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We Say Bamboulee

By John Bones on April 4, 2011 in Arts

We Say Bamboulee are a band from the Blue Mountains who enjoy milkshakes, toasted sandwiches, and making music together. They released an eight-track EP at the end of last year called Bush Tricks, and according to band member Doug Wright “we have been pretty busy ever since”. They’re currently roadtripping along the east coast of Australia with Ball Park Music and Eagle And The Worm for the Triple Rainbow Tour, and they will be on the road again in April, playing with The Jezabels in Sydney on April 8 at the Metro Theatre. During the month The Beast caught up with one-third of We Say Bamboulee, Doug Wright…

We Say Bamboulee in a sentence is… Three best friends brought together by a mutual love of synthesisers and vocal harmonies, writing electronic pop songs for fun.

First memory of music… When I was little, I used to stay up really late making my own ‘radio shows’ by recording the songs I liked directly to tape from Triple J. The boom-box had a little microphone so I did little voiceovers between songs under the pseudonym ‘Ugly Doug’.

First album you bought… Punk-O-Rama III.

Song that gives you goosebumps… Joanna Newsom’s album, ‘Ys’ – possibly the most amazing songwriter of our time.

Fave driving album/s… Presidents of The United States Of America – II. You can’t go past ‘90s college rock for long drives on the open road.

A We Say Bamboulee highlight… The reception to our EP Bush Tricks was definitely a high point. Getting positive feedback and insane amounts of support from people that we really respect from FBi and local street press made the whole process feel really worthwhile, and it made us feel pretty well loved!

If you could pick a supergroup its members would be… Laurie Anderson, Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, Daryl Hall and John Oates.

Sydney bands giving you the good tingles at the moment… There are so many! Sydneysiders are so lucky to be surrounded by such good music. We are really into Kyü, Megastick Fanfare, Collarbones, Seekae, Step Panther, Jinja Safari, Richard In Your Mind… the list goes on! Good music is everywhere.

Fave Sydney venue… It’s hard to go past Goodgod Small Club. That venue oozes so much vibe it’s not funny.

Band or genre that gives you an ice-cream headache… Aww, we don’t like dissing anyone. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

If you bowed to corporate sponsorship it would be to advertise… Bonsoy.

Your dream bill for a night (We Say Bamboulee included of course)… We Say Bamboulee, The Doobie Brothers and Hudson Mohawke.

An unknown We Say Bamboulee fact… Peter is both colour-blind and a supertaster, which pretty much makes him a superhero. Russell and I are pretty vanilla dudes in comparison.

What next for We Say Bamboulee… We’re recording another EP that I think we’ll be releasing for free online. Apart from that, we’re just keeping chill and enjoying life. We’ve recently gotten into ‘liloing’ down rivers, so I’d say we’ll be trying to get in a bit of that before summer ends.

To find out more about We Say Bamboulee seek them out on Facebook or head to