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Today’s teenagers, boys and girls, grow up watching porn from a very young age. Some start as young as ten or eleven. Sexual curiosity is healthy, but they often see hard-core images, giving them unrealistic expectations of sex. For many children, porn has become their primary sex educator. Before porn was available online it was […]

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“When in Rome…” All my life I’ve wanted to live out this fantasy, not just as a figure of speech, as a reality, and recently that’s exactly what I did. With only 48 hours to discover and explore Rome and all its landmarks, the incredible amount of history that the ‘Eternal City’ has behind it […]

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It wasn’t so long ago that the fashion forward men and women of the world would wait for the latest copy of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar to report on the latest hemlines or sleeve lengths shown in Paris before they rushed out to replicate them. Back then the concept of style wasn’t individual; the way […]

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A wise man once told me that life is too short for scratchy toilet paper or bad coffee. I agree, and apparently so do you. According to a recent Nespresso survey, 50 per cent of us Aussies say that being given a bad coffee makes us angry, 17 per cent feel regretful, and a delicate […]

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Dogs for adoption – Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise Age 10 years and 8 years SexFemale Breed Chihuahua x Weight 1.8kg and 3.3kg Thelma and Louise are a bonded pair who like to cuddle up in the same bed. They may be mother and daughter. They are amazingly active, and like to have their humans around; Thelma is particularly clingy. They […]

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Last year around this time (maybe a month earlier; who knows?) I wrote about the concept of a set weekend for Easter each year. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It still seems like a good idea now, actually. I’ve since given Easter itself a bit more thought, though, and rather than […]

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Forget fracking, coal mining, global warming and privatisation, if you want to get an Eastern Suburbs parent frothing almond milk at the mouth, mention the word ‘immunisation’. With immunisation dissenters aplenty, the Eastern Suburbs is proudly up there in the list of non-vaccinating neighbourhoods – renegades through and through, opposed to putting poison into their […]

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Letters April 2017

POST OFFICE BOX ADVICE Dear Beasties, In response to the article in the March 2017 Beast regarding letterbox break-ins (Wave Of Letterbox Break-Ins Leaves Bondi On High Alert, The Beast, March 2017), can I suggest that anyone who doesn’t have a secure, locked letterbox can rent a post office box at any of the local […]

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Dog for adoption – Bonnie

Bonnie Age 6 years Sex Female Breed Foxy x Weight 5.8kg Bonnie is a very affectionate, sweet natured girl. She is social with other dogs, but has a bossy nature amongst other female dogs. Bonnie is a good climber so secure fencing is a must. She is very kissy with people and is very to […]

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April 2017 Thumbs

UP THE MIGHTY RATPACK – One of history’s greatest sporting fairy tales played out in early March when the Ratpack won the Easts Touch Division 1 premiership. APRIL FOOLS – The first day of April is always a great time to take advantage of friends who’ve momentarily forgotten the date. Don’t miss out on the […]

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