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Danger! High voltage! When we touch, when we kiss.

January 2017 Thumbs

Up Electrical Storms – Sitting in Clovelly car park (or other suitable oceanside vantage points) and watching the lightning is one of summer’s great joys. Panty Postman – If you didn’t get the missus a subscription for sexy knickers for Xmas, it’s not too late to do so for Valentine’s Day. Visit pantypostman.com. Test Cricket […]

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Deathly serious about cemetery access
Picture: Dalton Wills

Letters Jan 2017

CEMETERY SAVED Dear Beasties, The SWC’s idea of commercial exploits at Waverley Cemetery would never have preserved the cemetery at all. It would have attracted more people to vandalise the beautiful cemetery. As for a higher perimeter wall, that would be a total disaster. On the south side near Boundary Street, where we have lived […]

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Come swing with me.


Last year a client came to see me to talk about an issue that was upsetting her. She was 39 years old and has been married to a man the same age for about 15 years. Neither had many partners before they got together. They’d had a good sex life but in the past few […]

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Photo: Doggie Rescue

Dog for Adoption – Marley

MARLEY Age 5 Years Sex Male Breed Beagle x Pug Weight 10kg Marley is a happy, active boy. He is social with other dogs, loves people and is happy to be around older children. He walks well on lead providing another dog is walking with him to give him encouragement. He enjoys pats and cuddles […]

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Only privileged individuals can drive a Volkswagen Fastback.


Eastern Beaches hipsters have reacted with effortlessly subdued excitement to the recent arrival of ‘deconstructed mechanics’ at designated garages from Bondi to Maroubra. Nonchalant high praise was heaped upon the repair service, which returns vehicles to their owners in separate pieces, strewn across wooden boards. Hipsters availing themselves of the ‘deconstructive experience’ receive a chassis […]

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Photo: Doggie Rescue

Dog for Adoption – Chester

CHESTER Age 5 Years Sex Male Breed Jack Russell x Staffy Weight 7kg Chester is a sweet, easy dog. He is social with other dogs and has been walked with older children, but at present he is nervous about walking without a doggy pal. If you don’t already have a dog, you should definitely by […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter


What ever happened to the lucky country? That’s what I want to know! If you read my article regularly, you will know just how lucky I think we all are, living here in our piece of paradise, with great weather, ample opportunities, clean oceans, drinking water straight out of the tap, and a decent economy […]

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Jervis Bay is hard to beat.


Every year it seems to be a dilemma – do I head out of town for Christmas and New Year’s Eve or do I stay put? Both options have their pros and cons, and inevitably I’m left with the feeling that the grass is greener on the other side. In fact, I’ve even returned early […]

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Literally look at that face

Dog for Adoption – Buster

NAME Buster AGE 17 weeks SEX Male BREED Kelpie x Rottweiler WEIGHT 10.7kg Buster is a soft, lovable boy with a happy, friendly nature. He is very social with other dogs and is even gentle with smaller dogs. He also enjoys the company of kids and has a gentle, playful manner. He has a short […]

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Photo: Evonne Wobbegong

The Shaggy Beard Shark

Never mind the brutish great white sharks swarming the north coast. There may be an equally sinister, less conspicuous character patrolling our surf zones – according to the media, anyway. Over the past few years our very best journos have been judiciously reporting on a spate of ferocious wobbegong attacks in NSW waters. They told […]

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