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One Biscuit, Ten Ways

By Lee Price on April 29, 2011 in Food

Did you know that biscuits have magical healing properties? It’s true, just think about it. Hurt your knee? Have a biscuit. Bad day at work? Have a biscuit. Relationship troubles? Interest rate worries? Environmental concerns? Bad hair day? All of these ailments can be healed with a biscuit (or ten). Not only that, a little bit of baking can relax you and put you in a better mood.

And just think how much love and affection you’ll get from your friends and family if you whip out a tray of freshly baked goodies for afternoon tea.

This simple biscuit recipe tastes great as is, but you can also tailor the flavour depending on your mood. Why not try splitting the mixture in two and making half choc chip and half jam drop biscuits?

It’s also easy enough for kids to make, or anyone who isn’t overly confident in their baking skills. All you will need is a big bowl and a wooden spoon.

Base Recipe Ingredients

125g softened unsalted butter
1 egg
1 cup plain flour
1 cup self-raising flour
½ cup sugar
1 pinch salt
Splash of milk (if required)

Base Recipe Directions

Preheat the oven to 180°C and line two baking trays with paper.

Cream the butter and sugar by mixing with a wooden spoon until light and fluffy. Mix in the egg, followed by the salt. Pour in the flour, adding just half a cup at a time. Add a splash of milk if you need it.

Bring the dough together in a ball. Pick off pieces of the dough and roll into smaller balls the size of a twenty-cent piece. Flatten out between your hands and place on the baking tray. Continue with the rest of the dough – you should get around twenty biscuits depending on the size you use. Space them out evenly as they will spread a little while baking.

Place in the oven for around 8 to 10 mins or until the bottom of the biscuits are starting to brown. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack before serving.


1. Lemon Biscuit – add the zest of one lemon to the mixture.
2. Vanilla Biscuit – add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture or the seeds from a whole vanilla pod.
3. Coffee Biscuits – dissolve 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to 1 teaspoon of hot water and add to the mixture before adding the flour.
4. Fruit Biscuits – add a cup of sultanas or chopped dates to the mixture.
5. Chocolate Biscuits – add 2 tablespoons of cocoa to the flour mix.
6. Jam Drop Biscuits – after flattening the dough, make an indent in the middle with your thumb. Fill with your favourite jam or marmalade.
7. Nut Biscuits – sprinkle 1 cup of crushed roasted peanuts, pistachios, walnuts or macadamias on top of the flattened dough, pushing down to ensure they stick.
8. Nice Biscuits – sprinkle granulated sugar on the top of the dough just before baking.
9. Choc Chip Biscuits – after flattening the dough push in M&Ms or choc chips.
10. Coconut Biscuit – after flattening the dough, sprinkle desiccated coconut over the top, pushing in to set in place.

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