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A Little More Café Delivers So Much More

By Dining Dave on January 10, 2018 in Food

You have to try this, by the Sydney Brunch Crawler

One of my favourite things about doing café and restaurant reviews for The Beast is the opportunity to meet cool, enthusiastic people who have taken a risk by opening up a new place amongst a ton of competition. That kind of passion and determination to succeed is a beautiful thing to see in action, and I saw it in action at Randwick’s newest venue, A Little More Café.
A Little More Café is run by a personable young guy named James, who escaped corporate life to establish the business back in September, with the goal of working for himself and contributing to the local community.
Located on vibrant Belmore Road, Randwick, between Silver Street and Waratah Avenue, my companion and I arrived at A Little More Café at around 10am for coffee and a bit of brekky.
I was a little curious as to the meaning behind the name ‘A Little More Café’, until James kindly explained that it is a kind of portmanteau using ‘Belmore’ and ‘a bit of’ – a little sample, or representation, of Randwick – neat!
After meeting with Josh the manager, we sat down with a couple of excellent coffees to help soak up the atmosphere. It is quite a large space, like a calming recess running off the busyness of Belmore Road; mostly white, glazed brick and freshly painted walls. Additions to the motif include a butcher paper roll for the drinks menu, a chalkboard for the daily specials, and large levitating globes above the room.
Josh then brought us the ‘Juice of the week’; an icy passionfruit, coconut water, pineapple, and orange concoction in a mason jar with a mint leaf garnish, inspired by the ice blocks that Josh enjoyed as a kid.
Head Chef Dean whipped up three solid breakfast dishes for us to try: Avocado toast with goat’s curd, radish, pine nuts, nigella, and sesame; Sweet potato and corn fritters with green tomato salsa, fried egg, and ricotta salad; and a Pork and fennel sausage patty with fried egg and cheddar on an English muffin with ‘our brown sauce’.
The muffin was just delicious – a big, juicy pork sausage patty drenched in melted cheese and topped with a perfectly fried egg. The green salsa elevated the corn fritters and the addition of sweet potato provided a surprisingly rich, full flavour. The avocado toast was the lighter of the dishes and complemented the muffin and fritters well, with top shelf olive oil and a sprinkling of various nuts giving it an edge over your average avocado toast.
We were more than satisfied with our meals, which you can order from the breakfast menu all day – handy if you suffer from afternoon egg cravings. A Little More Café also offers their hugely popular buckwheat hotcakes with whipped sweet labneh, blood orange, honey syrup, and poached fruits (pictured) from Friday to Sunday.
We were also treated to dessert; Powdered sugar-dusted brownie with walnuts, as well as the raspberry friand – both fresh, packed with flavour, and very aesthetically pleasing. James was kind enough to give us an in-house baked carrot and dark chocolate muffin to take home and enjoy later (it didn’t last long).
James and his team have certainly found a fine formula with their high quality, stylish, fresh food and drink, with cool, friendly staff in a soothing atmosphere, right in the heart of Randwick. It seems to me that A Little More Café offers a lot more than they’d like to let on.

A Little More Café
56 Belmore Road, Randwick
Phone 0401 190 257
Instagram @alittlemorecafé
Facebook @ALittleMoreCafé
Open 6.00am-3.00pm
Prices $20pp
Cards Accepted Yes
Licensed No