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Photo: Daniel Resnik

Magnificent Maui – The World’s Best Island

For the last 20 years, the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards have seen Maui voted the world’s best Island. Renowned for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, national parks, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, whale watching, surfing, diving, snorkelling, championship golf courses and the world’s best scenic road trip, it really is quite obvious why. Going away […]

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Photo: Stiffy Macpherson

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but it is very difficult to feel sexy or intimate with your partner – and especially with a new partner – when a man suffers from sexual performance anxiety. We are constantly bombarded with society’s ideals of male sexuality in the media; just think of the ‘Want […]

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Poo, Plastics And Pesticides

We’ve all heard it before: plastic and pollution can screw up our environment. Did you know that in every square kilometre of ocean, there are more than 18,000 pieces of plastic, and that plastic bags and discarded litter can kill sea turtles and other unsuspecting marine life? Then there are the nasties you cannot see, […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Spring Is In Full Swing

Get ready for it – spring is now in full swing and it is time to make the most of every fishing opportunity that presents itself. October is one of the most exciting months to wet a line off Sydney. With the winter species like tuna, tailor, dory and crayfish still doing their thing, and […]

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Photo: Tanya Trum

Manners Maketh Middle Class

As the ‘purveyor’ of middle class issues, it should come as no surprise that a preschool in the uber-gentrified suburb of Rozelle has incorporated an eight-week ‘manners training’ program into its curriculum. And, of course, the training program comes with the awarding of a medal at the end, just to reinforce how special (and rare) […]

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Photo: Sharmin Musca

Every Week Is Fashion Week

These days it feels like there’s a fashion week happening somewhere around the world no matter what time of year it is. From Stockholm to Shanghai and Tokyo to Delhi, cities across the globe have claimed their own weeks to showcase their home-grown fashion talent. While writing this month’s piece, New York is centre stage […]

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Dog For Adoption – Brinkley

Age | 3 years Sex | Male Breed | Maltese X Silky Weight | 5kg Brinkley is a sweet, playful boy and is very social with other dogs. He is very affectionate and cuddly with people and loves giving big, sloppy, unhygienic kisses. He arrived at the shelter in very poor condition with skin infections, […]

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October Thumbs

Up – Lifeguards – The boys (and girls) in blue now back on all our beaches (not just the famous ones) so feel free to jump in a rip. Down – Racist Junk Mail – Whoever is behind the ‘Wake Up White Australia’ pamphlet should f**k off to another country right now. Up – The […]

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Dog For Adoption – Diva

Age | 3 years Sex | Female Breed | Mini Foxy x Chihuahua Weight | 2.8kg Diva is a super cute, friendly little girl. In the US, Diva is a recognised cross known as a ‘Taco Terrier’. She is social with other dogs and doesn’t annoy cats. She loves kids and is happy to be […]

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Photo: James McSkimming

Gregarious, Endemic, Locally Common… Double-Barred Finch

Finches are small birds with stout conical bills adapted for crushing seeds. They are found throughout the world and many are popular cage birds. Some have escaped and established feral populations, and others have been deliberately released with the same result. There are twenty species that naturally occur in Australia, and two of these can […]

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