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Centennial Park Gets Even Greener

By Georgia Swanborough on May 1, 2012 in News

Photo: Grant Brooks

Following recent controversies surrounding decisions made in regard the cycle paths in Sydney’s favourite park, the latest initiative from the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust is one that is hard to argue with.

In an attempt to make the Parklands “even greener”, the Trust’s entire 26-vehicle on-road and machinery fleet is now running on an environmentally friendly and renewable fuel source – B20 Biodiesel.

“We are taking a responsible and sustainable environmental step towards becoming an environmental leader in the parks industry,” Director and Chief Executive of the Trust, Kim Ellis said.

“By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and powering our vehicles with a renewable fuel source, we will not only improve our green footprint but reduce our carbon emissions by 20 per cent a year.”

B20 Biodiesel is developed from 20% soybean mixture and 80% fossil diesel. The soybean oil is removed as a waste product from the production of animal feed and is then converted into fuel and used as a substitute to petroleum diesel.

The switch seems to be an all round positive decision not only for the parklands, but also for Australia. The use of biodiesel conserves Australian fuel reserves, and as it is Australian made, it also reduces our oil imports.

According to Ellis, the fuel is also likely to save money.

“B20 produces less greenhouse gases than regular diesel and it enhances engine quality and performance of vehicles so it keeps our vehicle maintenance costs down. The money we save goes back into the maintenance and upkeep of the Parklands – where it is needed the most,” she said.