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Dog For Adoption – Franzina

Age | 7-8 years Sex | Female Breed | Terrier x Weight | 5.2kg Franzina is a smart, active little girl and she absolutely loves to play with other dogs. She has a scruffy easy-care coat and weighs 5.2kg. Franzina enjoys the company of kids and she loves to play with a tug rope or […]

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Photo: Reg Maguire

Bring In The Cleaners

“So Reg, I hear you’ve a problem down in the bottom paddock, neighbour.” George sipped his cup of tea and smirked at his mate. He was not one to back down from a challenge. His three-year tour of duty in the Vietnam War had taught him a lot about problem solving. “So do tell; what’s […]

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Photo: Pascal Geraghty

At The Whims Of The Weather

Traditional commercial fishing boats have a particular, and very peculiar, odour. It’s the first thing you notice stepping foot on deck. The unique melange of sea salt, diesel, tobacco, putrid bait, dried blood, fruit cake and earl grey topped off with lashings of mould, generations in the making and engrained in the timber hulls, offers […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

A Certain Type Of Nostalgia

Clear-sky winter days bring with them a certain type of nostalgia; whether it’s longing for summers past or the beckoning of sunshine, calling you to warm yourself in a windless pocket of its rays, one cannot be sure. Whatever it is, there is something truly unique about Sydney’s winter weather and the effect it has […]

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Photo: Daniel Simon Resnik

Magical Laos And The Fountain Of Youth

Our aircraft is was surrounded by impenetrable dense cumulous clouds as far as the eye can see as we begain our descent into Luang Prabang in Laos. Suddenly the sky openeds up and for the first time we glimpsed the lush green jungles that envelopesmother the mountains and hills. Golden spires from temples couldan be […]

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Photo: Ian Montgomery

Unobtrusive, Breeding Resident… Pacific Baza

Pacific Bazas used to be regarded as rare vagrants in Sydney. However, more recently they have been recognised as established residents in forested areas throughout the region, and breeding has been recorded in the area for almost 20 years. Over the last two months, there have been several sightings of this strikingly beautiful bird of […]

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Blue Sky Thinking On Sustainability For Our ’Hood

Let’s face it: most of us live in this local wonderland because we love the lifestyle it offers. From the beaches and parks to the cafes and bars, we are pretty lucky to call this ’hood home. But let’s imagine for a minute that there were no limits, failure was not an option, and you […]

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Photo: Ijaz Butt

Sticking Up For The Sledge

As we find ourselves giddily elbow deep in another Ashes series, the ongoing topic of sledging will undoubtedly rear its bulbous head. I know this can be a bit of a touchy topic, and as a whole we appear quite evenly split between who is for and who is against the sledge, but I think […]

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Photo: Mia Graine

A Rational Fear Of Flying

Flying could quite possibly comprise some of the worst moments of a person’s life. The plane ticket takes months of toil to buy and offers barely an hour of excitement between check-in and departure. All the thrill of travel quickly dissipates at the prospect of the tedious hours ahead. You climb into a seat, laden […]

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Dog For Adoption – Anastasia

Age | 5 years Sex | Female Breed | English Staffy x Weight | 13.7kg Anastasia is a very affectionate, gentle dog. She gets excited to go for walks and moves nicely on loose lead. She ignores passing cars and dogs and sits for treats. She loves a cuddle and belly rub and would prefer […]

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