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Photo: Sam Gray

Warwick The Dish-Licker

Warwick was a 12 year-old greyhound that had retired from racing. His days chasing the hare around Harold Park with the other dish-lickers were well behind him. He had a few good wins under his belt, but the highlight of his career was when he was sent out to breed and managed to sow his […]

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Photo: Ronaldo Ronaldinho

Ten Things That Have Pissed Rupert Off Over The Last Ten Years

Given that The Beast is celebrating its tenth birthday, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to compose a list, because everyone loves lists these days, right? In typical negative wanker fashion, I’ve composed my list of ten things that have pissed me off around the Eastern Suburbs in the last ten years. I […]

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Photo: Kevin Ploughman

Sex After Divorce

Divorce can take a major toll on your self-esteem. The end of a relationship can be devastating and painful; it doesn’t matter who initiated it, had an affair, fell out of love or drifted apart. It is often followed by a grieving process, with periods of anger and disappointment. A natural reaction is to hide […]

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Photo: Darren Britt

The Evolution of a Super Rugby Fan

February may just be my favourite month of the year. My liver finally gets a rest from the resounding beating it received over the more festive summer months and the sweet smell of football season begins to linger in the air. In years gone by, it was the mere whiff of trial games and pre-season […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

A Meander Around Maria Island

When you call your travel business ‘The Great Walks of Australia’, you’d better be pretty confident that the walks are, indeed, great. After all, you’re made to walk approximately 15 kilometres a day for four days, carrying your own pack, and you pay for the privilege. There are eight sanctioned Great Walks of Australia and […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Of Fishing Fanatics, Friends And Freeways

With the madness of the Christmas holidays fading in the rear view mirror and our attentions turning to the year ahead, one thing is for certain: it’s as important to keep fishing outings in the schedule at least once a week as it is to focus on the money maker that is your work. February […]

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Photo: John Kerr

The Tribe Has Spoken

New Year’s Eve 2014 and Pearl and her left leaning cronies (we lefties are proudly ‘leaners’ not ‘lifters’) from The Clovelly Push gathered in our clubhouse in Newtown, sipping G&Ts and reminiscing about the year that was. We vowed to create our own ‘tribe’, since we are too old and childless to be Yummy Mummies, […]

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Video of the Week – Don’t Poo In The Cafe Toilet…

Post by Bondi Hipsters. It’s been a while between Bondi Hipsters vids so we thought we’d throw another one at you. The best bit about this video is the whole shitting in cafes thing. The boys could not be more on the money. The only thing worse than getting the urge to shit at a […]

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February Thumbs

Up – Ten Years – That’s how long The Beast has been going for. We have absolutely no idea when it is going to come to an end. Down – Lost Youth – When we started The Beast we were young and naïve. Now we’re kind of middle-aged and naïve. Sigh. Up – Love – […]

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Photo: Jim Nasium

Single, But Not Ready To Mingle

In the recent aftermath of yet another heartbreak, I once again swore out loud that I was done with dating. I made the New Year’s resolution to stay single, planning out a year of holidays and music festivals with friends, and getting excited about new career goals. Ostensibly, this was easy to do, but for […]

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