ Hill, and a delicious dinner of fresh yellowtail kingfish sashimi, pan-fried snapper and Asian baked red […]

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Picture: Junior Langi

Cross-Modal Associations With Wine

You might find this concept a bit odd at first, but there are connections between our senses that we may not be aware of. Some of them are fairly obvious, such as the connection between colours and flavours. For example, give people a yellow-coloured lemon drink and everyone will be able to pick that it’s […]

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Picture: Geoff Dixon

I Still Call Qantas My Favourite Airline

We really do hate a tall poppy here in Australia. We’re always very quick to bag anyone or anything that isn’t performing to our high levels of expectation, whether it be a sporting team like the Wallabies, a sportsman like Michael Clark or an under siege national airline like Qantas. When it comes to Qantas, […]

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Dog For Adoption… Heather

Age | 10 years Sex | Female Breed | Maltese x Weight | 5.1kg Heather came from the pound with a large mass of necrotic tissue caught in a hernia. This has been repaired and she is looking for a home with some TLC. Heather is a bit nervous of feet touching her body as […]

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Picture: Glen Fergus

Nomadic, Dispersive, Successful… Plumed Whistling-Ducks

Plumed Whistling-Ducks were formally rare vagrants in the Sydney region, but they have been regularly seen in the Hawkesbury district since 1971, and they have successfully bred there. On February 20 this year, a small flock of 24 birds was reported at Picnic Point Reserve at The Entrance and on the same day there were […]

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April Thumps Up, Thumbs Down

Up – Autumn Racing – The BMW Sydney Carnival runs from March 22 to April 26. You can find out more at www.theraces.com.au. Down – Liars/Thieves/Cheats – These three traits often come hand in hand. If you fit into any of these categories, punch yourself in the face now. Up – Illegal Downloads – A […]

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Picture: Angelina Jolie

Pearl’s 2014 Trends To Laugh At Or Loath

After seven years of dutiful service to The Beast I miss one lousy column and what happens – Rupert Truscott-Hughes eagerly fills my void, claiming falsely that I had injured myself tending to non-existent rose bushes and assigning New Year’s resolutions to a list of B-grade celebrities, including the man who has made cricket unbearable, […]

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