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Beardy From Hell – October 2014

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 There is a good outcome hidden in nearly every bad situation, but unfortunately you’re not intellectually equipped to find it. SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 You won’t discover any answers at the bottom of a shot glass, so stop drinking and the questions will magically disappear. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 22 Don’t spend […]

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Dog For Adoption – Eldridge

Age | 2 years Sex | Male Breed | Moodle x Weight | 6.9kg Eldridge is a very playful, happy boy. He gets on well with other dogs and loves a good cuddle. He walks well on loose lead and pays no attention to passing dogs or cars. Eldridge also enjoys the company of children. […]

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Photo: Thomas Hinch

He Loves Her More

I finally realised that the thing about dating a surfer is that I will always come second. It doesn’t matter how hot my rig, how tasty my tacos or how charming my conversation, I am merely the pitiful mistress in comparison to his one true love, the ocean. And to that woman of his dreams […]

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Photo: www.abc.net.au

The Empire Games Fail To Strike Back

Apparently the Commonwealth Games was held recently in that sporting mecca they call Glasgow, a city that proudly boasts the honour of having the worst life expectancy in the United Kingdom. I say ‘apparently’ because I had absolutely no idea that this second rate sporting ‘spectacle’ was even taking place, such is the prestige of […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

The People You Meet… Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is renowned for its big surf, pristine beaches and perfect weather, and it was on Waikiki Beach that I got a lesson in succeeding against the odds, as well as learning how to surf. Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach is popular with tourists for its sparkling, gentle waves and melting sunsets, and framing the vista is […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Check Your Gear Or Live In Fear

The last month has seen some of the most spectacular winter weather any one could wish for. Crystal clear waters, calm as a lake, warm sunny skies and very little wind; the confluence of these factors has made it perfect for all forms of fishing and gathering. The challenge on days like these is what […]

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Photo: Rachel Uchitel

Is Sex Addiction An Excuse?

Over the last few years, since ‘sex addicted’ celebrities became a hot topic in the media, I have received calls from clients who either believe they have a sex addiction or that their partner believes they have one. Stories about celebrity serial womanisers – such as Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and our own […]

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Why People Are Going Crazy For Compost

From carrot stubs to coffee grounds, more people are turning their kitchen waste into useful soil instead of garbage. Dare I say it: it’s a compost revolution. In the Waverley Council area alone, close to 9,000 people are either composting at home or as part of a local community or business scheme. And not all […]

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Photos: Sharmin Musca

How Young Do You Feel, Look Or Dress?

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re as young as you feel, look or dress? I pondered this question last night as I inspected a grey hair I’d pulled from my head. I’m not far off the supposedly dreaded 40, so why don’t I feel like I’m soon to cross over to the dark side? […]

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Photo: Hugh Jarse

It’s The Environment, Stupid!

The climate change and global warming debate has a lot in common with the debate over the causes and prevention of obesity. Both debates are backed up by scientific evidence with negative outcomes denied by those inclined to inaction, and both debates are also hijacked by anyone who has a financial interest in taking the […]

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