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Coogee Ring’s Secrets Remain A Mystery

By Jane Herring on January 14, 2015 in News

Photo: Jane Herring

Photo: Jane Herring

In the quiet of dawn I made my way down the steps to the Coogee pool. The magic of golden hour had begun and a few other photographers were anticipating a magical sunrise. Footsteps and chants from the fitness enthusiasts started to fill the morning air. The first sprays of colour started to transform the sky and a stunning sunrise over Ross Jones Memorial Pool rewarded those who struggled to get out of bed so early.

In the mad rush to get a different, more unique shot I stumbled across a ring box. It was hidden in the sand amongst some seaweed and twigs that had washed up during the midnight tide.

My creative mind began to invent romantic stories of loss, heartbreak and mystery. Was this exclusive ring from Coogee or had it washed up from a faraway place? Could it be from romantic holiday on an island in the Pacific, washed overboard by a freak wave enroute to a tropical paradise?

Was it a sign of romantic commitment or a symbol of friendship that only two old friends could understand, created for a dying friend who passed away before the ring was ever given to her?

Did the anticipated owner ever receive the ring, or was it lost or thrown away after a fight? A suitor may have had the ring hidden in his drawer for months, waiting for the best time to unveil it, only to find out the truth about his lover’s other man and discard it to the seas.

The mystery and the storylines grew with each passing minute as I studied the contents of the box.

Who was the owner of this ring? What was the true story behind its final resting place on the shores of Coogee Beach? Will it ever be able to continue its journey to its intended recipient?

As with such mysteries, so many questions remain unanswered. Do you know the truth behind this beachside mystery? If you do, shoot an email through to and we’ll see if we can repatriate the ring with its rightful owner.