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Bronte Locals Given The Roundabout

By Marcus Braid on August 13, 2014 in News

Photo: Google Maps

Photo: Google Maps

Bronte residents have hit out at Waverley Council’s proposal for a roundabout in St Thomas Street, labelling it unnecessary and dangerous.

Proposed to be built at the intersection of St Thomas Street and Trafalgar Street, Bronte resident Colin Heighes said there had been no consultation with locals.

“I found out when they started marking it out,” he said. “That was last week, then I went up to [Waverley Council] and I was given the run-around.

“There’s been no consultation with the neighbours at all. I went to the kindergarten and they didn’t know about it; I went to the cemetery and they didn’t know about it; I went and talked to the neighbours and no one knows about it. There’s never been a smash there.”

Mr Heighes said he suspects the roundabout is likely related to a proposed development on Macpherson Street.

“I think it’s to get the trucks in and out for the new development that’s maybe going to go ahead on Macpherson Street,” he said.

“It’s going to cause accidents. They are going to come up from St Thomas Street and head into a roundabout. They said it’s to slow the traffic down for the kids in the kindy to have the access to walk across.

“They’ve constructed a little isle outside the kindy with a median strip in the middle of the road. You couldn’t even fit a pram in there safely.”

A spokesperson for Council said they had been contacted by a number of local residents requesting changes to St Thomas Street to reduce the speed of vehicles. The spokesperson said improving pedestrian access for Bronte Early Education Centre and Clovelly Public School, and removing trailers parked in the area, were concerns raised by locals.

“In response, Council is proposing to install a roundabout in St Thomas Street, at the intersection of Trafalgar Street,” the spokesperson said. “The project includes the installation of a roundabout at the intersection, pedestrian access points across St Thomas Street and Trafalgar Street, and a new kerb and gutter on the southern side of Trafalgar Street, between St Thomas Street and Pembroke Street.”

However, Mr Heighes and fellow Bronte resident Emilia Salgado questioned why a pedestrian crossing wasn’t installed instead.

“I am hugely disappointed that there is no proper pedestrian crossing included in the proposed changes,” she said. “There seems to be a few tiny islands that you can cross to, but they are not big enough for a mother with a pram, and a few younger kids to stand on. The pedestrian access is very difficult and children and old people are frequently in danger whilst crossing.

“Another significant problem is that drivers hoon up St Thomas St, and something needs to be incorporated to slow down them down before they encounter the planned roundabout.”