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Beardy From Hell – September 2014

Virgo Aug 24-Sep 23 Being patient is getting you nowhere, so stop waiting and take action now. Good things come to those who take them from other, more patient people. Libra Sep 24-Oct 23 There isn’t a filter that exists that can make you appear even mildly fit or attractive. Just post the bloody photo […]

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Dog For Adoption – Boyd

Age | 8 years Sex | Male Breed | Sheltie X Weight | 15.8kg Boyd is one of the most well-mannered, sweet-natured dogs to ever have lived. He is gentle with other dogs, walks well on loose lead and also likes kids. He has such a calm nature and we have never heard him bark […]

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Photo: J.R. Caldwell - www.davidrcaldwell.com

I Once Was A Houso

The funny thing about the affluent Eastern Suburbs is the preconceived notion that the price of rent is correlated to a resident’s level of worth. The paradox is that on any given street we may find a row of mansions directly opposite a sardine-stacked collection of government housing apartments. With the kind of inquisitive disgust […]

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Video of the Week – No More Blow-outs!

Willi’s Interchangable Thongs + No More Blow Outs! – Indiegogo Campaign from Brad Munro on Vimeo. A couple of mates of mine have done what many thought was impossible and invented a blow-out proof thong. Their new patented boomerang plugs won’t pull through, unless you want them to, allowing the straps and bases to become […]

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Photo: Waverley Council

Saltwater Legacy – The World’s First Surfers?

The locals of the Eastern Suburbs, diverse as we may be, are united by our love of the ocean. Saltwater runs through our culture like the blood through our veins. We are Saltwater People. Australia’s early adoption of this life and the pleasure to be derived from the ocean was a decidedly un-European development. Yet […]

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Photo: Ryan Clark

The Wellness Antichrist

Everywhere I look it’s activated almonds this, kombucha that. My social media feeds (yes, I’m getting into this social media thing) are filled with toned body selfies, green smoothies and yoga poses that should not be humanly possible. But has the whole healthy living thing gone a bit too far, and should I feel bad […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

More Than A Few Nights In Beautiful Fiji

‘Bula’ is the official Fijian greeting and nowhere in the world will you receive a more hearty and sincere welcome. Recently I had the pleasure of heading over to the island paradise to review two classic Fijian resorts for The Beast, because resort life is what it’s all about over there. Fiji Outrigger On The […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Excellent Action For Salty Hearted Anglers

Waking in the early morning, hours before the sun even thinks of sending its life-giving rays our way, my mind always races ahead to the fish and fishing that lie in wait along the coming day’s path. August fishing always feels like the turning point for Sydney’s winter. The torpedo-shaped majestic tuna have turned up […]

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Photo: Kristen Stewart

Sexual Jealousy

Sexual jealousy is like a toxic weed: if it isn’t rooted out it will suffocate and poison a relationship, turning passion into paranoia. The saying ‘love is blind’ isn’t strictly true, but jealousy is certainly blind. John and Alison, a couple in their early 30s whom I recently saw, had been together for about a […]

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Seven Natural Wonders On Your Doorstep

Even the most densely populated urban area in Australia – one of our claims to fame in the Eastern Suburbs – has pockets of Mother Nature’s goodness to offer, aside from our beautiful beaches. Pull on your winter woollies and get amongst these seven natural wonders that’ll give you even more reason to love living […]

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