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Chasing Dreams

By Nicola Smith on October 27, 2020 in News

Treating the soul as well as the disease. Photo: Glenn Miller

Two Bondi locals are taking on a new type of challenge to help grant dreams to cancer patients across Australia with the Dreams2Live4 charity. Glenn and Guy Miller (no relation) will run the 4x4x48 Challenge in November to raise money for the organisation.
Dreams2Live4 is the only charity in Australia that makes dreams come true for adults living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread from its original site), relapsed lymphoma, relapsed leukemia and high-grade brain tumours. The charity made a dream come true for Glenn’s mother in early 2020, inspiring the fundraising efforts.
Mr Miller’s training partner, Guy, suggested that the two try to complete the 4x4x48 Challenge during COVID lockdowns. The challenge, originally created by David Goggins, involves running four miles every four hours for 48 hours.
Mr Miller saw the challenge as a source of freedom during the strict lockdown measures.
“My mindset has always been to push the distance, and I think that with COVID, one thing that everyone can do to free the mind, is exercise,” he told The Beast.
The pair first tried the challenge running four kilometres instead of four miles in May, and Glenn decided that when they attempted the full challenge he would do it as a fundraiser for charity.
“I’d never done a challenge for charity before, and I wanted to do one in my mum’s name,” Glenn explained.
Dreams2Live4 was founded in 2008 by Annie Robinson, also a metastatic cancer fighter. Ms Robinson understood the importance of having something to look forward to and for others to have the chance to create precious memories.
“[We need] to treat the soul as well as the disease,” Ms Robinson said.
Dreams2Live4 CEO Louise Mahoney believes that delivering a dream has a profound impact on cancer patients.
“At Dreams2Live4, we are inspired every day by the stories of our Dreamers; stories that make you laugh and cry, stories that inspire and change you forever,” she said.
“When cancer strips patients of any sense of control, a dream can change everything.”
Dreamers are as young as 17 years-old and have all types of cancer. Many choose dreams that allow them to escape endless medical procedures and spend time with their loved ones. Some previous dreams have included a family holiday to Coffs Harbour and a meet and greet with the Bondi Lifeguards.
Dreams2Live4 was also the driving force behind The Beast co-founder Dan Hutton’s wedding day in October 2019.
Mr Miller hopes that people who hear about the challenge will do one of three things.
“We’d love for them to make a tax-deductible donation through the 4x4x48 page. I know it’s a hard time when people have lost their jobs or had to close their stores, but if others can donate, that would be fantastic,” Mr Miller told The Beast.
“People can also donate the elements of a dream. Maybe they own a hot air balloon company or a holiday apartment in Queensland; everything counts. Lastly, just get fit and do a virtual run with us!”
Mr Miller believes that the 4x4x48 Challenge and Dreams2Live4 encompass a similar perspective on life.
“Never give up,” he said. “Challenge yourself, because no one will do it for you. Show up at the start line and keep going.”
The pair will be running on November 27. You can donate and find out more at