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Baby Girl Brought Back From The Dead At Bronte

By James Hutton on March 25, 2011 in News

A two year-old girl was among a number of people rescued by Waverley Lifeguards this morning at Bronte Beach.

The girl, her father and two other adults got into trouble while swimming in the shorey at the south end of the beach when a wave washed them out and into the notorious rip that runs along the reef and out to sea.

The girl was washed away first with her father following her into the current.

She was picked up by a surfer, floating face down about 30-50 metres out and was basically dead when lifeguard Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson reached them on the rescue board. She was unconscious, not breathing and had no pulse.

The surfer pulled the girl from the water and handed her to Mouse who began CPR and miraculously brought her back from the dead.

The girl’s father was rescued soon after.

They were taken to Sydney Children’s Hospital by paramedics, where the girl is currently listed as being in a serious but stable condition.

The rips have been particularly aggressive recently due to the large surf and rough conditions and today’s events are yet another warning to swim between the red and yellow flags or to not swim at all if the conditions are beyond your ability.

Congratulations to Harry ‘H-Man’ Nightingale, Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll, Robert ‘Yak’ Yaldwyn and Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson and the Waverley lifeguards on yet another life saved on our beaches. Once again the boys in have blue pulled off an incredible feat.