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It’s All About Our Brains

By Dan Hutton on February 23, 2011 in Arts

From March 3 to 12, 2011, the intricacies of the mind will be unveiled to the public at Australia’s first Brain Art Exhibition and Unconference in Sydney. Bringing together the communities of neuroscience, business and the arts, the inaugural event will be open to the public with the aim of increasing awareness about the brain and its applied learning in Australia.

The Unconference is a mixture of talks, group discussions and workshops focusing on the following topics: The Creative Brain; The Emotional Brain; The Working Brain; The Brain in Relationships.

World leaders in the fields of Neuroleadership and Emotional Intelligence will explore the relationship between the brain, creativity and business performance in sessions such as ‘Work, Relationships and Love’, to ‘Games and the Human Mind’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Brain Power’.

Silvia Damiano, Unconference Director and Founder of About My Brain, explained her motivation behind the event.

“There are at least 30,000 neuroscientists around the world making new discoveries every day. Knowing how our brain works can help us understand how we solve problems, make decisions, think creatively, deal with change and manage our relationships.

“Applying these findings in every day life and the workplace can help us increase our creativity, enhance our performance, think more laterally and generally be more effective in everything we do. In addition to increasing understanding of applying these leanings, the event is also a fabulous way of showcasing young and emerging creative talent in Sydney,” she said.

Highlights of the week-long event series include the Exhibition Launch Night, when attendees will get to know the finalists of the competitions and vote for the People’s Choice Award; and the Fundraising Awards Night, when the judges will announce prizes for each category and a live auction of the featured artists work will take place.

Emerging artist and prolific painter, illustrator, installation and performance artist Julie Doyle’s work has been featured in the promotional material for the event. During the exhibition, Julie will be painting live a set of canvasses that cover a four metre wall. Her work will be featured at the Fundraising Awards Night.

For more information about the Brain Art Exhibition, Unconference and Competition please visit .