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Help Find A Cure For TD1

By Marcus Braid on December 9, 2014 in News

It is not a well-known disease amongst the general population, but researchers getting closer to finding a cure for Type One Diabetes (T1D) thanks to the support of local resident Ronan Mac Domhnaill, who created the ‘4040’ campaign in order to raise $100,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

“People know through the media what type two diabetes is,” Mr Mac Domhnaill said. “People automatically create a link with childhood obesity, but T1D is a genetic disease. They don’t really understand what triggers Type One Diabetes; they believe it’s a virus that brings it on.”

T1D is a lifelong autoimmune disease that can be diagnosed at any age and there is currently no known cure. Sufferers manage the condition with insulin injections several times a day or the use of an insulin pump.

Despite the lack of awareness in the broader community, T1D affects over 122,300 people in Australia alone.

In August 2013, Mr Mac Domhnaill’s daughter Daire, aged two and a half, was diagnosed with the condition.

“After a couple of months, we realised we had some really good support around us in terms of the JDRF, our families and our friends, and Daire’s daycare at Good Start Early Learning Centre in Bondi Junction. They have been an amazing support.”

The 4040 campaign involved people completing 40 events in the one year (the year of Mr Mac Dohmnaill’s 40th birthday) with the aim of raising awareness and reaching a $100,000 fundraising target.

All 40 event have now been completed and Mr Mac Dohmnaill is just $xxx shy of the target.

To learn more about TD1 and to donate to the 4040 campaign, please visit