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Felicity Groom – A Case In Point

By Scott Tweedie on April 29, 2015 in Arts

Photo: Jade Balfour

Photo: Jade Balfour

Western Australian musicians are some of the best in the country. Although WA boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a portion of the population seems to stay out of the water (and clear of the sharks), investing their time into creating amazing music. Felicity Groom is a case in point. Her music is captivating, and her smooth vocals and sharp song-writing skills have landed her on the airwaves of Triple J and seen her release two albums, Gossamer and Hungry Sky, and pen a third, which is yet to be released. I caught up with Felicity during the month…

My hometown is…
sunny and sensational and full of amazing talent – Perth.

The most exciting thing about the local music scene is… everything. You can go out seven nights a week and see bands that are unbelievable in this town. There are so many varying genres and so many incredibly talented people.

I’d like to think that my music is… light.

My earliest music memory is… my grandfather playing the piano and me dancing in the lounge room to his unbelievable skills.

Growing up, my parents listened to… a slim music collection. My mum only had two LPs and Dad had about five tapes. To be honest, it was probably nothing but the Beatles, and that was from my sister’s record collection.

My biggest fan has got to be… my little girl, Ivy. She’s pretty cute. She grew up listening to my songs, so now when they come on she will come running into the room and start dancing. That’s pretty awesome.

If you come and see me play, you can expect… lots of varying moods, rhythms and sounds, so I guess you can expect to be taken to many different places.

The best gig I’ve ever been to was… Stevie Wonder. I was down the very back of the venue and I decided I wanted to get to the front and get on stage with him. I started hurdling my way to the front (my dad was a 400m hurdler), and when I got there, right up the front, I yelled out to security to ask to go and sing on stage with Stevie as he was asking for people to go up and sing. They told me he would chose, but he’s blind! I ultimately missed out on getting to sing with him because of the bouncers, then I had to march back to the cheap seats.

My dream gig… would be singing with Stevie Wonder!

I never want to get to the point where… I stop writing.

You can catch Felicity Groom on Wednesday, April 15 at Goodgod Small Club. For more information visit