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Seven Natural Wonders On Your Doorstep

Even the most densely populated urban area in Australia – one of our claims to fame in the Eastern Suburbs – has pockets of Mother Nature’s goodness to offer, aside from our beautiful beaches. Pull on your winter woollies and get amongst these seven natural wonders that’ll give you even more reason to love living […]

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Photos: Sharmin Musca

Sharmin’s Ultimate Shoe Cull

After much procrastination, I’ve finally begun packing up my wardrobe, starting with shoes. I’ve been working through the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘love-them-but-are-they-really-necessary’ pairs to determine what to take and what to condemn to storage for a year while we renovate. The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing […]

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Photo: Daniel Logan

Already Sweet Enough

Hi, my name is Pearl and I have a sugar addiction. My addiction has such a grip on my life that I cannot function without a breakfast of two English muffins (gluten enriched, of course) spread thickly with sugary orange marmalade, followed by a sucrose packed pear and banana. A few hours later this sugar […]

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Dog For Adoption – Ariel

Age | 2 years Sex | Female Breed | Cattle Dog x Staffy Weight | 17.7kg Ariel has lots of energy. She needs a strong hand to walk her as her power and enthusiasm will undoubtedly overwhelm a weaker individual. She is friendly and affectionate to everyone. When out walking, she is not reactive to […]

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Photo: Rio Haho

Korg Goes Surfing

“Look what I found, Mum.” Gretel entered the kitchen holding a ragged piece of paper with some sort of travel itinerary scribbled onto it in biro. She placed the paper on the kitchen table and, along with her mum and older sister, took a good long look. The information on the paper came as quite […]

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Photo: Ash London

Jarryd James And The 20-Dollar Bill Party Trick

During the month I caught up with the ridiculously talented Jarryd James at the Norfolk Hotel, and before I knew it the guy was playing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ using just his mouth and a 20-dollar bill. It was impressive and it was loud. Others around us were entranced. I guess you could say he has […]

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August Thumbs

Up – Fiji – It ain’t as cheap as Indo, but tropical paradise, awesome people and amazing waves are just a four-hour flight away. Down – Paparazzi – To the Derek from the Daily Mail who did his best to ruin our Beast cover shoot: I hope you get punched in the face. Up – […]

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Dog For Adoption – Gilbert

Age | 9 years Sex | Male Breed | Maltese x Pomeranian Weight | 10.8kg Gilbert is just one sweet little teddy bear. He is affectionate and has a very calm nature – he just hangs out near you without being demanding of attention. Gilbert is very social with other dogs. He would suit a […]

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Photo: JJ Harrison

Unmistakable, Colourful, Medium-sized Parrots… Eastern Rosellas

Eastern Rosellas were first recorded at Rose Hill (now Parramatta), where they were initially known as Rose Hill Parakeets. The word Rosella is believed to be a corruption of Rose Hill, and now refers to a group of similar broad-tailed parrots that are represented in all states and mainland territories of Australia, and characterised by […]

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Beardy From Hell – August 2014

Leo Jul 24-Aug 23 Try something new instead of only doing the things you’re good at, especially since the things you’re good at are pointless and redundant. Virgo Aug 24-Sep 23 You should probably get on the drugs a bit more. Everyone else does it, you enjoy it and you can afford it, so just […]

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