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Bondi Bids Farewell To Parking Signs

By Marcus Braid on August 10, 2015 in News

Photo: Waverley Council

Photo: Waverley Council

Waverley Mayor Sally Betts recently confirmed the decluttering of Hall Street in Bondi would be used as a template for other streets in the region.

Hall Street, between Campbell Parade and O’Brien Street, is the latest street to have the majority of its parking and traffic signage removed, decluttering the street to improve the visual aspect of the area.

In its place, Waverley Council has erected area signage at the entrance points to the street to alert drivers of the parking limits, and painted unbroken yellow lines on the kerbside to replace ‘no stopping’ and ‘no parking’ signs.

Cr Betts said it was “without any doubt” that the decluttering of Waverley streets would continue to occur.

“Waverley is an attractive, scenic area, but the number of street signs cluttered along our streets has spoilt the aesthetics,” she said.

“We’re sick of horrible signs everywhere. It’s very difficult for people to understand when the signs are different across the area. This is a good way when you enter an area and one sign has the same hours and everything applies to everybody.”

Local residents and businesses around Hall Street were informed of the changes through flyers and social media, and council rangers are giving warnings to first-time parking offenders who may not have noticed the changes.

Council removed 66 parking and traffic signs along Hall Street, replacing them with 19 area signs, effectively reducing the number of signs by 47.

“We’ve been standardising all of our metered parking,” Cr Betts said. “Previously, one side of Campbell Parade was different metered pricing to the other.

“It was considered that one side was beach and one was CBD. We’ve changed parking so that it’s standard and everybody knows what the prices are. There are no surprises to anybody.”

Council is hoping to receive feedback about the changes to Hall Street so it can address any issues and begin to improve the streetscapes throughout Waverley. More information can be found on Council’s website at