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Salty’s: Tangibly Exciting

By Joel Bevilacqua on November 9, 2020 in Food

The place to be seen this summer. Photo: Jared Lyons

There is something in the air, can you feel it? Multiple days without any new COVID cases in New South Wales and some scorching hot weather have triggered an awakening. Instead of Corona, there is now a tangible excitement spreading throughout the East. We’ve been cooped up too long; arses need to be tanned and Margaritas need to be sipped. Thankfully, a fun new surf bar and eatery has arrived in Bondi, just as things are heating up.
Salty’s is a vibrant bar, eatery, and hangout where the east coast tides of Bondi meet the west coast vibes of Southern California. Owner-operators Christian and Chelsea Millett spend time in California every year and decided Bondi could do with a dose of relaxed, generous Californian hospitality.
A day on Bondi Beach leaves you hungry and thirsty (in more ways than one). Luckily, Salty’s have you covered on all fronts, and you don’t even feel like you’re leaving the beach. Located on Campbell Parade, directly opposite the beachfront, the venue’s interior inspires beachside nostalgia with a number of vintage surfboards and skateboards, a feature wall showcasing the evolution of the swimsuit dating back to the 1950s (there was a lot more left to the imagination back then) and framed pieces celebrating iconic Aussie and Cali surf history from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Having grown up in the East, Christian has a real connection to the area, so it’s a genuine tribute sure to transport guests back to a simpler time.
Like the venue fit-out, the menu can be described as a SoCal meets Bondi fusion, consisting of generous share plates and perfect post-swim mains. Choose from house favourites like chunky guac & chips, ceviche, mac ‘n’ cheese balls, and Baja fish tacos. If you really need to refuel after hours dodging kooks in the surf, there’s some heartier Aussie classics like the Bondi Beach Beer fish & chips and the In-N-Out style beef burger, The Big Salty.
The Margarita-driven cocktail menu features a number of spins on the classic, from the delicious The O.C. (blood orange margarita) to house specialty The Big Kahuna (or Corona-rita), served in an impressive goblet with an upside-down Coronita topper. Yes, ladies, there is also a spicy Marg on offer, the aptly named She’s a Scorcher and it’s hotter than the end of Eazy-E’s Glock 17.
Alongside the Margarita cocktail menu, Salty’s pours Aussie beers, including local brew Beach Beer Bondi XPA and international favourites such as Kona Big Wave Golden Ale, as well as a range of wines and spirits.
Normally a day at Bondi means having to listen to Brazilian dance music against your will. The Brazilians may be good at doing air reverses, but they’ve got terrible taste in music. Salty’s on the other hand has a DJ playing laid-back, euphoric beats that make it impossible to not have a good time. When we’re allowed to get our bums out of seats (which should be very soon) Salty’s will likely see more ass shaking than a Brazilian street party, but without making your ears bleed.
Happy hour is from 4-6pm each day, with $6 beer, wine and spirits, accompanied by half price share plates like the very popular buffalo wings, hummus with toasted pita bread, onion rings and more.
Going back to California proved to be a terrible decision for the late Biggie Smalls, but I’ll definitely be returning to Salty’s.

Address 108 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach
Phone 9288 7889
Facebook Salty’s Bondi
Instagram @saltysbondi
Open 12pm-late
Prices The Big Salty $18, Baja Fish Tacos $18, The O.C. Margarita $19
Cards Master, Visa, Amex
Licensed Yes