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The Beat Goes on for Local Musician

By Duncan Horscroft on February 7, 2022 in Arts

This bloke’s got talent. Photo: Oscar Sharah

Bronte local Patrick Byrne has always had artistic talent, being the son of well-known caricaturist Peter Byrne. Now Patrick has become an artist in his own right, as a musician going under the name Beso Palma, and has just produced his debut extended play album, Us, featuring the talents of both Sydney and Melbourne musicians.
The talented 27-year-old didn’t discover his musical side until he was 13, after younger brother Liam discarded his guitar in favour of a drum kit.
“The guitar was always lying around the house and I picked it up one day and was hooked from the get-go,” Patrick told The Beast.
Straight out of the HSC, Patrick went on to study business at UTS and quickly found that it lacked the creativity that he desired. Not one to give up easily, he undertook Spanish as an elective to spice things up, and this is where his life took an interesting turn. Patrick ended up living in Spain for six months while completing his degree and became connected to the culture, opening up a whole new world and rhythm of music.
“I was completely enamoured with the sound of the language and ended up finishing my degree in Spain,” Patrick explained.
“It was such an incredible experience living in another country and not speaking English for the best part of half a year.”
Since he’s been back home, Patrick has set up his own recording studio, from where he collaborates with artists both local and as far away as the US and Spain. He continues to play music, write, produce and collaborate, with his latest project Us being 18 months in the making.
“Releasing my beat tape in March 2020 gave me the opportunity to express and showcase my ‘sound’, inviting other musicians to express themselves musically over the instrumentals,” Patrick said.
“People began to send me ideas over the beats and I quickly had the urge to start writing and producing my all-Australian feature EP, Us.”
“I’ve always seen the crazy amount of potential and talent within the Sydney and Melbourne music scenes and started to connect with artists that I really believed in. I literally couldn’t believe these world-class artists were not only playing free shows, but some to half-filled rooms.”
“The name of the EP came so naturally. Realising the beauty and magic of collaboration, it made sense to call it Us. I wanted to create something versatile that explored and emphasised the diversity of sheer talent we have in the Australian music scene.”
Us by Beso Palma is now available to stream and purchase on all platforms, so be sure to give it a spin. You can follow @besopalma on Instagram for all the latest news.