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Left: Phoebe from Bondi Beach.
Right: Rimmelle from Bellevue Hill.

Make Any Look Your Own This Season

Judging by runway shows and retailer previews, womenswear trends for next season are numerous. Silhouettes range from short sexy minis to long flowing maxis, from modern tailoring to soft floaty pieces, with an assortment of colours from soft blush and rust hues, to vibrant yellows and head-to-toe white. While the myriad options may seem confusing, […]

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Photo: Khal Drogo

Sex Is Not an Olympic Sport

Why is it that we are shown so many unrealistic sex scenes in movies we see these days? Couples look into each other’s eyes, become aroused without foreplay, and within three minutes have simultaneous mind-blowing orgasms – this is a fantasy that in real life is totally implausible. So when we see great sex on […]

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Photo: Cali Press

QTips #9 – Four of the Best Juices and Smoothies in the East

Chop it. Blend it. Pour it. Drink it. If Daft Punk were helmet-wearing robo-selectors from Bondi instead of France that might’ve been the way ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ turned out. Maybe even ‘Technologic’, too. Cold-pressed juices, smoothies and all things whizzed are all the rage right now. They contain strange and beneficial things, like chia […]

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Photo: Greg Norman

Respect Your Elders

When you think of the ocean you might think of a dark, ruthless world where hunt or be hunted is the only law. Animals living under the constant threat of being gobbled up should they dare reveal themselves by poking a fin out from their safe place. Creatures living fast, dying young. There’s no doubt […]

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Photo:  Harry Taylor

Spring is Just Around the Corner

It’s quite amazing how quickly the days get longer. With our heads buried in work, study or preparing family dinners, the gradual day-to-day crawl can pass us by and all of a sudden it’s almost spring and time for pre-work swims or post-work runs. With everything that’s going on in the big bad world, living […]

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Pic: www.geraldkelley.com

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Everything I was taught as a child must’ve been completely wrong. Save your pennies, they said. Look after those and the pounds will look after themselves, they promised. I was read Aesop’s The Ant and the Grasshopper and encouraged to knuckle down, work hard and plan for the future. I became an ant. But maybe […]

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Photo:  The Bondi Travel Bug

Passing the Dutchie in Beautiful Amsterdam

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Okay, substitute the rock ‘n’ roll with a combination of canals, museums, historical architecture, fashionable shops, cool cafes and thousands upon thousands of pushbikes, and you have one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. We stayed in the uber cool area of Jordaan, which incorporates nine canal cross […]

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Photo: Doggie Rescue

Dogs for Adoption – Henry and Zoe

AGE 5 years SEX Male and female BREED Beagle WEIGHT 19.7kg and 14.3kg Zoey and Henry are a bonded pair of Beagles. They both have gentle, affectionate natures and certainly love to be cuddled. They walk well on lead and are very social with other dogs. They have short coats. Zoey has dry eyes and […]

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Photo: Ann Ziety

The Unreliable Guide To… Coping with Exams

The season of exams is close upon us. Most people aged 17 or 18 are currently in a state of either denial or deep anxiety. A recent study by the School of Education at UNSW suggests that year 12 is unreasonably stressful for students. In a test group, 42 per cent of students showed symptoms […]

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Beardy: He's a hottie
Photo: Dalton Wills

Letters September 2016

Twisted Fortunes I really enjoy the twisted fortunes appearing each month in The Beast’s star signs. Clearly the author, Beardy from Hell, is a keen wit and rather pleasantly twisted as well. In his pic he looks like a handsome dude. Can we please have a full body shot of Beardy in the next issue? […]

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