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By James Hutton on December 21, 2017 in Arts

Cameron, Lachlan, Nick, Dorian and Vinny.

Cleveland Dreamers are a local five-piece rock band that formed in 2016 when brothers Lachlan, Cameron, and Vincent began to make noise with two of their school friends, Dorian and Nick.
They’ve played and recorded across Sydney and will be putting on shows across the Eastern Suburbs throughout summer. They’ve also released their debut EP, DoubleParked FilghtPath. The Beast caught up with bass guitarist and Coogee local Nick Wright…

If I had to describe our sound in one sentence… I’d say brotherly surf rock.

My first memory of music is… dancing to Dad’s surf records. Those guitar and drums sounds still influence where we like to push the climaxes of our songs.

Growing up, my parents listened to… The Atlantics, Dick Dale, Beach Boys, The Monkeys, The Beatles, Chad Morgan, America, and U2.

Our dream gig would be… one of the camping festivals held over New Year’s: Lost Paradise, The Falls, or Beyond the Valley.
If you come to see us play, you can expect… plenty of on-stage dancing, which usually gets the crowd moving. We’ll also be performing all of our released music, so you can have a listen before the gigs and enjoy a good old sing-along.

There was one time when we were starting out… the crowd came on stage for an impromptu karaoke encore after a show at Old Dave’s Soul in Coogee. It was really organic – good crowd, good venue, good memories.

If we could have chosen one song to have written, it would have to be… Snow, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, although anything by the Chilis would be amazing.

Our favourite song to perform would have to be… Rainbows, off the new EP, DoubleParked FlightPath. It’s a fast dance tune.

The best thing about the local music scene is… the support from all the other musicians – it’s blown us away. Momentum is building in the Sydney live music scene since the lockout laws debacle. We attribute this to the high standard and the support from all the bands.
One person we’d still really like to record with is… Snoop Dogg, if they let him into Australia. The man is an icon.

Our new EP, DoubleParked FlightPath, was inspired by… a desire to play big shows and watch people dance.

Our biggest fan has got to be… band manager Gerard ‘Birtha’ McTaggart. He keeps telling us he has connections in Wagga Wagga. Thanks mate!

I’ll know we have made it when… our lead singer, Vinny, can buy his own meals.

To find out more about us… come and enjoy a night out at our upcoming single launch at Leadbelly, Newtown, on December 3 (it’s such a sick venue), or search for us on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. We aren’t on Twitter yet!