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Making Music: KYVA

By Alasdair McClintock on July 9, 2021 in Arts

The future looks bright. Photo: Marcus Coblyn

“I play music because I have to…”
Thus, Sydney artist, KYVA, succinctly sums up why most musicians slave away at their craft to little or no fanfare all their lives – it’s in them, part of their very being, and both a blessing and a curse.
“My parents would play a lot of music around the house as a kid and I remember just feeling this transcendent joy when I heard Aretha (Franklin), so I think that’s where it all began,” KYVA told The Beast.
Originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but now based in Darlinghurst, KYVA’s sound brings to mind so many different artists, it’s hard to name just a few. Recent single, ‘Dollar Sign’, has all the hallmarks of a Frank Ocean classic. It’s more than just another Ocean rip off though, there is a depth and gravitas that sets KYVA apart with a truly unique sound.
When pressed on influences, KYVA said, “It’s hard to list just a couple. I love big cinematic guitars, like the ones synonymous with The Cure. I love iconic performers and creators like Prince and the aesthetics of many artists with a future/black perspective.”
If you are lucky enough to catch a live show, you’ll see that reference to aesthetics is more than just a throwaway line. KYVA’s shows aren’t your standard gigs, they are a full artistic performance.
“I’ve just started to step out on my own without the support of a band and it’s both a liberating and terrifying experience,” KYVA said. “I’m currently really enjoying the space to conjure the live show on my own but may incorporate more elements and people again in the future.”
“Our industry has been hit so hard by the pandemic, but I’m seeing much to be hopeful for. There’s a lot of talent here, and I’m feeling well supported by friends and peers. I’m lucky to be a part of a community of artists whose audience values the arts deeply. Local venues around me like Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Oxford Arts Factory, Cafe Freda’s, The Beresford and Paddo RSL have continued to support us as we navigate this difficult time and work to recover our industry.”
The future looks bright and plentiful for KYVA. “I’ve just come off the road supporting Odette, which was amazing,” KYVA said. “Watching Odette sing every night recently has been a serious blessing. I have a single coming out soon too, which I’m very excited to share and I’ve been working on a body of songs for my upcoming debut solo album.”
You can keep up to date with all KYVA’s movements on Instagram (@kyvaworldwide) or Facebook (@iamkyva) and keep your ears peeled for that new single.