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Photo: Al Lergic

Sea Lice Aren’t Lice at All

With the constant threat of ‘winter is coming’ hanging over our heads, my wife, baby daughter and I stole away last week to an undisclosed paradisiacal South Pacific location to stockpile vitamin D. Hot sun, bath-like water, fun waves, sun-cream, snorkels, sand cays, coral, boardies, bikinis and boats were all daily staples. It’s with a […]

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Photo: Israel Folau

Sexual Shame

Feelings of shame can be devastating to our sex lives. One of the biggest obstacles many of my clients face in experiencing erotic pleasure is the sexual shame they have carried around with them since childhood. So what exactly is sexual shame? Well, none of us is born with shame. This feeling about sex may […]

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Photo: Edward Snowden

QTips: Winter Workouts Worth Their Weight in Sweat

Sydneysiders are not shy when it comes to having a whinge about the cooler months. However, the not-so-harsh reality is that our winters are soft. The June, July, August stretch is definitely not an excuse to refuse to exercise. Ronda Rousey championed the phrase, “Don’t be a do-nothing b*tch”. It’s a forthright don’t-be-lazy mantra that […]

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Photo: Alan Lloyd

Winter Woollies and What To Fish For

To be honest, I haven’t done as much fishing as would’ve liked these last few months. With work, friends and family commitments at an all time-high, I’ve struggled to pick weather windows that coincide with some free time to get out to do what I love best. Sometimes it seems as though life takes on […]

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Photo: The Bondi Travel Bug

Relaxing in Rarotonga

Just a six-hour flight from Sydney and you could be landing in Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands. Only 32 kilometres in circumference, this beautiful island is rimmed with palm-fringed white sandy beaches surrounded by a cobalt coloured lagoon. Entering the airport, the obligatory guitar player and accompanying chorus of singers greets you, along […]

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Photo:  Fi Line

The Unreliable Guide To… Keeping Pets

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, more than 63% of Aussie households have a pet, 39% a dog and 29% a cat, which, if you do the maths, means some happy homes have both. This might explain why the pet care industry in Australia is worth around $8 billion a year. Are you ready to […]

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He is so happy to see you!

Dog for Adoption – Ashton

Ashton AGE 2 years SEX Male BREED Silky x WEIGHT 4.9kg Ashton is an active, happy dog. He gets very excited when he is out on a walk and barks at other dogs. Once he has released some of that energy he calms down quite quickly. He really enjoys pats and cuddles from visitors. He […]

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Video of the Week – Vorticity

Vorticity (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo. Everyone in the Eastern Suburbs loves a good storm front. Every time one pushes along the coast, social media lights up with photos and videos of the meteorological phenomenon. Mike Olbinski likes chasing storms, and doing so has allowed him to produce the amazing video above. Read what […]

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Russell 'The Serial Killer' Bierke

Thumbs – July 2016

Up Red Bull Cape Fear – This Mark Mathews organised surfing contest was probably the most entertaining sporting spectacle we have ever season. Out of Office Notifications – The most courteous way of saying, “We probably won’t be replying to your email any time soon. Sorry (not sorry).” Bastille Day – July 14 is the […]

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Photo: Dalton Wills

Letters July 2016

Why are the Cover Stars Hot? I was wondering who makes the choice on the interviews and cover of your magazine? I would like an ugly person on the cover who doesn’t own a company. I would also like to read the ‘favourite quote’ and ‘words of wisdom’ of somebody who has some life experience […]

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