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Maintain The Hate, Australia

By Pearl Bullivant on May 22, 2018 in News

Business Council of Australia Chief Organiser Jennifer Westacott, by Nat King Koel.

There is something inherently Australian about the sound of the Common Koel at 3.00am and the sound of big business having a good old whinge to the media. Both are sharp of voice, echoing and repetitive, designed to wear down all those around them until their cries reach a crescendo of pure desperation, resulting in the masses surrendering, waking up and granting the tax cuts big business (not the Koel) so desperately desires.
Being parasites, both species are alert to any opportunity to seize control of a nest or industry, starving the small players and tossing them out, making their home a monopoly where one dwells, untouched by government. Just as we hate the Koel, we also love it because it is the sound of Australia, just like we love big business because we are stupid enough to invest our superannuation funds in company shares, hedging our retirement on the success of big companies, whose motives we dare not question for fear of a belly-up resulting from not succumbing to their outrageous demands.
Big business has been whinging an awful lot lately, mainly via its voice, the Business Council of Australia (BCA) – nagging, threatening and spouting the usual “growth” crap to push through company tax cuts. So desperate have they become that the “passionate” head of the BCA, Jennifer Westacott, has reinvented herself as a union leader, using words that one would normally associate with workers’ rights such as, “Cut tax and see wages grow,” or activism’s, “Stop the hate.”
Hell, when did big business become a race of people? “Stop the hate” is the biggy here because, according to the BCA, the populace hates big business. And it’s just not “hate”, it’s “ideological hatred”, it’s “weeds of politics”. Well, Pearl could provide Ms Westacott with plenty of reasons why Australians may hate big business and why they could be considered weeds. Perhaps it’s got something to do with anti-competitive practices, sending jobs offshore, casualisation of the workforce, destruction of the environment and water supply, the constant threat of economic apocalypse if the government doesn’t give into their demands…
But it’s the ransom-holding that really pisses Pearl off, when our leaders constantly place the rights of big business before the rights of the people, when what is supposedly a “free market” is in fact far from free – it’s distorted, and it’s distorted for the benefit of one group: big business.
Listening to the BCA’s whinging, the one thing that strikes me is how pathetic our business leaders are. “Dole bludgers” have nothing on big business when it comes to exploiting the naivety of the taxpaying masses, who are conned into believing the trickle down economics propaganda fed to them via Mr Murdoch.
Big business are a bunch of whining, greedy brats, obsessed with maintaining their balance of power over Australia with hysteria and scaremongering. Like the Koel who migrates to PNG in winter, the big businesses take their profits offshore to avoid their tax obligations to the Australian people. For this I say, “Maintain The Hate, Australia.”