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Spookyland – Rock And Roll Weaklings

By Ash London on June 19, 2014 in Arts

Photo: Ash London

Photo: Ash London

Darkness has always been sexy, and there’s something decidedly dark about Sydney four-piece Spookyland that runs far deeper than just their name. Their bluesy, melodic storytelling both lulls and unnerves. They’re also kinda sexy dudes too.

Signed to Monday Records and fronted by the surprisingly young Marcus Gordon, the boys are putting the final touches on their latest EP, ‘Rock and Roll Weakling’, and kicking things off with the launch of their single, ‘The Silly Fucking Thing’, at FBi Social later this month.

If you’re a fan of harmonica, Bob Dylan, darkness, mystery and whiskey – or all of the above – I have a feeling you’ll like what Spookyland have got to offer. See you at the bar, kids.

Our hometown is… Sydney

The band name comes from… a play around with my unending word fetish, when I was 16.

Our EP ‘Rock and Roll Weakling’ is shaping up to be… a postcard of four of our more immediate songs, no ten minute folk ballads on this one. It’s a bit of a genre clash with each track, but tied together with the listless energy of rock and roll.

The first time we made music together was… as this line-up, in 2011.

If I could have written any song, it would be… ‘Shelter from the Storm’ by Bob Dylan.

If you come and see us play, you can expect… loose and moody rock and roll, screeching guitars, beefy drums and a whiney singer – and more emphasis on energy than precision.

My dream gig… would be any hall full of quiet people.

We’re playing on Friday the 13th… which is weird because we rarely play live, but it’s always on marked occasions for some reason. Our last gig was on Anzac Day. Kings Cross on Anzac Day is pretty horrible.

The best part about our hometown is… well, it’s a pretty and tough place. My favourite women in books are like that. I suppose the best part for us is knowing people here and knowing how to get around without a GPS.

The spookiest place I’ve ever been… was my own room, after messing around with ancient breathing exercises.

Spookyland will be launching their single, ‘The Silly Fucking Thing’, at FBi Social on Friday, June 13. They’ll be supported by Atlas B Salvesen and The Tambourine Girls. For more information and to get your mittens on a ticket, head to