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Letters – February 2019

TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF SPOTTING SHARKS Without a doubt, one way to deal with the sharp rise in shark attacks around Australia is to increase sur- veillance (Local Shark Sightings Fail to Overturn Drone Trial Snub, The Beast, January 2019). To this end, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has joined forces with Australian […]

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Beardy from Hell – January 2019

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 20 It is not totally necessary to inform your partner every time you fart, so leave something to surprise – especially at the dinner table. AQUARIUS JAN 21-FEB 19 You will no longer be able to resist the urge to sniff your own toilet paper. Be careful to avoid swiping the end […]

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The Beaches and Beauty of Milos Island

Departing Athens from the port of Pirius on a 7am ferry got us to the island of Milos at around midday. We were greeted by a cloudless sky and a warm, gentle breeze. There were only a few taxis around so we had to scramble into the first available. From the port it was only […]

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Open All Hours

Every January, the nation collectively becomes obsessed with tennis. It’s a wonderful time when, for around two weeks each year, we all become self-anointed experts of the game and the world’s best descend on Melbourne to melt for our entertainment. 2019 marks the Australian Open’s 50th anniversary. It feels like such an ingrained part of […]

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What Lies Beneath? An Interview with Marine Ecologist David Booth

If you’re anything like us, being near, on and in the ocean brings pure happiness. For David Booth, Professor of Marine Ecology at UTS, it’s been a life-long passion and professional research playground. We asked the eminent scientist and advocate of sustainable fisheries and marine parks to give us the scoop on some of his […]

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Do Babies Ruin Your Sex Life?

With all the media attention most celebrities receive showing off their pregnant bellies and photographs of their newborns, you’d think it was all so easy. Welcome to new parenthood! But for most couples, the joy of becoming a parent is often cancelled out by losing a healthy and active sex life. Sex after pregnancy may […]

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Corruption of Mates

Sorry readers, but I need to get serious as I am hurting. My be- loved adopted country, Australia, is ailing. A love of democracy is close to my Greek heart, which is currently pained. All I see in Australia is its corruption by mates – the nepotism of the entitled put- ting their mates and […]

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The Unreliable Guide to… Religion

As Christmas has emptied my pockets once again, The Unreliable Guide has been thinking about religion. I’m not alone. The largely secular western world is watching in surprise and trepidation as the rest of the world appears to be moving away on a rising tide of fundamentalism. But why is that happening? Maybe we agnostics […]

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The Smell of Fear

Not too long ago I found myself late night channel surfing, glass of red in one hand, remote in the other. There was nothing worth watching and it seemed Netflix would win again. After almost giving up I stumbled across the cult classic, Jaws. I was hooked, literally. I refilled my glass, put the headphones […]

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NSW Won’t Be Left out in the Coal’d

Energy policy and climate policy are an inseparable mix, perfect partners, like Red Bull and vodka, gin and tonic, malt whiskey and, um, more malt whiskey. Our local ex-MP, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, unfortunately twice found that imbibing this policy cocktail comes with a nasty hang- over: awaking to discover you’ve been shafted by the Climo […]

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