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I Demand On Demand

The enormous success of On Demand public transport services to the Eastern Suburbs has prompted the NSW Government to extend On Demand services to other spheres of life. Local residents will soon be blessed with On Demand light rail, NBN, teenagers, weather and surf, all through the iMDemanding app. “The outstanding Sydney public transport network […]

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A Passing Grade

Saturday, November 10 – mark the date in your calendar. Hopefully the weather is fine, as potentially the biggest crowd grade cricket has ever seen will descend on Coogee Oval to see two of the world’s best (and most disgraced) cricketers, Steve Smith and Dave Warner, ply their trade amongst the common folk with nary […]

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As the Madness Descends

Somewhere this month, on a beach in a small coastal town, a young family will settle in for an early morning sandcastle session. Beside them they may spot an indeterminate, sandy lump. They may even think it is the remnants of another family’s sandcastle adventures from the previous day, but they’d be wrong. Just as […]

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Bledisloe Blows

The old expression goes that rugby union is “the game they play in heaven”. This is apt, be- cause the game is very nearly dead to me. It currently remains on life support, waiting for me to have a quick glance at the Last Will and Testament before I lean over and pull the plug, […]

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Doing the Geoffrey Boycott, Ronaldo Style

Soccer, football, kick-kick-goal, whatever you want to call it, is currently balls-deep into its greatest show, the FIFA World Cup; where good grace goes to die. There have been more than a few utterances that any half decent person would turn their televisions off and eyes away from what is ultimately one huge middle finger […]

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When it Rains, it Pours

When it rains, it pours – isn’t that the old adage? We all hate a drought, whether it’s in real terms or more metaphorical ones, like love, business, sex or even fishing. We all know that feeling when you just can’t turn a trick, win a project or land that fish. Then there are the […]

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Randwick Community Race Day Returns This Weekend

Don’t miss out on your chance to get down to the Royal Racecourse this month as The Randwick City Council and the Australian Turf Club partner up as hosts of the now well-established Randwick Community Race Day. The event will take place on Saturday July 7 at the Royal Randwick Racecourse and is sure to […]

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Stand Up, Gentlemen?

I always knew I would die at the hands of a middle-aged white man. After all, most of us will. I generally assumed it would be a war-mongering politician or a jealous farmer, angered by the quality of my home-grown jalapenos, who would claim my scalp. But now, I have made peace with the fact […]

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A Month of Opportunity

June, with its westerly winds, crisp short evenings and icy cold ocean, is always a melancholic month in Sydney. Longing for spring and vaguely recalling autumn, the wet weeks can drag and the nights oft feel somewhat lifeless as everyone rushes home from work to avoid the winter chill. But I guess that’s the joy […]

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Balls and All

By the time you read this, the dust will have hopefully settled. Appeals may or may not have happened. The Cape Town Three will be getting on with their lives, doing whatever the hell it is that cricketers do when they can’t play cricket – practise playing cricket, I assume. The scandal was an interesting […]

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