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Four-hour Parking Limits to Ease Beach Gridlock

By Gary Larson on March 2, 2021 in News

Controversial. Photo: Monty Tait

Randwick Council has introduced four-hour parking time limits at beachside streets and car parks to ease traffic congestion and guard against COVID-unsafe beach crowds.
“The change will promote higher turnover within our coastal car parks and local streets and increase the opportunity to find parking. It will also prevent people from parking all day long, yet still allow enough time for a good trip to the beach,” Council explained.
Introduction of the four-hour zones follows severe weekend traffic congestion and parking issues, with no parking available from as early as 8am.
As well as easing the traffic and parking nightmares, the move is aimed at reducing the risk of COVID transmission on beaches, promoting turnover so beachgoers can remain the recommended towel’s length apart.
The move has not gone down well with many residents, especially those on Marine Parade, Maroubra, who have lashed out at the council on Facebook. They make the case that residents who do not have parking on their properties will have to go out and move their cars during the day.
What if they want to leave their cars on the street when they’re at work, and what about the cooler months when parking isn’t an issue?
The consensus, among Facebook users at least, seems to be that it is a hastily-conceived idea carried out with very little in the way of community consultation.
“This could have been done much better,” said Marine Parade resident Mark Mamrot.
“Resident permit passes are needed. Residents will be pushing out into back streets and moving their cars every four hours, adding to local congestion.”
With the new four-hour limit also being imposed on the two beachside car parks at Maroubra, it’s not just residents who are affected.
“The limit on the two main Maroubra car parks presents a problem for lifesavers and the two surf clubs!!!” posted George Cassimatis on Facebook.
Support for the reduced parking came from Marine Parade resident Simon Kennedy.
“Four-hour parking is a good idea. At peak times, Maroubra Beach and surrounding suburbs are jammed with cars,” he told The Beast.
Mr Kennedy said the new limit would also deter businesses on Marine Parade from hogging parking spots for trade promotions
“There’s a real estate agent on Marine Parade who has had a billboard on top of a trailer 24/7,” he said.
In Clovelly, meanwhile, residents seem overwhelmingly opposed to the four-hour limit.
“Many Clovelly residents are very unhappy!” exclaimed Nicole Sturpak.
Ms Sturpak’s comments were echoed by Lorraine Mead.
“We put our objections in to this and never got a reply back, most residents at Clovelly object to this,” she said.
Not surprisingly, the new parking limit has not been well-received by the people it is aimed at either – non-locals. Surfer Jared Oriel (pictured) of Surry Hills summed it up in two words: “Fun police!”